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How to Fix the Issue of Internet Outage Same Time Every Night?

how to fix internet outage issue same time every night

You’re probably used to high-speed internet at all hours in this day and age. This is because technology and networks have evolved so well, that quality internet has become a basic necessity. Of course, like with all technology, there are bound to be some issues at various points. When it comes to internet connections, you may find that your network slows down or completely stops working at certain times. If this is a regular occurrence and happens at the same time every night, you need to find a solution.

Often, internet stuttering or performance issues have very simple root causes. You just have to investigate a little and you’ll find the source of the problem. Most of the time, you’ll be able to resolve the issue yourself. However, if all else fails, you can always call your provider, and inform them about your connectivity problems. Here are a few things you should check if your internet tends to go out at around the same time on a regular basis.

Move Your Router

Sometimes, you may simply be having signal issues. If your router is far away from your bedroom, then you may not get the connectivity you want. Most people place their router in a central position for day-to-day activities.

However, if you want to use it at night in your bedroom, you may want to change its position. You can also buy and install signal boosters, especially if your bedroom is upstairs and your modem and router are downstairs. Furthermore, if you need to cover a large physical area, then you should look into buying network bridging devices to enable communication between two networks. This will enable them to work as a united network and cover more space than a conventional local area network. 

Check for Signal Interference

Most people now have multiple devices in their homes. You might have different handheld devices, laptops, and even appliances connected to the internet. These devices tend to emit signals even if they’re not actively using the internet.

These signals can interfere with your internet connection, especially if you also have security systems or other such networks online at night. Use a signal heatmap software to find out where these points of interference are, and then move around your devices and router accordingly.  

Disconnect Other Devices

Alternatively, you can disconnect any devices which are not in use at night. Completely unplug any devices which are connected to the internet, and switch them off properly. This will reduce the load on your internet connection, even during high-traffic hours.

So, disconnect extra devices like any appliances not in use or your laptop. This will help you get strong Optimum internet signals on the device you’re using at night.

Check Your Coaxial Cables

Always make sure your coaxial cables are connected properly. See if they’re in the right ports and are tightly connected. Also, check if a coaxial cable is frayed or damaged at any point. Sometimes, pets tend to tug on these cables and cause internet issues if unattended.

Make sure you check these cables and replace them if needed. This can often be enough to resolve your internet issues and give you the download and upload speeds you want. You can find new coaxial cables easily online or in physical stores and just have to connect them properly.  

Pause Heavy Downloads

If you like to use the internet at night for streaming or other purposes, try to pause the rest of your downloads. If you have a heavy game or other such file downloading on a device, it can impact your loading speeds. It can even cause your streams to not work at all, so you should follow this practice regularly.

Also, check your phone and laptop for any downloads, and pause them when you want to use the internet. This will help you get the undisturbed speed you want with providers like Cox internet, and you can resume the downloads when you won’t need to use the internet at home too much.

Change Your Wi-Fi Band

Most Wi-Fi connections run on the 2.4 GHz frequency. This tends to get crowded and can also cause security issues. Most routers these days also offer 5 GHz channels, and you should opt for this option. You just have to press the relevant button on your browser and set up the username and password.

Then, you can access high-speed internet, with no signal interruptions or traffic from other devices and networks. This frequency also gives you more security, so you can preserve your privacy and safety when you’re online.

Avoid Using During Peak Traffic Hours

Often, you may face internet issues at certain times. This is because you might be using your network during one of its high-traffic time periods. These occur when numerous people are online at the same time, leading to an overloaded network. If you’re online during peak hours, then you may not be able to get the speeds and connectivity you want.

Therefore, you should change the time you go online, even if it’s a slight change. This will help significantly, and let you enjoy the internet speeds you signed up for. You can also ask your provider about common peak hours, and then avoid using the internet during those times.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

Your internet may not be working well because your plan is not sufficient for our needs. Therefore, you should try and upgrade your internet plans, and talk to your provider. Most providers offer a wide range of packages with services. You should evaluate your household’s internet requirements and then upgrade your package accordingly.

Then, you’ll be able to meet your internet needs and get the high speeds you want. This is especially useful if multiple members of your household tend to be online at the same time, with data-intensive activities. If you sign up for a better package, you’ll be able to improve your network’s performance.

In conclusion, if your internet goes out or slows down at around the same time regularly, there are a few solutions you should troubleshoot. These will help you get top-notch internet performance and high speeds.

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