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A Complete Guide to U-Verse and Its Streaming Methods

Guide for U-Verse and Streaming Methods

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AT&T U-verse allows you to enjoy a wide range of sports, movies, and news channels while you are at home. But sometimes, you want to watch U-verse online while you are on the go. U-verse makes sure that its customers never have to miss their favorite shows, on-demand content, and Live TV when they are not at home.

You can stream U-verse content remotely with the help of an app. But you can also stream U-verse online without this app. However, this is a difficult method to access this service. In this guide, U-verse users will get to know about the advanced features and streaming methods of this service.

U-verse Exciting Features

Whether you access U-verse through TV or through the U-verse TV app, you can enjoy the following features by subscribing to this service:

Wide Range of Channels

The U-verse offers customers a large number of entertainment channels and content. No matter the kind of lifestyle, language, culture, and interests the users might have, they can easily find the content according to them. It also offers a range of religious channels for customers to enjoy.

HD Content

U-verse users don’t have to worry about poor-quality entertainment as this service provider offers quality content only in SD and HD. So, there is no need to spend those $100 on the family movie trip when you stream HD content with your family at home.

Quick Channel Changing

If you want to switch the channel from ESPN to Fox, you don’t have to bear the delay with this service. This service ensures user-friendliness with its fast channel surfing and channel-changing features.

On-Demand Content

This service has a huge on-demand library. Users can enjoy a range of titles from popular sports events to classic movies anytime and anywhere.

Program Guide

To ensure that the user makes the most of his/her subscription, the service offers an innovative program guide. It also displays genres and detailed descriptions of the content so that the user can have the best viewing experience.


This option is only available for TV. Users can pause and rewind content and also record up to four programs to watch later.

Remote Access

U-verse allows users to access the content and Live TV remotely with the help of its app. So, users don’t have to keep sitting in front of the TV to watch their favorite shows.

Channel Surfing Through Picture-in-Picture

Through this feature, customers can enjoy surfing movies and channels without closing the movie or show they are watching.

Program Search Option

This feature is also limited to TV. Through this option, users can search for their favorite programs by just entering the title or the actor’s or director’s name.

Parental Controls

This service also offers easy parental control options. Through these, customers can restrict the young ones in their house from accessing adult or inappropriate content.

How to Stream U-Verse Online?

Besides the app, you can also watch Live TV or your favorite content on the computer. Although you can record the shows on the TV, you can’t watch the recordings on the computer.

Because of certain issues, this service provider has ceased to let the users stream live TV on their service page. But this can’t stop you from streaming your favorite channels like TNT.  Just go to a network portal and enter your U-verse login information to access quality content. Many channels like ABC and CBS allow the users to stream Live TV in this way. You can follow these steps to watch TV on these portals:

  1. Go to a Channel homepage
  2. Select the “Watch” or “Login” option
  3. Enter your U-verse login info
  4. Access range of live and on-demand content

Although it is a difficult way to access Live TV, it is the only available option if you want to access this service on a computer or laptop.

How to Watch U-verse on Mobile or Tablet?

The AT&T U-verse app for android and iOS devices can be accessed through the Google Play or Apple Store free of cost. With this app, you can watch Live TV, on-demand content and even manage your program recordings. However, you can’t watch recorded shows on the app as well. Follow these steps to enjoy exciting content on the App:

  1. Go to the App Store and download the U-verse App
  2. After the download, enter your login information
  3. You’ll see several program recommendations after login
  4. Select the “Live TV” option to stream your favorite channels
  5. Select the channel from the list and start streaming
  6. To know about upcoming shows, select the “Guide” option

Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection to easily stream shows and TV in SD or HD. It is preferable to have an Internet connection with no data caps to make the most of this service. This is because HD streaming can use a lot of data.

U-verse TV Plans

There is a number of U-verse plans being offered by this service provider. Depending on their particular needs and lifestyle, users can select the best ones.


It comes at an affordable price and allows users to enjoy more than 25 channels. Users can add HBO/Cinemax and HD by paying an additional monthly cost.


This plan allows the users to enjoy more than 200 channels in HD at no additional cost. That’s why its price is significantly higher than the Basic plan.


Users can enjoy more than 200 channels with this plan. All these channels are offered in HD and users can record their favorite programs as well.


This plan offers more than 470 channels to its customers. All of them are offered in HD and have the option to be recorded as well.


Users can enjoy more than 550 channels with this plan. Besides HD and DVR, it also includes 18 HBO channels and 24 Cinemax channels.

To know more about the U-verse online content and services, call on this number 1-855-850-5973.


– Is AT&T U-verse free?

No, you can access this service by subscribing to one of its plans.

– Can I watch U-verse TV on my phone?

Yes, you can download the app and enter U-verse login info to watch it.

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