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What Channel is Freeform on Spectrum Charter / TWC?

Freeform on

We all deserve a quality dose of entertainment every single day. Especially if you are one of those people who have challenging life goals and a hectic lifestyle, you need to refresh your sore nerves on a daily basis. A TV is the most easily accessible mode of entertainment. And with the smooth broadcast of 24/7 programming, you get to have a lot of options. Whether you have Spectrum packages or any other service subscription, Freeform is on the channel list of most providers!

Most of the modern TV viewers consider shows and movies essential to their entertainment. Take a look at the most popular and most-viewed channels. And you will find channels, which air movies and TV shows and movies on top. Starz and Freeform are a couple of very popular examples. Freeform is a great channel when it comes to original series, movies, and shows.

Freeform on Spectrum – Entertainment at Its Best

It’s really frustrating to surf boring channels in search of something worth watching. We have all been there. And especially after a long hectic day, you crave to watch something incredible to indulge in and feel relaxed. You don’t want to feel more tired with this aimless channel surfing. And that’s exactly why people are willing to pay a little extra to get premium channels. Hallmark on Charter is one instance. But with Freeform, you get what you want. With quality content from popular entertainment genres, you will have something to watch.

Before you give you the details of the said channel, its history, and its content, let’s take a look at Spectrum channel guide for Freeform channel numbers in different states:

City/State Freeform Channel Numbers
Los Angeles, California 55
Bakersfield, California 502, 5021
Walla Walla, Washington 32, 723
Fort Lee, New Jersey 51, 122
Cleveland, Ohio 63, 112, 1112
Chicopee, Massachusetts 46, 758
Grand Island, Nebraska 48, 732
Dallas, Texas 61
New York 38, 122
Hermitage, Pennsylvania 42
Tampa, Florida 52

A Word About Freeform

Owned by Walt Disney Television, it is an American pay-TV channel. This network was launched in 1977. It had to undergo different changes to its programming format. First founded as a religious channel, the channel later evolved into an entertainment network with family-focused content.

Most of its programming and content are geared towards young adults and teenagers. The targeted demographic of this channel is between 14 – 34 years of age. The content includes original series, feature films, syndicated reruns (off-network), and original movies made for TV. Some years later, it was known as The Family Channel. Owners of this channel kept changing too. Today, it is known as Freeform, under the ownership of Walt Disney. Its slogan is “A little forward.” If you a Charter user, know that Freeform on Spectrum is aired in pristine picture quality and in almost every state.

Reasons to Choose Spectrum

If you haven’t subscribed to the Spectrum Cable Packages, you should actually take a look. The packages are comprehensively designed and customized keeping the entertainment preferences of modern users in consideration. The plans allow you to bundle up digital services for your own benefit. Spectrum ensures covering a number of entertainment genres to entertain viewers from all age groups. If you hail from a family of TV lovers, you should know that Spectrum airs channels like TNT, CBS, and others. Here are some highlights of packages:

  • You get to enjoy the customizable and entertainment-rich channel lineup.
  • The channel lineup caters to the entertainment preferences of all family members.
  • You get to have premium channels. Showtime on Spectrum is available on minimal charges.
  • The packages are economical whether you go for a TV plan or bundle it up with other digital services.
  • Convenient bundling options.
  • You get to have innovative features such as DVR. Missed a series’ episode on NBC? You can still watch it whenever you want to!

Some Entertaining and Promising Titles

Freeform is host to a number of quality movies, original series, movies made specifically for TV and so on. The channel is packed with entertainment. It boasts of original Marvel series and tons of other amazing titles to binge-watch. From the genres of comedy, mystery, horror, and romance, the channel has a lot to offer. Following are some of the titles, which are critically acclaimed and highly reviewed:

  • Marvel’s Cloak Dagger.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You.
  • Alone Together.
  • The Bold Type.
  • Freak Out.
  • Baby Daddy.
  • Cheer Squad.
  • Famous in Love.

Need More Help?

There’s a lot more. So much so that you will forget about CW! You get to have a library of blockbuster movies and you can watch them when you want. Some of them are The Bourne Ultimatum, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Cars, Beauty & the Briefcase, National Treasure, The Incredible, Fallen, and so many more. Get in touch with Spectrum Customer Service to know more about the packages, offered channel lineups, and about any specific channel.


Channel number can be distinctive for your relegated zone. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed May-2019.

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