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What Channel is Lifetime on Comcast Xfinity?

Lifetime on Comcast Xfinity

Entertainment is almost a basic human need these days. Everybody needs a few hours of relaxing entertainment to unwind after a long day. The entertainment game has jumped up quite a few notches. Especially with the arrival of streaming services. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime offer an instant fix of entertainment. This has made Americans more demanding and conscious of what they want. It has also upped the game for entertainment providers. One channel that has consistently offered high-quality programming is Lifetime on Comcast. The channel remains an American favorite thanks to its female-centric programming.

Lifetime on Comcast: Girl Power

A subsidiary of A&E, Lifetime is a very popular choice with American women of all ages. The network was established in February 1984. It’s formation was following a merger of Daytime and Lifetime Medical Television. Today, Lifetime features content geared towards modern femininity.

The channel primarily airs content with women in strong, meaningful roles. Some of this content is extremely popular including:

  • Reruns of hit TV classics like How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy that always find a place in viewers’ hearts.
  • Radical reality shows that break feminine stereotypes. These include favorites such as Dance Moms and Preacher’s Daughter.
  • Shows that follow the obstacles and pitfalls for women in tough roles. Popular shows like Devious Maids and The Witches of East End.

But that’s not all the content that the network offers. If you would prefer to talk to a representative for the complete channel lineup contact Comcast Cable Customer Service. Comcast has significantly improved it is customer service and support function. So don’t hesitate to contact a knowledgeable representative.

What about Premium Channels?

Premium channels like HBO, STARZ, and Showtime on Xfinity come with the top tier package only. This package, Digital Premier, offers subscribers access to all the premium networks. It also offers more than 260 channels including HD options. For more information on Xfinity TV packages.

Feel free to explore other our blogs relating to specific channel lineups if you want information on other popular channels.


Channel Names MA NY FL, CA
Lifetime on Comcast 836 1305 459
Lifetime Movies on Xfinity 1820 1820 465

What’s to Watch Other than TV Shows?

Lifetime programming is not restricted to a few select shows. The channel routinely airs made-for-TV movies as well as films that released previously. Therefore most of this content is centered around a female audience. In earlier years, the channel also aired women’s sports events coverage.

Other than NBC and ESPN, it had the rights to broadcast the Women’s National Basketball Association fixtures.

However, by late 2000, the channel began to shift its content away from sports events. It focused more on the stories of the women behind them. Some of this included in-depth specials about popular women athletes.

Always with special attention paid to the odds they had to overcome. Live sports coverage gradually eased out of the broadcast.

Watch Movies on the Lifetime Movie Network on Xfinity

The Lifetime Movie Network, now known as Lifetime Movies, is your go-to choice for entertainment in step with femininity. This is mostly a film and made-for-TV movie channel. It is a spinoff owned by the original Lifetime Network. It regularly airs content that has a wide audience among females.

The channel airs this content all day and repeats the 8 and 10 PM broadcasts at 12 and 2 AM EST.

You can actually find the complete schedule at mylifetime. Get the best women-centric content at Lifetime Movie Network on Xfinity.

How Can I Add Lifetime to My Xfinity Subscription?

Lifetime currently comes with all Xfinity cable subscriptions. It is part of the Xfinity basic cable channels lineup and is available with all cable package tiers. For the programming you need, plus the best internet connectivity, try opting for a Comcast Double Play bundle.

Bundling cable and internet offers you convenient billing with one provider for both services. You also get your bundled services at a significantly reduced price. Especially when compared to two individual services.


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