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What Channel is HBO on DIRECTV?

HBO on Directv

Who does not enjoy a day slouching on a sofa and doing nothing but watching entertaining shows? Because let’s be honest, a day spent lazing around is the best day. However, it annoys the hell out of you if you keep switching channels only to find that nothing interesting is playing on the TV. Not if you have HBO on DIRECTV! It is a very good option to save you from such inconveniences.

HBO on DIRECTV- Entertainment For All Age Groups

When you talk about HBO, you are talking about a channel that is home to groundbreaking series and movies. Not only this but you will also get access to comedies and kids’ programs. In case you were not familiar, some of the best shows that are aired on HBO includes Barry, Veep, Game of Thrones and The Shop.

If these names fail to impress you, wait till you hear about the movies that air on the channel. The names include The Meg, The First Purge and Deadpool. These are all prominent names that can make your evening or night a lot more entertaining than it is. You will also get to relish watching animated movies that include Shrek, Shark Tale and Despicable Me.

Apart from that, you will also be able to watch some of the old shows as well. Famous at their own time Sex and the City and The Sopranos are examples of some prominent shows.

Here are all the channel numbers that you will find HBO on in different states.

Channel Name Boston, Massachusetts, Austin, Texas, Portland, Oregon, New York
HBO 501
HBO2 502
HBO Comedy 506
HBO Family 507
HBO Latino 511
HBO Signature 503
HBO Zone 509

Not only the Western part of America, but people living in the Eastern part can access HBO as well with HBO2 on DIRECTV. The ‘2’ part differentiates the two channels available in two different zones. Here’s all that you can enjoy on HBO2


People in the Eastern region can access the packages offered by DIRECTV to subscribe to HBO2. All the shows and movies that individuals can get access to remain almost the same. The difference only lies in the zones that the channel is available in. Some of the popular movies aired on HBO2 include Step Up, Firewall, Skyscraper and Ocean’s 8.

However, if you feel that HBO is not what you wish to have in your life, you can always subscribe to TNT via your DIRECTV subscription as well.

But you would really want to subscribe to HBO because there is much more that comes under the network’s names.


This channel that HBO offers tickles your funny bone. In fact, you will get to watch comedy shows on this channel all the time. Not only channels but movies too. Tuning into the channel will familiarize you with all the series. And the time that your favorite one airs. So, you get a separate HBO Comedy on DIRECTV channel for days that you feel down or not so down.

This should not disappoint you though. However, what you do get a subscription to as a separate channel is HBO Family on DIRECTV. Because not every show or movie is a family-time friendly watch. Therefore, for family time moments you need a channel that you can relish watching with kids.


It is a 24-hour commercial free channel that allows you and your family to enjoy wholesome movies together. Some of the movies that your family can relish watching on this channel include Paper Port and The Next Step. If you are bored with watching the same old English shows, you should try tuning into the Latino version that HBO offers.


A good thing about HBO is that it is inclusive of all the ethnicities. It is for this reason that you can even access HBO Latino on DIRECTV. Thus, allowing you to learn more about the culture and values of Latinos through the shows you watch. You can get access to this channel as a part of your HBO subscription when you look for the various AT&T plans. There is a lot that the plans have to offer.

You will get access to various premium channels. In the HBO series, you will also get to watch the following channels.

HBO Signature on DIRECTV

This is another channel that comes under the name of this network. This commercial-free channel allows you to watch award-winning HBO originals and some of the best movies. The frustration that HBO Signature on DIRECTV saves you from is immense, though. How? It is commercial-free that makes up for an amazing TV watching experience.


This channel is aimed at young adults. The shows and movies that you will get to watch on this channel are aimed at entertaining the young ones. Some of the movies in its schedule are Going The Distance, EuroTrip,  Jungle Fever, and Laurel Canyon. Rest assured that all the programs on HBO Zone on DIRECTV are safe for children’s viewing.

Subscribing to HBO comes with a variety of entertaining channels. All catering to a different mood. And if you opt for DIRECTV, you will have an amazing experience as the ATT Customer service number has one of the best reps. You will always see that the reps will solve your queries in minutes. Thus, making TA&T a favorite service provider among many people.


Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 9th April-2019.

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