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A Guide to Fixing Optimum Error OBV-055

how to fix optimum error obv 055

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Optimum offers internet, TV, and phone services. It is one of the largest broadband service providers in the United States. However, error codes like Optimum Error OBV-055 can disrupt the service. Users face the error quite often. Without an active connection, the box cannot connect to the network. If you’re facing the same issue and want to solve it, follow the steps listed below.  

Reboot Your Modem

This age-old trick is the ultimate solution to connectivity issues. Rebooting the internet device can fix the error issue. It is a simple yet effective step with proven results. There’s no error that rebooting cannot fix. And yes, that includes OBV-055 as well. Internet devices can function without rest. However, continuous performance can cause the device to heat up. This often leads to connectivity issues.  

To turn off your modem, simply cut the power to the device. You could either press the power button or plug out the cable from the wall socket. Make sure to wait for a few minutes before plugging in the modem. This will allow the device to cool down and clear the clogged-up memory.  

Alternatively, you could press the reset button on the modem. The modem is programmed to receive new configuration details after every successful reboot. Moreover, make sure that the power cables are properly attached to the modem. Replace any damaged wire with a new one and start your modem. Move on to the next step if the issue persists.

Clear Your Payments

It is advisable to confirm your payment status if you are facing connectivity issues. If your box is not connecting to the network then perhaps you have yet to clear your payments. Users of Altice One Wifi are required to pay extra charges along with the subscription.  

It is worth mentioning here that the provider offers technical support. So, let the technician handle the connectivity while you just clear your payments. You can call the customer support center to confirm your payment status. Follow the next step in case you are unable to fix the error with the “clear your payment” method.  

Replace Outdated Equipment

The latest technology does not support outdated equipment. The same is the case with new Wi-Fi connections running on old equipment. In case your Optimum box stops connecting to the network, you should confirm the age of your equipment. Remember, electronic devices have a limited lifespan. They get outdated after several years and have to be replaced.  

You should get new equipment if you are facing network and connectivity issues. It is advisable to get a DOCSIS cable modem. It should have the 3.1. version. The latest equipment will help you overcome the OBV-055 error and improve your network performance. You should adopt a forward-thinking approach when it comes to technology. Replace old equipment with new one and you’ll be amazed by the results you see.  

Replace Damaged Cables & Wires

Internet, phone, and cable companies rely on wires for connectivity. Wires and cables get frayed with time. Make sure to regularly check the wires and cables. It is advisable to replace all damaged wires and cables. You can fix wires and cables that have minor damages. You can cover such cables with electrical tapes. However, it is advisable to replace damaged wires and cables. The best option is to get new wires and cables to get great performance out of your internet service.  

Did You Know?

The provide comes with an Optimum port forwarding option. It is worth mentioning here that modern-day routers come with blocked ports. These blocked ports act as an additional layer of security for your PC. Their purpose is to prevent malicious programs from affecting your PC. A blocked port is a great security feature. However, it automatically blocks certain apps. This means you cannot use certain apps no matter how important they are to you.  

The good news is, you can access blocked apps by setting up port forwarding. If you want to use an app but cannot due to the restrictions in place, you’ll need to make several changes to your router setting. Your PC requires certain information from the router to unblock restricted apps. For that, you’ll have to tell the router to forward to a certain port.  

How to Enable Port Forwarding Option?

It is pertinent to mention here that port forwarding is a universal process. Traffic on the Internet goes through ports. Think of it as a pipe. A particular type of traffic will pass through a specific pipe (port). The router opens the port for internet traffic to pass through it. The whole process of forwarding a request to open a port is called port forwarding.  

It is worth mentioning here that FTP server setup will prevent anyone other than you from connecting to your network. The port number for the FTP server is 21. That means you’ll have to open port 21 and forward the request to your PC (server). This will enable the port to transmit the traffic from your PC via the router.   

How to Solve Port Forwarding Error?

You might face an error that will prevent you from performing port forwarding. The good news is, you can solve the error in simple ways. Here’s how to fix the issue:  

  • Locate the IP address on your router 
  • Open the router’s settings on your PC  
  • Type in your credentials (written at the bottom of the router)  
  • Open the port forwarding settings
  • Enter the name of your device on the port forwarding page  
  • Select the port you’d like to access  
  • Choose the “both” option in case you do not know about the protocol in use  
  • Type in the IP address 
  • Select Apply  
  • Select Save

You are now connected to the device.

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