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What is Fast Internet? Is 100 Mbps Fast?

Is 100 Mbps fast

How fast is the Internet? It’s all relative, to be very honest. Is 1 Mbps fast speed? Compared to dial-up internet, yes. Is 100 Mbps fast? Almost 100 times faster than 1 Mbps.

But not as fast as fiber optic. Fiber has sped up to 1 Gbps! Both upload and download. So as you can see, the term “fast internet” depends on what you’re comparing it to. It also depends a lot on the individual usage patterns of the people in your home.

1. What does Mbps mean?

Mbps stands for megabits per second. Mbps is a measure of upload and download speeds or simply the transfer of data. 1 byte contains 8 bits. On a 100 Mbps connection, like FiOS in my area, you can download data at 100,000 bits per second.

A 2GB file (2000MB) will download in around 3 minutes. On a 1 Gbps connection, the same file will download in about 20 seconds.

2. What is a Fast Internet Speed in Mbps?

How fast an internet connection is has a lot to do with how many users you have in your home. Heavy downloaders and streamers often go for 500 Mbps or 1,000 Mbps fiber optic speeds. This is because fiber (For Exp: AT&T fiber) has a much larger bandwidth than broadband internet. More users can connect and use the internet simultaneously.

However, if you aren’t living in a household of heavy internet users, then a 100 Mbps broadband connection works equally fast. Most providers let you choose between fiber or DSL, like Cox internet plans which offer different tiers of internet speeds.

Internet Speed Page Load Time 5-minute Song Download Time Streaming Video Quality
56k dial-up modem 14 seconds 12 mins 30 secs Low quality
256k Broadband 3 seconds 3 mins
512k 1.6 seconds 1 min 30 secs
1Mbps 0.8 seconds 41secs
2Mbps 0.4 seconds 20 secs Medium quality
4Mbps 0.1 seconds 5 secs
6Mbps Instant 3.5 secs
8Mbps Instant 2.5 secs TV-quality
12Mbps Instant 1 sec
24Mbps Instant Instant Superfast
50Mbps Instant Instant
100Mbps Instant Instant
1,000+ Mbps Instant Instant Ultrafast

Timings mentioned above are estimates based on different case studies and under multiple circumstances.

3. How Fast is a 100 Mbps Internet Connection?

As we discussed above, 1 bit is one-eighth of a byte. If you were to transfer a 1MB file, a 1 Mbps connection will take around 8 seconds. A 100 Mbps connection will transfer a 1 MB file 100 times faster than a 1 Mbps connection. A 100 Mbps connection probably sounds great to you, but consider your data habits.

Do you need to transfer large amounts of data? If yes then go for 100 Mbps for sure. But if you don’t need that much bandwidth, even a 25 Mbps connection is sufficient.

Certain providers only offer maximum internet speed of 100 Mbps. (Based on publicly available speed tests) Spectrum packages are a good example.

Internet Plans Prices (Starting With 20 Mbps & $34.99/mo)
Cable Internet Companies Plan Features Price Order at
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Frontier Broadband Ultimate Internet 25 Mbps Speed $35/mo 855-840-0082
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WOW!* Internet 100Mbps 100 Mbps Speed $39.99/mo 855-850-5972
Cable Connection
Cox** Internet Essential 50Mbps 50 Mbps Speed $39.99/mo 855-850-5975
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Optimum Internet 200Mbps 200 Mbps Speed $44.99/mo 855-840-0084

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4. Is 100 Mbps fast enough for HD Streaming on Netflix?

A 100 Mbps internet connection is more than fast enough for Netflix. Netflix itself recommends a 5 to 10 Mbps connection for HD streaming. A 100 Mbps connection has many times that bandwidth. With it, multiple users can stream content in HD at the same time.

There is usually enough bandwidth for each stream to continue undisrupted. If you are living in a single-person household, a 100 Mbps connection should be more than sufficient for streaming Netflix content in HD.

