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A Guide To Recognizing And Controlling Internet Addiction

guide to recognizing controlling internet addiction

Thanks to the rising popularity, increasing needs, and easier accessibility to the internet, people are continuously looking for great deals such as Optimum internet plans to subscribe to. And to be honest, they can’t be blamed! Everyone needs a good internet connection with incredible speeds and maximum download capacity. However, sometimes, users tend to forget the line between needs and wants. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get addicted to the internet in today’s day and age. And an excess of everything is bad, even the best of things! 

How To Recognize an Internet Addiction?

The first step of solving any of your problems is identifying that you have one! The following are the most significant and common signs and symptoms that indicate potential internet addiction. Check how many of these are commonly found in your personality and make a diagnosis appropriately: 

#1. Increased Irritability

Have you noticed how frustrated you get at internet stuttering? Does rage fully control you, and do you get overwhelmed by your emotions? Increased irritability is a prevalent symptom of any addiction whatsoever. And if you are addicted to the internet, triggers will most likely be associated with it. For example, suppose you are separated from the internet for a considerable or unusual amount of time. Does it cause agitation or anger in you? In that case, it is also a sign that you might be addicted. 

#2. Separation From Other Activities & People

Not engaging with other people or finding thrill in activities that you previously enjoyed is also a very prominent sign of internet addiction. In fact, many addicts don’t notice this sign until it aggravates to the point where they are left with strained interpersonal relationships and a very minimal social circle. 

#3. Spending A Majority of Time Online

This one is pretty obvious, but it is still a very significant sign of internet addiction. If you spend most of your time sitting in front of the screen and online, you have a problem! Regardless of whether you are gaming, chatting with people, or doing anything else, if it is done solely based on “want” and not “need,” then you are most likely addicted. 

#4. Difficulty In Academic Activities

Internet addicts also have trouble continuing their academic activities. Being attentive in class and completing academic tasks can be more complicated than they once were. If the student has trouble doing math problems or does not like a particular subject, they may worsen if they are addicted to the internet. 

#5. Lying About It

Now, this might surprise many people, but lying about addiction or concealing anything that might hint towards it is also a very widespread symptom in internet addicts. A thief will never tell you that they are a thief. Similarly, a drug addict will never tell you that they are addicted to drugs if they don’t want to stop. Hence, an internet addict will most likely conceal the details about their internet use and try to hide their addiction as much as they can. 

#6. Physical Symptoms

Lastly, with time, this addiction starts showing physical signs and symptoms as well. It starts with something as non-serious as fatigue and lack of sleep. However, it worsens into body pains, restricted movements, digestive problems (diarrhea and constipation), and physical changes in their appearance. These physical changes can be increased dark circles, pale skin color, increased acne, loss or gain of weight, etc. 

How To Control Your Internet Addiction?

So, did you realize that there might be a reason why you are continuously updating your internet deals such as Cox internet packages? If yes, and you’re positive that you are addicted to the internet, don’t worry! You can get professional help if you want, but if you think you can manage it yourself, here are some incredible ways to control and overcome your addiction: 

#1. Admit It

As mentioned earlier, admission to the problem is the very first step towards fixing it. So, if you’ve realized that you have an issue, admit it. Stop lying to people and yourself. Admit it and start accepting that you have a problem and you are going to fix it. 

#2. Identify The Cause

More often than not, there is a particular cause or something that leads to the addiction. Identify it and cut it off completely. For example, some people continuously use the internet because of a lack of outdoor activities. Such people should find a hobby or something where they can stay engaged without being online. 

#3. Restrict Your Smartphone & Laptop Use

Sadly, the cases of internet addiction have been increasing over the last few years. So, nowadays, there are plenty of applications that help you keep track of your use of social media and smartphones. Some applications also keep a tab on your usage and notify you to stop after a particular number of hours. Even stronger applications block a social media platform to stop you from using it again for a particular time frame. These applications can significantly help reduce your addiction and control it. 

#4. Start Socializing More & Go Outside

As cliche as it may sound, going outside, sitting and enjoying nature, and making more friends can help you a lot. Make plans with your friends and spend more time with them regularly. You can also join a group class or start a social activity that gives you a platform to socialize with people and get off the internet. 

#5. Differentiate Between Needs & Wants

Lastly, focus on distinguishing between your needs and wants. In simple words, it means that you need to stop yourself when your internet usage is jumping from necessary to unnecessary. For example, suppose you are finishing a work task online. But after you are done, you start playing videos on YouTube. At this time, remind yourself that your needs are over, and now you are only using the internet because of your desires. That’s your cue to stop! Doing this will help you reduce the amount of time you spend on the Internet unnecessarily and also help you identify the difference between recreational use and addictive use. 


If your Optimum net pay bill keeps increasing, and you don’t know why it is probably because you are addicted to the internet and use it way more than you should. Once you realize that this, in fact, is your problem, take active steps to solve it. Using the solutions above, you can fix your addiction without necessarily going to therapy. But remember, if you think the case has worsened and you need professional help, do not hesitate to get it!


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