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Frontier Vs Cox comparison

Frontier Vs Cox – A side by side comparison

The choice of a reliable cable TV and internet provider is not an easy job. You will have to scrutinize every feature and every detail of all popular ISPs out there to pick the one that suits your entertainment and connectivity needs the best. In this Frontier Vs Cox comparison, We are going to compare all the essential features of two of the most popular ISPs in the country.

Frontier Vs Cox at a Glance

To begin with, let’s take a quick look at the main features for TV offered by both providers.

Features Frontier Cox
Channel Lineup Extensive Limited
DVR Good DVR Exceptional DVR
Pricing Economical Expensive
Packages Limited Extensive
Coverage and Availability Limited Good

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Cox offers flexibility in packages and you can tailor them according to your individual preferences. For people who know what they want to watch, it is a great choice.

While Frontier offers an extensive array of channels at relatively affordable prices. That makes it a perfect choice for families with different tastes in entertainment.

In this comparison, it is evident that both offer a solid DVR, tons of bundling options, and reliable customer support. You will have to see for yourself, which one offers the perfect mix of channels for the price to suit your entertainment preferences.

Let’s Compare Cox vs. Frontier in Detail

For TV:

Features Cox Frontier
Connection Type Cable Fiber
Channel Count Starting from 75+ Starting from 130+
Pricing Starting at $25 Starting at $64.00
Contract Requirements None None
Recommended DVR Contour Record 6 Quantum DVR
Installation Fee $75 $49
Customer Satisfaction 3.87/5 3.98/5

Prices and availability depend upon area. This table updated on 5th August 2019.

For the Internet:

Features Cox Frontier
Connection Type Cable DSL, Fiber
Pricing Starting at $29.99 Starting at $27.99
Contract Requirements Optional up to 2 years Up to 2 years
Downloading Speeds 10 Mbps 6 Mbps
Equipment Fees $9.99/month $10.00/month
Installation Fees $75 $75
Customer Satisfaction 3.76/5 3.60/5

Prices and availability depend upon area. This table updated on 5th August 2019.

Pricing and Package Options

Package structure has to be the main difference between both the providers in comparison. Fios throws tons of options at you with huge channel counts while Cox takes an unorthodox approach to the conventional TV packages. let’s know the difference in the following Frontier Vs Cox comparison in TV plans.

Cox TV Packages

The package options are not many. You have to start with a specific set of channels as a base. And then you can have TV Paks as add-ons to get your hands on specific channels of your choice. Those TV Paks offer Sports, Movies, Latino programming, and so on. You can use it as an advantage to build a customized channel lineup of your preference.

Plans Channels Pricing
Tv Starter 75+ $25.00/month
Contour TV 140+ $69.99/month

Frontier FiOS TV Packages

Frontier Cable TV offers three different tiers to pick from. The names of the packages are quite intense and create hype. And you can see the intensity in channel counts from fios channel lineup. Even the smallest package offers more than 315 channels. You wouldn’t go wrong with these if you are into a variety. The prices are competitive pertaining to the amount of content you get.

Plans Channels Pricing
Prime HD 230+ $75.99/month
Extreme HD 375+ $86.99/month
Ultimate HD 500+ $97.99/month

Cox Internet Packages

Let’s dig a little deeper into the plans and features of the internet packages offered by both the providers. They offer similar speeds but the pricing range is quite different. Let’s find out the comparison of internet plans offered by two of the most popular ISPs.

Plan Name Connection Type Speed Pricing
Gigablast Cable 1 Gig $99.99/month
Internet Ultimate Cable 300 Mbps $79.99/month
Internet Preferred 150 Cable 150 Mbps $59.99/month
Internet Essential 30 Cable 30 Mbps $39.99/month
Internet Starter 10 Cable 10 Mbps $29.99/month

Prices and availability depend upon area. This table updated on 5th August 2019.

Frontier FiOS Internet Packages

The prices of Frontier packages a little higher than Cox plans. The speeds are the same and the contract is longer. However, it takes the advantage when it comes to the upload speeds. With high bandwidth of fiber connection, switching from streaming to uploading photos is without any glitch. Following are the details of FiOS Internet Only packages.

Plan Name Connection Type Speed Pricing
Simply FiOS 1G/1G Fiber 1Gig $200.00/month
Simply FiOS 500/500 Fiber 500 Mbps $150.00/month
Simply FiOS 300/300 Fiber 300 Mbps $100.00/month
Simply FiOS 200/200 Fiber 200 Mbps $40.00/month
Simply FiOS 50/50 Fiber 50 Mbps $30.00/month

Prices and availability depend upon area. This table updated on 5th August 2019.

Features Comparison

Check out some details of Cox Vs Frontier comparison in the following offered features.


The highest internet speed offered by both providers is the same. However, Frontier takes an edge for featuring symmetrical speeds. Also, it offers upload speeds, which are as good as download speeds. You can use a speed test tool to verify.

Internet Connection Type

Cox offers cable while Frontier offers a fiber connection. Although the download speeds are the same, yet cable is an older technology than fiber. The higher uploading speeds offered by Frontier make is effortless to sharing heavy multimedia files. This makes it an ideal choice for YouTubers, videographers, photographers, and various other content creators. It is also preferable for people who video chat often.

Data Caps

Although the data cap offered by Cox is as massive as 1 TB, still Frontier Internet Service takes an edge because it has no data caps at all.

Equipment Comparisons

In terms of additional features, both Frontier and Cox DVRs don’t offer much. But their basics are just alright. Let’s take a look at this Fios Vs Cox equipment comparison.

Features Cox Frontier
DVR Type Contour Record 6 DVR Quantum DVR
Pricing $19.99/mo. $35.00/mo.
Storage Up to 2 TB Approximately 2 TB
Simultaneous Recordings Up to 6 Up to 12
Recording Capacity Up to 250 hours Up to 200 hours

Prices and availability depend upon area. This table updated on 5th August 2019.

Customer Experience Comparison

Installation Charges

When it comes to installation, Cox offers professional installation services with a $75 fee. Unless you want to take advantage of the self-install option that’s available for $20.

Frontier, on the other hand, doesn’t charge installation fees but it does charge an activation fee that’s $49. Therefore, you can compare the difference.

Customer Service

When it comes to the overall customer rating, Cox gets 3.87 out of 5. And Frontier gets 3.98 out of 5. No wonder you get to listen to a highly friendly representative on the other end every time you dial Frontier support number.


Is Frontier better than Cox?

Both providers have their advantages and disadvantages, but Frontier seems to take the lead due to the number of features.

How much does Frontier charge for Internet only?

The lowest-priced package is $30.00/month for 24 months and the highest-priced package is $200.00/month for 24 months with 3 other packages in between.

Is Frontier Internet good for online gaming?

With a fiber connection and same uploading and downloading speeds, it is great for online gaming.

How Fast Is Frontier High-Speed Internet Max?

It offers 1,000 Mbps or 1 Gig internet speeds.

Is Frontier customer service 24 hours?

No, but you can always contact them Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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