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How Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Changed Our Lives and the World?

how the coronavirus has changed world

Coronavirus has changed how we learn, work, play, eat, and socialize. Sports leagues have even canceled and many of us have confined to work from home. On March 16, the Trump administration released guidelines to slow the spread of the pandemic. Schools, restaurants, bars, discretionary travels, and malls are closed. So much so, in certain areas, a group of more than 10 people is banned! It seems everyone’s quarantined!

Amid this crisis, our lives have changed drastically. Now, we are spending our days in social distancing and trying to make the best of the situation.

Here is a quick overview of how the world and our lives are changing:

Streaming is the New Way Forward

While online streaming became massively popular a decade ago, now that live events and movie theatres are closed, people are confining to streaming more desperately. Companies like Disney and Netflix are reaping the benefits. To distract people Charter is providing relief to customers through Spectrum cable packages and free premium channels. Without a doubt watching new shows is a great distraction!

The live entertainment industry and theatre business are suffering indeed but once the lockdown is over, people will rush towards outdoor events.

WFH is an Essential Protocol

Companies have already made arrangements for flexible working schedules but extensive working from home has always been discouraged. For so long organizations have stressed upon the drawbacks of remote working such as lost in productivity, theft of work hours and more.

COVID-19 has made WFH a necessity. Businesses are forced to build new routines and find ways to create online spaces to interact with their colleagues outside formal meetings. To meet the rising Internet traffic, companies are encouraging their employees to increase their bandwidth. Some people are even considering to switch to affordable bundles like Spectrum Internet plans.

From Handshake to Elbow Bumps

Americans have been ordered to maintain social distance and remain at least 6 feet apart. A majority has been asked to stay at home except if they need medical care, buy groceries or exercise.

Handshakes are certainly out of the picture. The same goes for hugging, kissing and other forms of greetings. The only acceptable form of greeting is elbow bumps or just saying hi from a distance.

Washing Hands Mindfully

We thought we knew how to wash our hands but this pandemic has revealed we don’t. To kill the virus, the CDC urges us to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds.

Suddenly, everyone is extra cautious about their hygiene. Americans are stocking hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves, thermometers, and aerosol disinfectants.

Subsidized Internet Plans to Keep Everyone Connected

The FCC has encouraged leading telecom and broadband providers to sign up for a pledge called “Keep Americans Connected.” As a part of this initiative, providers have increased the bandwidth of their plans, waived late fee penalty and reduced the prices of some of their plans too.

In case you are wondering any chance you can get free Internet, you are in luck. Spectrum free Internet is available for K-12 school and college students. Dial 1-844-813-5886 to inquire more about this offer.

The Economy is Headed Towards Contraction

The International Monetary Fund has already signaled we should prepare for the worst economic fallout. Coronavirus has disrupted the social and economic orders all over the world. The unemployment rate in the country has reached staggering numbers. More than 16 million have filed for unemployment claims between March and early April.

Social media is Everyone’s Savoir

Communities run on connectivity. We are living in a digital age where connecting has become instant regardless of our location. Social media, which was labeled the societal destroyer is suddenly everyone’s savior.

Its role is not limited to connecting and sharing. It is also a good source of sharing information (even though it’s terrible at filtering the right information). Social media companies still need to strengthen their moderation policies.

Facebook and Twitter allow information sharing in one simple click. However, it’s recommended to confirm the information from credible sources before sharing. Better yet, social media has come a long way in spreading positivity through various video clips.

Shocking Stockpiling of Toilet Paper

In the early days of the outbreak, photos of empty aisles at grocery stores circulated online. Sales on Amazon rose at least 50% higher than normal days ever since the WHO declared emergency. Consumers have been stockpiling medical face masks, sanitizers grocery items and most of all toilet paper.

The panic buying of toilet paper was not just evident in the United States but Australia, Hong Kong, and many other countries.

Slower Global Trade but Reduced Inequality

Global trade has slowed down, demonstrating how dependent every country in the world is on the global supply chain. Hopefully, when the pandemic is over and global trade resumes, it will become stronger than before.

The pandemic is forcing countries to reconsider their social policies when it comes to healthcare. The outbreak is reducing inequalities locally, nationally, and internationally. Governments are assisting banks and companies to cushion the effect of the lockdown. This would keep the economy from collapsing further.

Healthcare At Home

To reduce the risk of transmission, the healthcare system is switching to telemedicine. Did you know your doctor is now available on FaceTime? Additionally, many teleological platforms are launched already. Doctors and nurses are available online. Appointments are converted to video visits. Patients can get to their physicians from their PCs or smartphones in real-time.

The patients who need testing still have to go to the lab or see their doctor if a physical exam is required. After the pandemic subsides, this trend will revolutionize the delivery of healthcare services.

Climate Is Changing Forever

If there’s anything positive about COVID-19 it’s climate change. With factories being closed, fewer cars on the road and fewer planes in the sky, the natural environment is recovering. Air pollution has dropped around 50% in some cities. This is huge! Humans are locked to flatten the curve while animals are having the best time of their lives roaming in cities.

Coronavirus is a disaster and a blessing. It has united all countries in the world. Our lives may be changing but it’s temporary. When the storm is over, let’s promise not to forget the lessons we learned.

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