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How to Watch Sports without Cable?

Watch Sports without Cable

Have you been listening to people who bemoan that cord-cutters don’t get to have an ultimate sports experience? Those who believe that if one wants to watch quality sports, they shouldn’t ditch the cable subscription. Well, we strongly disagree with these prevalent notions. As a matter of fact, sports lovers find more value if they decide to watch sports without conventional cable. You can catch the live action and have easy access to all the popular sports channels. Some names are NBC, NFL, ESPN, NFL, Fox, and so on.

Live-streaming in one of the most popular options. All you need is the internet to access any discovery or sports channel and you are good to go. You will save money on your cable TV bill. And you do get to watch live sports in pristine HD quality. What do you lose?

Let’s discover the possibilities!

Live Sports Streaming


Streaming services provide plenty of live sports channels and programming. fuboTV is doing a great job in this perspective. For minimal costs, the service is providing plenty of Sports Networks.

  • It gives access to NBCSN, CSN, FS1, FS2, beIN Sports, NBA TV, BTN, USA, Golf Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, Eleven Sports, Olympic Channel, and many more
  •  The service offers a website that breaks down the matches and games, which you can watch with the said service
  • With fuboTV, you can even record sports events using a cloud DVR. It offers a 1-week free trial!

Sling TV

It is another popular streaming service that lets you enjoy networks from satellite and cable TV. It offers different packages. Some of the sports channels offered by Sling TV are ESPN, NBC, Fox, USA, and so on.

Hulu Live TV

  • This streaming service offers access to ESPNEWS, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN-U, Regional Sports Networks, FS1, FS1, and a lot more
  • It also offers a free trial for one week
  •  You can compare the streaming services based on the sports content and then choose the service that suits you

How Else Can You Watch Sports without Cable?

Whether you are soccer, golf, basketball, curling, or a football fan, you must have a list of your favorite sports channels. Sports enthusiasts have a habit of picking their preferred Spectrum channels to watch sports. Living in this internet age, you don’t have to have a subscription to traditional cable essentially. The internet does the job for you. You don’t need to get into a frustrating, stuffy contract and stretch your budget to pay the ever-escalating cable TV bills. Especially when you are not even interested in the rest of the entertainment genres. You sure can watch sports without cable.

We are going to break down all the information regarding specific sports channels. And how you can access them without cable.

How Can You Watch NBC Sports without Cable?

Like mentioned earlier, many streaming services offer sports channels. If you are looking for NBC Sports, in particular, you have to first figure out your preferences. Depending on what you want, you can have several choices.

  • If your concern is affordability, consider Sling TV Blue. It is perhaps the most affordable choice in our list. And you get to watch unlimited NBC Sports. Also, NBC Sports Gold is quite an inexpensive choice. But it doesn’t cover all the sports as NBC does
  • If you are looking for the overall best value, go on YouTube TV. You get to enjoy three different simultaneous streams. It also offers a cloud-based, incredible DVR, and a massive selection of pristine sports channels. You can watch NBC Sports without a pause!
  • Hulu with Live TV is also a good option and has probably the same price. You get plenty of sports channels and convenient access to all the archived Hulu content
  • Another option if you want to watch NBC Sports without cable is fuboTV. Especially if you are a die-hard soccer fan, fuboTV is the right choice for you. Choose any of the above to watch your favorite sports without having to subscribe to a cable TV service

How Can You Watch ESPN without Cable?

Just like NBC sports, ESPN is available for online streaming via various streaming services. Cutting the cord doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your sports-binging. You can still watch as many sports, as you desire.

  • Sling TV offers a number of channels at a very low price. If you are specifically looking for ESPN, go for the Orange tier. At a very affordable price, you get to stream all three channels, namely ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN 3, and others. Various devices support Sling TV. Some of them are Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku devices, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire Stick
  • YouTube TV too offers your favorite channel ESPN. It also offers ESPN 2, ESPNEWS, ESPN U, SEC Network, and others. It is not as affordable as Sling TV but it does offer a quality binging experience
  • You can catch ESPN on PlayStation Vue. The only concern is that it is quite an expensive choice.  You can also watch ESPN without cable with DirecTV and Hulu. Hence, the possibilities are many. You need to explore them

How Can You Watch NFL RedZone without Cable?

In the past, watching NFL RedZone without cable was not even an option. But the good news is that things have changed now. Internet TV and skinny bundles are introduced now. And they have eased the sports-binging experiences for the sports geeks.

  • NFL RedZone is one of the most preferred sports channels. In addition to streaming services, top internet companies also offer skinny bundles. These bundles allow you to watch a pre-chosen range of channels on the internet connection that you have. The benefits are evident – no cable subscription, economical solution, and no frustrating contracts. You don’t get bombarded with unnecessary channels, which you are not interested in. Also, you get to cancel as and when you want. You need to pay from one month to another. You also get benefits like cloud DVR.

More options to watch NFL RedZone without cable:

  • You get to have NFL RedZone with Sling TV. Again, it is a very economical option
  • fuboTV also offers it. It is also a safe choice because it is reasonably priced
  • PlayStation Vue also offers a quality broadcast of NFL RedZone and you can binge-watch it as much as you like

How to Watch Fox Sports Go Without Cable?

Without a doubt, Fox Sports is one of the biggest sports networks across the globe. Around 500,000 viewers watch Fox Sports every day. It airs almost every popular sport out there. The list includes NBA, MLB, cycling, golf, NCAA college basketball, and many others. We have conducted some good research about watching Fox sports without cable. Therefore, without taking the discussion any further, we would recommend:

  • fuboTV as a legitimate and affordable choice for Fox Sports lovers. If you are a true sports fan and particularly a Fox Sports fan, it is the right service for you. You can catch Fox Sports 1, Fox Desportes, Fox Soccer Plus, and many other sports channels. Hence, you can easily watch Fox Sports Go without a cable
  • Sling TV is also a great choice when it comes to affordability. Both these services are legal and have nothing to do with pirated streaming. Its different tires make it better than the rest. To binge-watch Fox Sports Go, go for the orange tier

So, are You Planning to Go Cordless?

The contemporary generation has embraced the future. They are preferring the modern streaming services over conventional cable TV. It is actually smart to choose what you really want to see. You don’t need to pay extra for the tons of channels, which no one in your family watches.

The internet is the savior. Be it entertainment, saving money, or having to watch what you love. These internet-based streaming services have revolutionized the entertainment game altogether. Therefore, if you are considering cord cutting anytime soon, go for it. You won’t regret it. You have all your favorite sports channels covered with all the aforementioned streaming amenities. And if you don’t find them in this blog post, the internet is there to help you. So, whether it is the super bowl, American soccer league, or any of your favorite sport, you are good to go without cable!

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