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HBO Max is Coming – Get Details on Price, Launch Date & Content

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HBO just dropped all the juicy details about WarnerMedia’s latest direct-to-viewer on-demand streaming service. Read on to find out all about the release date, pricing, and an exclusive new Game of Thrones spinoff on HBO Max!

Launch & Date

The HBO Max announcement has everyone in the entertainment business excited. The direct-to-consumer streaming service is WarnerMedia’s most recent offering after HBO Now. The service’s website promised a launch in the Spring of 2020, and we now have confirmation that the HBO Max launch date will be in May of that year.

Streaming Service

HBO Max is a streaming service much like Netflix but it has a very different streaming model. Netflix follows a binge model, dropping entire seasons at once, letting users binge on them non-stop. This is one of the things that have contributed to Netflix becoming a successful app. However, HBO Max takes a bold new direction. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, the service will release episodes of original TV shows on a weekly basis.

According to the official website, the service will offer over 10,000 hours of on-demand premium content. The HBO Max schedule will be a mix of Max Originals, as well as selected movies and shows from other WarnerMedia brands.


The streaming service is chock full of excellent TV shows that promise to keep audiences hooked. Subscribers to the service will have access to the complete HBO library, exclusive HBO Max shows, and selected licensed content.

That means everyone will have access to some of the best HBO originals like Game of Thrones, Deadwood, and The Sopranos. The HBO Max streaming service will also feature 31 exclusive original titles on the launch, and 38 more to be added in 2020. Here is some of the content you can expect:

  • Non-fiction, docuseries from CNN Films
  • Americanah based on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • The Greatest Space from the people who brought you Queer Eye
  • Station Eleven based on Emily St. John Mandel’s post-apocalyptic bestseller
  • I Know This Much Is True starring two twins, both played by Mark Ruffalo
  • Raised by Wolves Ridley Scott’s science fiction serial
  • Lovecraft Country from Jordan Peele, Ben Stephenson, J.J. Abrams


HBO has always been leaning more towards TV shows than movies, but things are different with the upcoming streaming service. Reportedly we will see 8 to 10 original HBO Max Movies every year. The network has already lined up several titles it revealed recently, which include the following:

  • Expecting Amy follows a heavily-pregnant Amy Schumer going touring
  • Let Them All Talk, a comedy-drama that stars Meryl Streep and has Steven Soderbergh at the helm.
  • Movies from acclaimed producers like Hello Sunshine and Greg Berlanti.

Reboots and Spinoff

Perhaps the most-awaited and exciting piece of content on the streaming service is the HBO Max Game of Thrones reboot titled House of Dragons. What we know about the show is that G.R.R. Martin is himself closely involved in the project and that it is going to be a prequel to Game of Thrones. That means it will most likely be set in a time when House Targaryen ruled the Seven Kingdoms.

Another exciting piece of news for fans of the hit popular series is a reboot of Gossip Girl. There is also another reboot of Perry Mason, and three Sesame Street spinoff shows. They sure are serious about capturing an audience.  

Subscription Cost

The HBO Max price is reportedly going to be the same as HBO’s other streaming service HBO Now, i.e. $14.99 per month. If you are subscribed to HBO on Spectrum or on any other provider, you get access to HBO Max at no extra cost. You will get access to the streaming service right from day one of its launch.

Comparison – HBO Max vs HBO Now

HBO Max vs HBO Now is an interesting debate. At $14.99 per month, both are a bit pricier than other streaming services. Both have access to the entire HBO library. However, HBO Max offers a much larger variety of original and licensed shows and movies. If $14.99 seems like a lot to pay for just HBO content, check out these cheap ways to get HBO on your cable subscription.

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