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How to Troubleshoot Home Wi-Fi and Router Issues?

how to troubleshoot home wifi and router issues

Despite selecting the best deal from different Spectrum internet packages, WiFi and router problems can be very frequent and, quite frankly, unavoidable. But knowing how to troubleshoot them yourself can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. The following is a detailed guide about everything you can do to troubleshoot your home WiFi and router problems. 

How to Troubleshoot?

While most people are overwhelmed and intimidated by router devices, they are not that complicated to maneuver. You just have to know the basics of their structure and get comfortable with the different icons. After that, applying the following troubleshooting hacks will not be that scary:

#1. Understand Your Device

The most crucial step in fixing your internet issues at home is understanding your machinery and familiarizing yourself with it. The three most essential icons on your router device are: 

  • The Globe: This icon represents your modem’s connection to the internet. If it is a bright solid green, it means the connection is stable. 
  • The WiFi: It represents a smooth broadcast. Again, if it is solid green, the broadcast has no issues. 
  • The Ethernet: The icon shows a proper connection of the cables and ensures that they’re working fine. If all is well, this icon will be solid, not blinking. 

As you have probably understood already, the green light represents that everything is in good condition. However, in some devices, if it’s a green blinking light or a blue one, that also means everything is okay. An amber or orange light indicates that the connectivity is limited or problematic. Lastly, an unlit icon or a red light means the connection has been disrupted or broken. Once you understand these basic elements of your router device, diagnosing the problem and troubleshooting it will become much easier. 

Before doing anything technically advanced, try this simple and easy quick fix. In most scenarios, this technique fixes the problem immediately.

#2. A Quick Fix

so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy trying other more complex solutions. 

  • First of all, see if your Cox internet plans are still subscribed. If you’re out of usage data, that might be the main issue. 
  • If your subscription is valid, move on to the most basic and necessary element of the WiFi and router: electricity. See if the router device is properly connected to a switch and the outlet is working fine. 
  • If yes, try unplugging and replugging it. 
  • Next, turn off the router and turn it back on. Make sure you wait a couple of minutes before turning it back on. 

In a majority of cases, one of the above steps resolves the issue.

#3. Smartphone Connection

If the router device is fine, try focusing on your gadget’s local connection. It is possible that your smartphone is not establishing a good connection with the WiFi. In such cases, there is nothing wrong with the router; the problem might lie in your phone. 

  • Try restarting the device; this usually resolves any connection issues by itself. 
  • Ensure that the phone’s WiFi option is on and not on airplane mode. 
  • Also, ensure that your phone is not switched to mobile data. 
  • Next, try moving your smartphone closer to the router device and see if the connection or signals improve. 
  • “Forget” the network (permanently remove it from your phone’s WiFi memory) and reconnect by re-entering the credentials. 
  • Try resetting the WiFi password.

#4. Troubleshooting Tools

Believe it or not, there are technical tools out there to help you with WiFi troubleshooting. These tools help you diagnose the problem and ultimately solve them: 

  • Speed Test helps you check the current network speeds to see if the quality of the connection is the problem. 
  • Wireless Diagnostics is a Mac program that helps you understand the overall network health. 
  • NirSoft is a Windows diagnostic tool that scans the WiFi environment and displays all the different networks available, even the Cox public WiFi hotspot. Plus, it gives you valuable statistics for every network. 

#5. Contacting Customer Service

If nothing else seems to work with your router and you don’t want to take a risk by experimenting yourself, your best bet is to contact customer service. First, explain your problem and current situation to the respondent. Then, follow their guidelines or wait for them to send a professional. This method will take a little more time, and you will probably have to spend a few extra bucks, but it will be taken care of by a professional, so you don’t have to worry about anything. While on the call, you can also ask for other details like information about different Optimum internet plans.


Whether you get Cox’s Panoramic WiFi or any other high-quality, expensive service for that matter, sometimes WiFi and router problems are inevitable. Hence, everyone should be equipped with basic troubleshooting knowledge. In today’s day and age, it is just as crucial as learning first aid! 


Why does the computer keep disconnecting from the WiFi connection? 

Check to see if you are still subscribed to an internet plan. If you are, check for network interference. It may be preventing you from going online.

How can one boost their WiFi reach? 

Some quick ways of boosting your WiFi speed and reach include upgrading the router and getting a WiFi extender. 

Do streaming services have an impact on WiFi? 

Yes, if you have streaming services in the house, they might directly or indirectly impact the WiFi speed.

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