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What Channel is Fx On Optimum?

What Channel Is Fx On Optimum?

Are you a fan of the Walt Disney network? If yes, then FX will be among those channels that will bring home loads of entertainment. With FX on Optimum, you can enjoy the same kind of content like HBO, Starz, National Geographic and other premium TV networks.

Get the Best of FX on Optimum

FX is available to about 94,006,000 pay television households in the United States. This channel was among the first forays that entered the realm of large scale interactive TV. It was broadcasted from an apartment in Manhattan. Shows such as Batman, Eight Is Enough, The Green Hornet and Wonder Woman won the hearts of the audience.

Apart from original shows, FX West on Optimum also broadcasts theatrically released feature films from 20th Century Fox and other film studios. It repeats some popular TV sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother.

To tune into FX and its channel variations, check this Optimum channel list:

Channel Name New York, California, Los Angeles 
FX 40
FX Movie Channel 190
FX X 159

FX West on Optimum for the West Coast

FX is available in the West Coast as well. Broadcasting involves movies, live shows, and sports programming. If you are living in the West Coast, you can tune into FX West on your cable TV along with other big channels like CW, MTV. and TNT

One thing many people don’t know is that FX is a designated subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. It is a cable channel and it is not carried by any dedicated TV station. It has way better programming than FOX which is apparently famous for The Simpsons.

Tune into Traditional Films with FX Movies

When Fox Movie Channel was launched, it was originally named Fox Movie Studio. It was a spinoff of FX. It used to feature traditional movies from the 20th Century Fox along with some other film studios. Later on, in 2000, it was rebranded and named Fox Movie Channel. Now the channel broadcasts recently featured films from Fox and other film studios.

Along with having FX, why not get yourself the FX Movie Channel as well. You will get a chance to watch traditional movies whenever you wish to. Those who have bundled Optimum Internet service with cable might be able to get a good deal if they subscribe to both channels.

5 Best Shows to Binge-Watch on FX

Watching traditional and recent FX Movies is fun but if you are in search of some great TV shows to watch, these must be in your list:

1. The Americans

It’s one of the most revolutionary spy drama TV shows of all times. It’s a wrenching depiction of friendship and betrayal. Two KGB spies, Philip, and Elizabeth Jennings pose as Americans in Washington. They have two children who are unaware of the identities of their parents. Their complex marriage becomes genuine with every passing day but it is tested by the cold war at the same time.

2. Atlanta

If you are into comedy aired on ABC, you are going to love Atlanta. It portrays the lives of 2 cousins who are in Atlanta trying to build a future for themselves and their families. The show stars Donald Glover, who is also the writer, director and executive producer of the show.

3. Damages

The show is known for Patty Hewes’s amazing performance, who is a lawyer, willing to do anything for her clients even if it’s illegal. Just when you think she couldn’t get more evil, she reveals her vulnerable side. Mark this as one of the must-see criminal law shows in your bucket list.

4. The League

Don’t just abandon the show thinking it’s about football. The League is about a bunch of friends who like to compete with each other and sometimes, smack each other too. The cast is highly talented and funny. The show will remind you about the things you have liked about your friends over the years.

5. American Horror Story

This thriller TV series revolves around the Harmons. Three individuals leave Boston and move to Los Angles to reconcile their past anguish. What they don’t know is that the house they have moved into is haunted. And that too by demonic creatures. These creatures don’t just spook the residents but devour them. This incredible show is also aired on FX West.

The good thing is that FX is not just available in the USA, but also in Canada, Turkey, the Middle East, and South Africa as well. So the subscribes of Optimum cable packages are not the only ones who get to enjoy the entertainment offered by this network.

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