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What Channel is Lifetime on Optimum?

Lifetime on Optimum

Lifetime offers some of the most entertaining movies and shows to keep you busy throughout your weekend. Do you know what this means? This means that you do not have to pay high subscription charges for services like Netflix. Lifetime on Optimum got your back.

Lifetime on Optimum – Let the Weekend Fun Begin!

Part of Lifetime Entertainment Services, the Lifetime channel celebrates women with its shows and movies. Feminists where you at? All the shows and movies featured on the channel have women playing the lead roles. Isn’t that cool?

You can find the Optimum Channel Lineup in the following table. It will help you find Lifetime channel in your state easily.

Channel Names New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida
Lifetime on Optimum 45

Top TV Shows to Catch This Week

Once subscribed, you can relish watching the following shows on Lifetime:

Grey’s Anatomy

This, perhaps, is one of the best shows of all times. It is famous across people from various generations. Grey’s Anatomy revolves around the lives of a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle. Many of these doctors start their careers as interns in the hospital Except for Meredith Grey, who is the daughter of a renowned surgeon. As the story unfolds, viewers learn how Meredith finds it hard to maintain relationships with her coworkers. You can also choose to watch interesting shows on HBO.

Escaping Polygamy

This show is four seasons old now an revolves around the lives of three sisters (Andrea, Shanell, and Jessica) who are born in Kingston clan. This clan is a secretive polygamist group. This show narrates the struggle of these three sisters as they help their loved ones break free of polygamy. Not just their loved ones, but they help strangers too.

Love at First Flight

This is a rather interesting reality show where new couples embark on a romantic journey across North America. These couples are on their quest to find the love of their life. If they succeed, they get married at the airport. That too immediately after their flight lands. Interesting isn’t it. However, if you do not wish to watch shows, there is time dedicated to movies as well.

Lifetime Movie Network Features Popular Titles

If you are a sucker for movies, the Lifetime Network has a channel dedicated to your interest. Not that you won’t find enough intriguing movies on Showtime or other channels. But the Movie channel offered by Lifetime also features some very interesting films. The main character(s) in these movies? Women of course.


Heaven is an emotional movie that revolves around the separation of Heaven Leigh Casteel from her four siblings. Her selfish father and stepmother sell all of them to separate families. The events that follow and the twists that this movie takes make it worth a watch.

Not only this, but the Lifetime Movie Network brings to you many more interesting films as well including:

The Wrong Tutor

This movie narrates the story of a by Eric who convinces his mother that she is the best tutor who can help him with his school work. However, Little does Eric know that his mother has many more reasons to help him. Watch the movie to find out what those reasons could be. You won’t be able to find this network on other channels like Hallmark.

Once you subscribe to the Lifetime Network, you will find out yourself just how intriguing the shows and movie that air on the channel are. However, you need to opt for the right Optimum Cable packages to relish watching Lifetime.

Which Cable Packages Offer Lifetime Channel?

Optimum offers a total of eight cable TV packages. But you cannot access Lifetime channel on all of them. The packages that will allow you to subscribe to Lifetime include:

  • Optimum Premier
  • Optimum Core

And that’s pretty much about it. In case, you wish to watch the channel even when n the go, you should opt for Optimum Internet as well.

You can choose to add premium channels to your existing channel list for a subscription fee per month. This fee is separate from what you pay for the cable TV package. The company also gives you an option to add International programming to your existing channels as well.

The best part about subscribing to Optimum is the amazing Optimum Customer support service apart from the variety of channels that it offers. You would want to try the services offered by the company.

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