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how to program cox remote to tv

How To Program COX Remote To TV- a Brief guide

In order to find a solution to program COX remote with your Smart TV set, consider carrying out the following steps:

  • Level your acquired remote controller with your television set’s infrared diode,
  • Press the calibrate button on your remote for up to 10 seconds while maintaining this position,
  • Ensure correct calibration by changing channels, volume, and accessing plan features,
  • It’s better to program Cox remote and avoid the use of other remote controllers

Interested in subscribing to an exciting onscreen entertainment experience that lets you catch your favorite TV shows and Movies in clear HD resolutions?

Then you need to order the Contour TV Plan Advantage from COX right away!

What is Contour TV?

The acclaimed Contour plan is COX flagship cable TV service, which (currently – as of March 2018 company figures) starts at $64.99/month only.

With the said subscription provision, you get to enjoy:

  • Over 140 HD & SD channel stations
  • Thematic ‘Pak’ and Premium Channel Offerings
  • Optional DVR service
  • The COX Voice Remote Control
  • And the fun Contour App

How Does Contour work?

The TV service is broadcasted through COX’s cable transmissions network – a wired linkage from which is connected to your home.

Additionally, you may require:

  • The Contour HD Receiver
  • Optional DVR Equipment
  • A Cable Card
  • A Mini Box

How to Program COX Contour Remote to TV?

The same steps largely apply to calibrate your COX Contour Remote controller with your TV set or HD Receiver device.

You may, however, additionally need to:

  • Check with your COX service provider for any plan-specific instructions,
  • Carry out a comprehensive ‘features’ check to access additional ‘Pak’ and Premium Channels content,
  • Calibrate your DVR device – using the 10 seconds method detailed above,
  • Perform a troubleshooting drive yourself, to fully understand the intricacies of your subscribed plan


Generally speaking, the COX TV plan is one of the more user-friendly digital entertainment offerings available in the consumer market today.

So you will not have too many issues in getting your way around it, and utilizing it to reap some stellar onscreen enjoyment whenever the need for doing so should beckon!

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