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How to Set Up Your Alexa Devices in Minutes

how to setup alexa

Smart speakers have made our lives easier than they ever were. From operating the lights to security cameras and even the kitchen appliances in some cases, Alexa is a blessing in disguise. However, many people are unfamiliar with the Amazon Alexa setup.

If you are purchasing the speaker for the first time, you may also face trouble in setting it or connecting it to devices. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Before Setting Up

Before you skip to the setting up part, there are certain things that you should be mindful about:

  • Choose the best possible location for keeping your device
  • Ensure that the WiFi setup is close to the device

Keeping these points in mind will make sure that your device functions properly and you do not have to face issues while operating it.

Setting Up Alexa

If you have done your share of research, you will be familiar with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. You will learn how to set it up with both.

Setting Up Alexa with Amazon Echo

Echo is the flagship speaker that Amazon offers to the people. You can choose to connect it to Alexa for various reasons. These include playing music, answering general questions, setting alarms and controlling the smart home devices. The best place in the house to keep it in is the living room or any family room.

Set it up following these steps:

  • Turn your device on by plugging it in
  • Download Alexa app on your mobile phone
  • Select the ‘devices’ option that gets displayed on the bottom right
  • Select “+” to be able to add a device
  • Hit ‘Add Device’
  • Follow the instruction to set it up

Once you get instructed on how to set up Alexa, you will have to speak ‘Alexa’ into the speaker in your natural voice. That is a ritual you need to follow if you wish for Alexa o wake up. Only then can you ask her to Google something for you.

When the device wakes up, it starts to send your recordings to Amazon’s cloud speaker.

Setting Up Alexa with Amazon Echo Dot

Unlike Echo, Echo Dot fits in any small space that you might have in your house. It is more than just a speaker. For example, it can stream music for you through Spotify or Pandora. You can even choose to read the news through this speaker. Checking the weather is also not an issue with this device.

The steps to set up Alexa with Echo Dot are the same as with Echo. You only have to select the ‘Echo Dot’ for devices instead of the ‘Echo’.

In addition to these steps, you will also have to select the Wi-Fi connection that you wish these devices o connect to. Because they cannot operate without an Internet connection. You will even have to select the room that you wish your device to be placed in. Then enjoy watching Netflix at your ease.

Setting Up Multiple Devices

There might be a case that you want to connect multiple devices to the speaker. For that, you will have to sync the devices with the app. Follow the steps given below if you wish to enjoy YouTube along with any other streaming service on multiple devices:

  • Open the Alexa app and tap on ‘Devices’
  • Hit the ‘+’ icon to add a device
  • Select the devices that you wish to connect including your smart home devices

For the speaker to work best, I employed Spectrum Internet plans but you may choose any of the blazing-fast Internet service providing companies as well. Remember to invest in a good one, otherwise, you will face disappointment.

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