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How To Fix Optimum Error Codes?

Fix Optimum Error Codes

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Everyone wants to use the best internet and cable TV services available to them. In an increasingly convenient world, there are numerous providers out there offering these services. However, you need to make the right choice for yourself. Often, this means that you’ll go for reputable providers, with affordable plans, such as Optimum packages. Such packages let you avail yourself of a combination of internet, cable TV, and phone services, with considerable savings on each one, and customer service from one reliable place. Therefore, you can make life much easier for yourself with the right service provider.

However, no service is perfect, and every connection is bound to face some sort of issue, sooner or later. This can be due to back-end network issues but is more often due to some sort of wiring or connectivity issue within your home itself. You’ll see a few common error codes when such issues occur. Luckily, most of these codes, despite their seemingly complex names, are quite straightforward. Usually, you just have to adjust some wires or restart your router to get things back to normal again. Here are some of the most common error codes you’ll see on your Optimum connections.

Error Code 106

This error code, while it is common, may not be easy to figure out at first. This is because it can indicate many things. Usually, it is just due to the server you’re trying to connect with being too busy. In that case, you just have to wait until the server traffic eases up and you can access it. Then, just try connecting back to the channel again.

On the other hand, you may also get an error code 106 if your internet connection is too slow. Confirm your internet speed using speed test apps or by checking how it is working on other devices. If it is slow, move your devices closer to your modem, so that they can catch more signals. In addition, make sure there is nothing blocking your modem and router. This way, you can ensure that there are no signal interruptions taking place. If you have a large home, you may have to get different routers for different areas.

Optimum Err-23

This is one of the most common errors you’ll face and means that your device is not receiving signals from the mainline. This can be due to a large number of reasons, so you need to troubleshoot this error quite thoroughly.

First of all, you should flip your device over and check whether all of its wires are connected properly. Tighten any loose wires, and see if any of them are frayed or cut. Furthermore, you should make sure all the wires and connections are in the right ports. Usually, this will make the error code go away.

However, if that doesn’t work, check all of your other devices being connected. If none of them are working, the problem is from the service provider’s side. In that case, contact Optimum’s 24/7 customer service and explain your issue thoroughly. The company’s efficient support representatives will help you find the root cause and solution to your issue. However, this may take a bit of time, so be patient and cooperative in this process.

Error Code OBV-55

If you’re using your cable TV connection with Optimum internet plans, you may sometimes face an OBV-55 error code. This error means that you do not have a proper connection to the network. Therefore, you should check whether your device is getting a stable internet connection. Confirm this by checking other devices on the same network. If they’re working just fine, then your device has some sort of issue.

So, check the cables on your modem and routers, and see if they’re connected properly. If you have any extra cables attached to your devices, take them out. If that still doesn’t solve your issue, then restart your whole network. Keep it switched off for around 15 minutes before starting it up again to completely reboot it and fix your problem.

Error 200

Error 200 means that your physical network connection has failed. Your physical network connection refers to the cable that connects your modem to the internet. This commonly happens if the wires on your modem are damaged or are loosely connected. Therefore, you can try and fix it by tightening these cables and making sure they are not frayed or cut anywhere.

To confirm any damage, check the cable by connecting it to another source. If the cable doesn’t work with any connection, that means you need to get it replaced. To do this, buy a new coaxial cable and replace the old, damaged one. If that still doesn’t help, then you need to contact customer support.


This error code usually appears if you’re using Netflix. It usually means that you do not have an internet connection on your device. However, it often goes away if you simply restart your Netflix app, as it’s a common bug.

If that doesn’t help, try turning your internet box off and then on again. In addition, make sure your router is on and connected to your device.

Then, restart your router, and then wait. Try checking your other devices to see if the internet is working on them. If it’s not working there either, it’s probably a provider issue, and you need to contact customer service.

Error Code OBV-005

This error usually happens if the cable box you’re using is not receiving any internet signals. While this sounds dire, it is usually just a WPS issue. Therefore, you just have to restart a few boxes to resolve it.

You can fix this issue if your pair your boxes by following the given steps:

  1. Check if the WPS light on your modem is on
  2. Hold the reset button for 5 seconds and then release it
  3. Check your other boxes for the WPS light, and reset them as well
  4. On the main box, hold the Wi-Fi protected setup button for 5 seconds
  5. Watch your boxes pair up again


To sum up, there are many common errors your connection may face, and you can fix them easily. However, if you still need help, then you can contact the helpline, which deals with all issues, ranging from connectivity issues to misunderstandings with Optimum bill pay. All you have to do is contact the helpline number.

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