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How to Use Computer Monitor as a TV?

Can You Use Your Computer Monitor as a TV

While many would say that a computer separate monitor and a TV is a better option, some people also look for more practical and space-saving ideas. If you choose to use your monitor as a TV or your TV as a monitor, you can do so. A common misconception is that one cannot use the desktop as a TV. Not true!

Not only do 2-in-1 monitors save you space but they also save money. And what is the need for spending extra money on something that you do not necessarily need? If you look around, we are already living by the 2-in-1 equipment mantra. Our phones today are not mere calling devices but cameras too. Some watches allow people to make calls as well. 2-in-1 again. You can also promote the 2-in-1 culture at home by using your monitor both as a computer and smart TV.

Points to Consider Before You Proceed

Before you move forward with converting your computer monitor into a TV as well, consider a couple of points.

  • Unless your computer monitor comes equipped with an HDMI input port, it won’t be easy for you to convert your monitor into a TV. In case of the absence of an HDMI port, there will be a DisplayPort. You have to look for adapters that can convert this port into HDMI.
  • Check if your monitor comes with a built-in audio system. Because you cannot do what audio. Viewing TV on the monitor asks of you to be able to hear whatever is playing on the screen. In case, integrated speakers or audio jack is absent, get an adapter. The adapter has to be one of the two- an extractor or external speakers with an AUX input.
  • If you are still using the services of a cable provider (subscribing to Cox TV packages, for example), make sure that your cable box comes equipped with an HDMI output.

Recommended Computer Monitor You can Use as a TV

While you can turn every monitor that you wish to into a TV, the following are the suggested ones to consider:

Dell Ultrasharp LED Monitor

This is one of the most convenient options to consider turning to a TV. You will not only find an HDMI port but also a Mini DisplayPort, and an audio line out along with a DisplayPort in this monitor.

ViewSonic Curved Monitor

You will find an AC/DC adapter on this monitor. Apart from that, HDMI input, DisplayPort and dual speakers are also a part of it.

While you can easily turn your monitor into a TV, it can also be the other way round. However, make sure you opt for a company that offers a good customer support service. Because you will have to deal with the customer care department in case of any inconvenience, whether small or big.

Use Your TV as a Monitor

It is possible to turn your TV into a monitor as well. However, consider the following before doing so.

  • You might need to invest in special cables for this. Therefore, have a look at the input as well as output ports. Keep a count of the number of available TV ports as well.  In case, you do not have a lot of them available, you might have to consider disconnecting other equipment attached to it.
  • Do not be surprised if the content of your computer or laptop screen appears a bit blurry on your TV screen. Because your laptops and computers have a high pixel density.

Recommended TVs You can Use as Monitors

The following are the preferable choices to use as monitors. However, you can choose to select any other option as well.

Toshiba Ultra HD LED TV

This TV is compatible with HDR. Apart from that, it has 3 HDMI inputs along with multiple output ports.

Samsung Flat LED Smart TV

You will get an option of built-in Wi-Fi in this smart TV apart from the availability of two HDMI ports. You will also get access to an ultra-clean view.

You can still connect your TV streaming devices to your TV even if you use it as a monitor.

Are you still confused between whether to use your TV as a monitor or your monitor as a TV? The following table makes a comprehensive comparison for you to understand better.

Specs Monitor TV
Size Screen size less than 30 inches Screen size usually 24 inches or more
Audio Some monitors without built-in speakers No TV without built-in speakers
Resolution Ranges from 1080p to 2120p Ranges from 720p to 2120p
Ports A couple of options facilitate VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and USB. A couple of options facilitate VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and USB.
Additional comments Usually, they come at a cheaper price apart from having a better response time for gaming.

It could be easy in your pocket.

There are smart TV options that allow you to stream directly to the TV screen.

The Takeaway

After you have made a comprehensive and well-informed comparison, it is upon you to make a choice. People still subscribe to services like Contour TV and are not ready for cord-cutting. Hence, making it essential for them to have a TV screen as well. The choice is yours. Hope this blog helps you in making a reasonable decision.

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