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What Channel is Hallmark Channel on Cox?

The Christmas spirit is upon us! The channels started airing Christmas movies from July to put the viewers into the holiday spirit. Hallmark Channel on Cox and all other cable service providing companies are celebrating Christmas already and you should too.

Hallmark Set to Break Records

Earlier this year Hallmark announced that it will be breaking its own previously set record. Last year, the channel released 38 new Christmas movies. And this year it is set to release a whopping 40 new Christmas movies.

Well, the airing of the Christmas themed movies has already started in July. This does not imply that the hallmark will not begin its countdown to Christmas this year. The famous countdown that takes place every year will begin on 25th October this year as well. The countdown is set to begin with three features including The Christmas Song, Holiday for Heroes, and an untitled movie produced by Blake Shelton.

The set schedule of movies will feature on different Hallmark channels. 24 of the movies will air on the Hallmark Channel while 16 will feature on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Hallmark Channel on Cox in Your City

If this news got you excited, then this does not come to me as a surprise. Everyone obsessed with hallmark holiday films will get joyous after listening to the news. If you have subscribed to Cox and cannot wait before you tune in to the channel, here’s Cox channel lineup for Hallmark in your city.

City/Channel Number Hallmark Channel (SD/HD) Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (SD/HD)
Phoenix 130/1130 390/1390
Baton Rouge 62/1062 152/1152
New Orleans 62/1062 152/1152
Las Vegas 346/1346 310/1310
Oklahoma City 165/769 212/796


Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 Schedule

If you are a sucker for Hallmark’s Christmas movies, then you might have canceled your summer plans. Hallmark already ran a movie marathon from July 12-July 28 this year when Christmas movies were aired round the clock. These included some of the most famous holiday movies including A Christmas for the Books and A Godwink Christmas.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries also ran a Gold Crown movie marathon where Christmas flicks aired on the channel from June 28-July 14. While the exact schedule of the 40 new movies to air in October, November, and December to mark the countdown to Christmas is unknown, you can have a sneak peek into the movies here:

Hallmark Christmas Movies
Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 Schedule

You can also tune into channels like HBO and Starz if the Christmas movies get a bit too much for you to handle (something that would rarely happen).

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 List

Although Hallmark will be releasing forty new Christmas movies this year, here is a list with details about a few that we are excited about.

When Calls the Heart Christmas

You might confuse this Christmas release with the show that goes with the same name. While the new season for the show won’t premier before 2020, Hallmark has a surprise for the loves of the series. The gift will come in the form of a Christmas movie starring the original cast of the show.

Rumors have it that the movie will air in December as a part of Hallmark’s Christmas count down movie fiesta. Fans would know that a movie with the same title as a Christmas special came out in 2016 as well. However, this new movie has nothing to do with the old one.

You should expect to watch Erin Krakow, Kavan Smith, Paul Greene, and Martin Cummins among others on the screen. However, do not get sad if you don’t see Lori Loughlin because she won’t star in the special. Last year, the WCH Christmas special was the most-watched one with 4.8 million people tuning in. Let’s see how it goes this year.

The Mistletoe Secret

Kellie Pickler along with Tyler Hynes and Patrick Duffy are teaming up for this movie that goes with the same name as the novel. According to sources, the movie might be based on the same theme as the novel that includes a man’s quest to find a blogger who often writes about love and loneliness. But he fails in tracking her down.

However, the man finds someone else that he falls in love with. They both meet at the Mistletoe Diner where Aria (the girl the man falls for) works as a waitress. Hence, the name.

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses

While Christmas or the holiday season is linked with cheerfulness, you can’t ignore the fact that holidays can be stressful as well. The same is the case with Abbey, the main character of this movie. December brings her a new job (interior designer) and a brand new love interest as well (her boss).

Wait till you watch how the story unfolds while things get complicated.

Have a sneak peek into what awaits you:

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses
Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses

Other movies that the Hallmark Channel on Cox will feature include:

Picture a Perfect Christmas

Directed by Paul Ziller and starring Kwesi Ameyaw, Jon Cor, and Anita Brown, Picture a Perfect Christmas is another Christmas special set to release by Hallmark this holiday season.

Christmas Town

With this, Candace Cameron Bure is going to headline her eighth Christmas movie. The movie narrates the story of the character named Lauren Gabriel, played by Bure. Lauren leaves the big city for a small town. On her way to Grandon Falls, she meets some new people. It is going to be a rather interesting watch to see Lauren’s story unroll.

Merry & Bright

If you are a Fuller House fan, you would be pleased to know that star Jodie Sweetin will be starring in Merry & Bright. This will be her third Christmas movie. Joining her for the Christmas special movie is Andrew Walker.

Jodie assumes the role of a CEO in the movie who runs Merry & Bright Candy Cane Company. While Jodie believes that Walker has a romantic interest in her, he is trying to take over her business.

Merry & Bright
Merry & Bright

You can subscribe to the Contour TV option on Cox to enjoy these Christmas movies. However, the list does not come to an end. As mentioned earlier, there will be forty new movies. You can have a look at the complete list here:

If you think that there will be no shows, you are mistaken.

Christmas Shows to Feature on Hallmark

Hallmark’s third channel Hallmark Drama will feature Christmas shows. According to the network, there will be two new Christmas series this year. The first show goes with the title Project Christmas Joy: Alabama.

The second show is called Christmas Cookie Countdown. This will be a five-episode show where the home chefs will face off in a cooking competition against each other. Three prominent pastry chefs will be the judges while the hosts will be a rotating panel of Hallmark stars.

I don’t think you are leaving your remote this holiday season. There is so much that the Hallmark Channel will offer to the viewers.

However, if you feel the urge to switch to another channel for a change, the Paramount Network will be there at your service. Provided that you have subscribed to a package that offers it.


When do hallmark Christmas movies start?

This year’s movie will start on October 25th. But one movie has already aired in July.

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