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5 Ways to Fix the Spectrum Router Purple Light Issue

how to fix Spectrum router purple light issue

Whenever there is a mention of ISP, the name of Spectrum is worth mentioning. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, it is America’s favorite brand for a reason. The company is highly reliable when it comes to delivering a high-speed connection to people and that too at an extremely affordable price. This alone sets them apart from other ISPs. Apart from the internet, it also offers cable services. The brand takes care of your entertainment needs by bringing 200+ channels in HD. What’s more? It offers added benefits with its cable packages such as DVR, and on-demand title.

5 Ways to Fix the Spectrum Router Purple Light Issue

Although the company strives to make the user experience as friendly as possible, people do however encounter some problems such as Spectrum login loop error. But even more annoying than that is the purple light issue that appears on their Spectrum router. This issue prevents people from connecting to the internet. If you ever face this problem then don’t panic! There are a lot of things that you can do before contacting your customer support. Here are five ways to fix the purple light error.  

1. Turn Off & Restart Your Router

The first thing that you should do as soon as you see the purple light on the spectrum router is to turn it off. You should then wait for about 30 seconds before turning it back on. This is because some connectivity issues can be easily resolved by just switching off & on your Spectrum router. Doing this may even fix slow upload speed. Hence, this method is really useful and may even help you eliminate the issue.

2. Check the Wires Carefully

Another thing that you should do to troubleshoot the purple light issue of your Spectrum router is to check all the wires that are connected to the device. Make sure that there is no loose connection and that the wires are properly connected. During this, if you notice that if a wire is not connected right then pull it out and put it back in. Just make sure that it does connect with the device this time or the problem will persist. Also, if you find a damaged wire then you should immediately replace it or the issue will not be fixed.

3. Factory Reset Your Spectrum Router

Sometimes your spectrum router may start to deliver sluggish speeds. Or, it may even not work at all and runs into unexpected errors. This happens because of continuous operation and cached data. So, you should consider factory resetting your spectrum router. Now, you might hesitate to do this but what if it solves the purple light issue that the device is encountering. It is very possible! Hence, consider doing this. It will get rid of the old settings and may fix the error.

4. You May Not Have A Fully-Working Router

This can be a possibility. The purple light on your Spectrum router might appear because of a malfunction or simply because of the faulty device. There might be a chance that something is broken within the device. To make sure it truly is the case, consider acting upon all of the tips mentioned above. If nothing works then your router has a problem! You should take it to your nearest Spectrum shop and ask if the device can be repaired or does it need to be replaced.

5. Get in Touch with Spectrum’s Customer Support

After you have done and applied every tip stated and the purple light issue still persists then there is no harm in contacting Spectrum’s customer support. You may need to do a deeper level of troubleshooting such as changing settings and a professional can help you with that. Once you contact them, let them know about the problem and the steps you took to get it fixed. They then might assist you to resolve the issue yourself or might send over a technician who will look into the matter by visiting your place.


Who likes their internet to act up while in the middle of something important? Nobody! This is why it is highly frustrating when the purple light appears on the Spectrum router, disallowing you to use the internet. However, the good thing is that this issue can be easily resolved as long as you apply the tips mentioned in this article. Plus, whenever you face a similar issue like this, don’t forget to switch on & off your router as it may also help you fix Spectrum lag spikes.

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