5. Is 100 Mbps fast enough for Online Gaming?

Your online gaming experience depends on 3 things related to your internet connection:

  • download and upload speed
  • Your ping/latency

Every game has different requirements but as a rule of thumb, you need at least 3 Mbps of download speed. You also need a minimum of 1 Mbps to upload speed and your ping rate should be below 150 ms. If there are multiple gamers in your home, then the internet requirement will increase.

For example, if there are 5 players, then you need a 15 Mbps to download speed and a 5 Mbps upload speed.

6. What is a Good Internet Download Speed?

When people talk about internet speeds, they are usually talking about download speeds. A high-speed internet service download depends on the usage patterns in your household. If you use the internet for casual surfing and emails, then a 2-4 Mbps connection should work well.

For more heavy surfing, streaming and moderate downloading, a 4-6 Mbps connection is sufficient. 6-10 Mbps is good for HD streaming and downloading. 10-20 Mbps connections are good for people who use the internet to stream heavily or make fast downloads.

Anything above 20 Mbps is for “prosumers” or people who want to run heavy applications such as business apps.

7. How Many Mbps do I Need?

How many Mbps of download speed you need depends on the activities you use the internet for.

  • Online Gaming requires 5 Mbps of download speeds, as well as 1 Mbps upload speed and 150 ms latency.
  • Video Streaming requires a speed of 10 Mbps for a good, uninterrupted experience.
  • Audio Streaming only needs about 1 Mbps.
  • Ultra HD Streaming will need at least a 25 Mbps connection.

Other things also factor in, like the number of users in a household and their usage activities.

8. How Fast Internet is Needed for Youtube HD Streaming?

On average, you need at least a 5 Mbps connection to stream YouTube videos in HD. Anything slower than this will affect your experience. Videos could frequently pause for buffering, get fuzzy or drop quality.

However, 5 Mbps is the peak speed in a 5 Mbps connection, which means it is the maximum speed. During peak hours, you will get slower speeds which will affect HD streaming. It is better to go for a 10-15 Mbps connection.

Internet Activities Minimum Recommended Internet
Web browsing, emailing, social media 1Mbps
Video streaming (Netflix, Hulu, iFlix, etc.) 3Mbps (SD)
5Mbps (HD)
 25Mbps (4K)
Audio streaming (Spotify, Pandora, podcasts) 150-160Kbps (With less quality)
300-320Kbps (Better quality)
Online Gaming (Xbox, PS4, etc.) 3-6Mbps
Video Calling (IMO, WhatsApp, skype, etc.) 3-6Mbps

Timings mentioned above are estimates based on different case studies and under multiple circumstances.

9. Is 12 Mbps Good for Netflix?

A 12 Mbps connection should usually be good for Netflix HD streaming. However, if you want to stream in UHD, you would need at least a 25 Mbps connection. That being said, 12 Mbps is sufficient to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix in SD or HD.

10. Is 10 Mbps Good for Netflix?

Subpar bandwidth can ruin your Netflix experience. The bare minimum you need for Netflix in SD is 1.5 Mbps. To stream in DVD quality you need at least 5 Mbps. HD quality streaming is good with 5 Mbps connections and higher.

For super HD or 3D streaming, you will need a 10-12 Mbps connection. A 10 Mbps connection is good for Netflix provided speeds remain consistent even during peak hours.

I researched cable providers in my area a lot before settling with my current 10 Mbps connection. I still have no complaints when it comes to streaming or downloading because I put in the effort. Choosing the right internet provider is almost like choosing the right life partner. Sometimes we just prefer Satellite Internet over regular means of the internet.

If you go with the wrong one, you’re in for a world of complaints and frustration. If you pick the right one, however, your internet experience will never be wanting.

11. Is 100 Mbps good for streaming?

Usually, a 15-20Mbps download speed is good enough for streaming. But for 4K video streaming or online gaming, and multiple users using one connection, getting 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps might be a better option.

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