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How To Program Cox Remote To TV- A Brief Guide

Most people these days have a number of different devices connected to their entertainment set up. There is obviously your TV and set-top box. But there may also be a DVD player, a surround sound system, or a DVR. Each of these devices comes with its own separate remote. If you’re looking for details on how to program Cox remotes, this blog is for you.

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Features and Benefits

The remote that comes with the provider’s cable subscription is a universal remote. This means you can program it to control your TV and Contour TV set-top box, and possibly other devices as well like your DVR or DVD player. The remote comes with the following exciting features:

  • Aim-free control for easy use.
  • Use of radiofrequency (RF) instead of infrared (IR).
  • Can pair with a Contour 2 receiver.
  • Better battery life than traditional IR remotes.
  • Can control TV input, power, muting, and volume.
  • Can control audio device muting, power, and volume.
  • Automatic backlight.

How to Program Cox Remote to TV

As we said, most of the devices connected to your entertainment center come with their own remotes. If you are a brand-loyal consumer, you’ll likely have most of these devices from the same manufacturer. This will only confuse the matter further because they will all look the same.

You’re likely to have around half a dozen remotes lying around on the coffee table next to your recliner. Unless you crudely label your remotes, you’re stuck having to try each remote in succession until you find the right one. Unless, of course, you have the Cox remote, which you can program to multiple devices, including your TV.

Configuring your Cox remote to your TV can be a simple process if you know-how. Your remote comes with many useful settings that allow it to control almost every brand of TV sold in the United States. Below follows what you need to do.

Using Code Entry

Follow the given steps to program your Cox remote using an entry code:

  1. Start by pressing the ‘power’ button on your remote.
  2. Hold the ‘setup’ button on remote until it blinks twice.
  3. Press the code that you found using the code finder from the digit buttons on the remote.
  4. Test the remote. If it fails to perform, follow the above-stated steps again with another code.

For Popular Brands

Follow the given steps while pointing your remote towards the TV for setting up your mobile for famous brands:

  1. Press and keep holding the ‘setup’ button until the LED light blinks twice.
  2. Press the ‘power’ button on the remote.
  3. Then press the number corresponding with your brand on your remote. Locate your TV’s brand in the chart given below.
  4. Release the key. The setup is complete.
Digit TV
1 Insignia
2 LG
3 Panasonic
4 Philips/Magnavox
5 Samsung
6 Sanyo
7 Sharp
8 Sony
9 Toshiba
0 Vizio


Searching All Codes

  1. Press the ‘setup’ key and keep holding it until the LED light blinks twice.
  2. Press the ‘power’ key on the remote.
  3. Point the remote towards the TV and press the ‘select’ key.
  4. Release the key to finish setting up the TV.

Changing Volume Lock Settings

You can adjust the volume of your TV following the given easy steps:

  1. Press the ‘setup’ key and keep holding it till the LED light blinks twice.
  2. Press the (+) sign on the volume key.
  3. Wait for the LED to blink twice. This indicates that your setup is complete.

The helpful video below can help you configure your remote to your TV.

Remote Still Not Working?

You tried following the steps to program your remote. But both methods failed to configure your remote to the TV. Do you give up? Not yet! You still have options, so don’t give up hope.

You may also go to the official Cox Communications website to identify exactly which controller you have. It also has instruction manuals on each type of remote the provider offers. Look for the correct manufacturer codes in the manual that corresponds to your controller.

You can also try downloading the Cox remote app. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It can help you use your smartphone or tablet as a remote to control your Cox equipment, TV, and audio device.


How do I reset my Cox remote?

To reset your remote and remove all paired devices, press and hold the “Setup” button. Keep holding it for 3 seconds and wait for the LED to change color. It should turn to green from red, indicating you have successfully reset your remote.

How do I program my Cox mini-box remote?

Programming your Cox mini-box remote is fairly easy. Press and hold the “Setup” button. Wait for the LED to blink twice and then press the “Power” button. Aim your remote at the TV and press the button marked “Select”. Hold it down until the TV turns off, which means the remote has successfully configured to your TV.

Why is my Cox remote blinking red?

If your remote’s LED is blinking red, it could mean a command was sent in infrared mode. The red LED blinks once for every TV or device configured. If the remote blinks red after a command to the TV it means the remote is in infrared mode. Unpair the device and then pair again to switch to radiofrequency function.

How do I program my Cox contour 2 remote?

Press the “Setup” button and hold it down until the LED turns green. Once the LED is green, press the “Contour” button. Instructions should appear on the screen, including a 3-digit code that you need to enter. Your remote should pair successfully, allowing you to use voice commands.

How do I program my Cox remote to my TCL TV?

In many cases, the Contour 2 remote does not pair with TCL TVs like the new TCL Series 6 Roku TV. You may need to switch to a Contour 1 DVR, which comes with a universal remote that can pair with your TCL TV.

How do I program my Cox remote to my Insignia TV?

You can configure your remote to an Insignia TV using the instructions in the blog above.

How do I turn off voice control on Cox?

You can use voice commands to turn off voice guidance on your remote. First press and hold the “Mic” button. Clearly say “Voice Guidance Off”. This will switch off voice controls. If you want to turn them back on, press the “Mic” button and say “Voice Guidance On”.

How can I set the volume controls to my audio device instead of controlling the TV?

To configure your remote to your audio device, press and hold the “Setup” button. Wait until the LED turns from red to green. Input the manufacturer code for your audio device. Press “OK” to finish configuring your remote to the TV.

Where is the Setup button on Cox remote?

The location of the “Setup” button varies from remote to remote. However, it will always be labeled clearly so you can easily find it.

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