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How to Fix Optimum Port Forwarding Not Working?

How to Fix Optimum Port Forwarding Not Working

People know Optimum for its high-speed plans and exceptional data policy. Another great quality of this provider is that it supports the port forwarding option.

By default, the modern-day routers come with blocked ports. This is a security feature to prevent malicious requests from reaching the core processes on your PC. This feature sounds great when it comes to security but it can result in problems especially when you would like to use certain apps. Your router will simply block them. Here, having the option of port forwarding comes in handy.

Why the Need to Forwarding Ports?

When using certain applications, it could even be a video game, if your router blocks the access, this means it was blocked by default. To allow the information to be sent to an internal PC from the Internet, you must tell the router to forward a certain port. Once that’s done, when the router receives a packet meant to be delivered to a specific port, it gets forwarded to a particular local computer.

How to Set Up Port Forwarding?

The process is pretty much universal. The Internet traffic that passes through a router goes through ports. Each port plays the role of a pipe made for particular traffic. When a port on the router is opened, it allows a particular type of data to move through that router.

This act of opening a port and choosing a device on the network for forwarding the request is called port forwarding. So you are basically attaching a pipe from the router to the device which is to use the port.

If you are using an FTP server setup, no one from outside the network can connect. Since this server uses port 21, you must open port 21 and forward it to the PC you are using as the server. As a result, the dedicated pipe moves the file from the server via the router and out of the network, making it reach the FTP client it’s communicating with.

Tips to Solve Port Forwarding Error on Optimum

Multiple subscribers of Optimum internet plans have noticed when they enable port forwarding on their router, they either encounter an error or fail to enable it successfully. Are you facing the same problem?  Here is a quick DIY guide to fix this problem:

1: Follow The Steps Correctly

Setup port forwarding on your modem only if you feel confident and know what you are doing. You must open the right ports. The IP address must also be accurate. Make sure there’s no typo as you are likely to run into an error.

Follow these steps to set up port forwarding on the Optimum router:

  1. Find your router’s IP address
  2. Go to the router’s settings
  3. Enter your router’s credentials

Note: The credentials are written on the label at the bottom of the router.

  1. Find the port forwarding settings
  2. You will be taken to the port forwarding page
  3. Enter the name of the device
  4. Enter the port you would like to open
  5. Choose “both” under the protocol if you are unaware of the protocol in use
  6. Enter the IP address of the device
  7. Hit “Apply”
  8. Click on the “Save” button
  9. You should now able to connect your device

Note: You might have to enter the hostname and the port number when attempting to connect.

2: Check Your Optimum Account

To be able to use port forwarding, you must be sure that your account is working fine. Some Internet Service Providers have blocked port forwarding on certain accounts. This could be the issue in your case too. While checking your account, check if port forwarding is enabled.

3: Reboot the Router

Once you have updated the port forwarding rules on your router, it might need a reboot. Chances are the updates rules are not suitable for the router’s new configurations. Rebooting is quick and easy. Simply unplug the router and the power cables, wait for 1 to 2 minutes, and plug back in again.

4: Disable the Firewall (Temporarily)

Sometimes, you are doing everything right but port forwarding is still not working. This happens because of a firewall, which is there for Internet protection. You will have to disable it and perform port forwarding again. Don’t worry, it’s temporary. Enable the firewall once you have opened the port.

5: Choose the Right Computer Name

There are lots of routers out there that list the computer’s name instead of its IP address. Such routers are capable of creating multiple computer names of the same network representing different IP addresses. And so, you might have chosen the wrong computer name when enabling port forwarding.

To fix this, you must reboot your router for removing extra entries. In case you continue to face the problem, try checking different entries to see which one’s working for you and remove the unnecessary names manually.

6: Disable the DMZ

DMZ, also known as the demilitarized zone, is responsible for protecting the LAN of an organization from unsolicited traffic. It’s a sub-network between the public and private networks. It adds an additional layer of security for protecting sensitive data on the internal network.

It’s possible that the DMZ page is the reason why the port forwarding rule isn’t working. If you have tried all remedies, check if the DMZ page is the problem. It must be disabled for port forwarding to work.

7: Know When to Call Support

If error codes keep on appearing and you are unable to enable port forwarding, contact support to ask for help or fix the problem. They should be able to diagnose the entire setup. The support agent will advise not to use third-party software for port forwarding. Follow this rule strictly as this could result in a privacy breach. Also, you could call up Optimum pay bill number to check any due bills.

Final Words

The tips discussed here should be able to fix port forwarding errors and allow you to use your Optimum 5GHz Wi-Fi to access your favorite apps (which were blocked previously).

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