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Why Does Your Internet Slow Down When it Rains?

internet slow down when it rains

It’s Saturday night, it’s pouring rain and you can’t go out. So you decide to watch a movie online and here comes the face of disappointment. Your Internet is acting up. Sound’s familiar, doesn’t it?

You wonder, “why does my Internet always slow down when it’s raining”. Follow along to learn about the connection of rain and slow Internet.

Understand Your Internet First

To understand how the rain affects your Internet and even home WiFi, first one must understand how the Internet works.

Some Americans in the urban areas have ADSL, a cable connection or fiber Internet from popular providers. The ADSL connection is offered by a Telecommunication Company. High frequencies on phone lines are used for carrying digital information.

A cable connection, on the other hand, is offered by a cable TV provider. Coaxial cable is used for connecting you to the Internet. The speed is awesome but if multiple users are connected to the Internet, it goes down. You even perform an Internet speed test to verify that. Fiber optic Internet uses fiber optic cable to transmit information. This makes it less susceptible to weather conditions.

How Does Rain Affect the Internet?

The Internet works really well by using copper cable, especially if it’s a short distance. Over a long distance, the signal degrades and the Internet slows down. If your Internet is powered by copper cable, the rain will slow down the Internet because of the following reasons:

  • Copper is a good conductor of electricity
  • The cables are either buried below the ground or they are hanging off the telephone poles

Don’t worry about the speed when there is a small amount of rain accompanied by wind. Heavy rain can be a concern though. Let’s say you have Cox Internet. If the copper wires have been broken or frayed because of pouring rain, you will face problems such as lost connection, slower speed, and intermittent service. You may call Cox support for troubleshooting and diagnosis if the Internet is out or the connection is slow.

Does the Rain Also Affect WiFi?

The answer is yes. Water droplets are capable of absorbing radio frequency and blocking the signals.  WiFi signals have a shorter range and they are deployed indoors. Yes, if the WiFi is indoor, it could still get affected by the rain to some extent.

However, the major culprit for low signal strength is the distance from your router. When it’s raining, we usually prefer curling up under a weighted blanket and retreating to our bedrooms, right? This distance makes the Internet speed slower.

You will be surprised to learn that WiFi signals are poor on hot days as compared to cold or rainy days. Even if you have subscribed to one of the greatest Internet service providers and their amazing bundles like the Cox Internet package, for instance, you will still experience the same issue.

What To Do When The Rain Affects Your Internet Service?

At times, the rain doesn’t just compromise the Internet speed, but it shuts it off completely. When that happens, don’t panic. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you make your Internet run again:

  • Reset your router or modem. Make sure you unplug both of them wait for a few minutes before plugging them in again.
  • Move closer to the router. Decreasing the distance might improve the speed to a little bit.
  • If resetting doesn’t work, call support and let a technician handle it.
  • Unless the weather is worse, go outside and examine the power line from afar. If the lines are down or there are some objects stuck in the dish, contact your electrical company and report the issue.

If this doesn’t work and your Internet is out, read a book or play a board game with your family to kill time. Sometimes, it’s not the rain, it’s the provider that’s at fault. If that’s the case, switching to another provider would be the right call. You might want to check out the Cox bundle deals and choose the Internet speed that meets your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get familiar with the connection of rain and slow Internet a little more with these FAQs:

Does Heavy Rain Affect Internet Connection?

Heavy rain which may knock out the power line or cause a break or tear to the existing copper line can affect an Internet connection.

Why Does Rain Affect WiFi?

Water droplets absorb and block the radio signals. Ultimately, rain limits signal visibility and hence the WiFi is affected and so is the Internet speed.

Does Weather Affect DSL Internet?

Yes. The primary cause of slow connect is moisture generated as a result of rain. Since ADSL is electric, all the equipment (installed outdoors) may be affected by the moisture.

Does Weather Affect Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is the least to be affected by bad weather. Fiber cable carries light instead of electrical signals. Changes in weather (low/high temperature, rain, lighting, etc.) does not influence the fiber connection.

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