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How to Lose Weight Fast

weight loss tips

High-protein weight-loss diets have been in fashion ever since the misguided low-fat craze of the 70s and 80s lost its appeal. Through their strict high protein/moderate fat/low carb eating schedules, losing between 6 to 7 pounds in the first week is not unusual.


how to lose weight fast

Shift to Proteins

In some way or another, reducing carbs gives rise to a ketogenic state. This is the stage when the body’s preferred fuel source gradually shifts from glucose to ketones. These latter groups of molecules are released from the breakdown of fats after the body runs out of its glycogen (stored sugar) reserves. Weight loss results as a necessary by-product of this mechanism.

With the low blood sugar levels that come with a lowered carb intake, blood insulin levels also plummet. This significantly reduces the risk of attaining type 2 diabetes.

Good natural sources of protein include all animal meats and poultry products, as well as legumes and pulses.

Avoid Processed and Fast Food Options

Processed and fast food items (of the McDonald’s drive-through variety) are dangerous to consume. And not only in terms of ruining your waistline.

These quick and normally tasty eatables come loaded with Trans-fats and high-glycemic carbs (starches). The former increases the shelf-life of food products, and enhance the taste. The latter food options are the reason why people want to continue eating processed foods again and again.

Trans-fats (also known as hydrogenated fats), furthermore, are synthetically produced. They have been repeatedly shown, through numerous research studies, to contribute towards escalating heart disease. As such, they are also the reason why the entire ‘fat’ food group has historically suffered from a negative press rap.

Their natural saturated & unsaturated fats counterparts, on the other hand, are required by the body in moderate doses. Good natural sources include such healthy food materials as butter, egg yolks, cooking and dressing oils, nuts and seeds.

Keep Clear of Starches and other Carbs

Starches (and other high-glycemic carb options) have a tendency to cause sudden blood-sugar spikes. These lead to initial periods of high energy and activity, followed by sudden downswings. They also result in untimely food cravings, which can cause a person to binge uncontrollably.

Irritable mood swings, headaches, and excessive thirst, in addition, are also not unheard of with high-carb eating routines.

Prominent carb-intensive food sources include all sugars, bakery items, and juices.

Invest in a Holistic Fitness Regime

When dieting, it becomes important to regularly invest some time in a proper workout regime. This usually includes a tailored aerobic and resistance training program.

Not only do such work out sessions preserve essential muscle mass, but they also lead to stronger bones. Well-developed muscles function like metabolically active organs and eat up any excess blood sugar. By doing this, they also help to ward off the risk of gaining any unnecessary weight.

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