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What Channel is Lifetime on Spectrum Charter / TWC?

Lifetime on Spectrum Charter/TWC

Surfing the channels looking for one, in particular, is never easy. Unfortunately, that is something everyone is familiar with. Especially if you are looking for something like Lifetime.  Because Lifetime viewers know how good the programming is. This guide will help you find the channel number for Lifetime on Spectrum in your state.

Lifetime is one of the leading channels that promote women-centric programming. That is perhaps why it is so popular. It gives attention to what women prefer watching. Most of the programming includes women in lead roles as well. Most other channels do not target women specifically.

Where Can I Find Lifetime on Spectrum?

Sometimes channel numbers change, based on your location. But channel locations don’t affect the programming schedule. So you can watch your favorite shows at the same time as you always have. Unless you’re in a different time zone. Then you will need to recheck the showtimes accordingly.

You can use this Spectrum channel guide to find the channel number for Lifetime in your state.

Channel Name Atlanta, GE Dallas, TX Indianapolis, IN
Lifetime 27 51 29
Lifetime HD 1213
Lifetime Real Women 214
Lifetime Movie Network 761 213


If you can’t find your state in the table above, this is what you need to do to find Lifetime on Spectrum. Use the search engine of your choice. In the search bar, type in “Which Spectrum channel number shows Lifetime in Idaho”. You can replace the word ‘Idaho’ with your location. You can use a similar search to find other channels like AMC.

Why do Channel Numbers Differ?

The reason why different locations have different channel numbers is a little complicated. It started when cable was still something new. Back then, cable operators were local. They had a small radius of operation. These local cable companies cold set channel numbers as they liked.

When larger cable companies came around, they bought out these small cable operators. They could have unified the channel numbers then, but that would have caused chaos. All over the USA people wouldn’t know where to find their favorite channels.

The technology was still not as advanced as it is today. So customer support would have been a nightmare as well. So companies decided to leave channel numbers as they were. And instead, decided to group newer channels together. So now, you will find that the newer channels all share the same channel numbers, like newer pay per view channels.

This is not just an issue with HBO or Lifetime Movie Network on Charter Spectrum. This is an issue with all channels and all cable service providers.

About Lifetime

Lifetime launched in 1984. It was formed as a replacement for Daytime and the Cable Health Network. In the early years, the channel faced viewership issues. It suffered from low viewership because most people believed that the channel focused on religious content. In fact, it reported losing $36 million in its first two years.

By 1985 Lifetime tried to rebrand itself as Talk Television. And it shuffled its programming to include a lineup of talk shows. By 1988 Lifetime decided that things weren’t working as they should be. So they decided to hire Patricia Fili as the head of programming. She changed nearly 60 percent of Lifetime’s programming. That too, within the first three years of her tenure.

Patricia Fili is credited with turning the channel around. She influenced the channel’s programming to attract targeted women successfully.

A Little About Lifetime Movie Network on Charter Spectrum

Lifetime Movie Network on Charter Spectrum is one of the most popular channels. Like Lifetime, LMN offers programming that caters to women. Its programming lineup is full of made-for-television movies. Many of these movies are made especially for LMN. The network launched in 1998. But initially, it only reached 3 million subscribers.

Today it is one of the most popular channels on the air. Due largely to its unique programming. The channel is home to favorites like Family Pictures and Tempting Fate. You will likely not be able to find these movies on other channels like ACCN, Paramount.

What is Lifetime Real Women on Spectrum?

Lifetime Real Women on Spectrum is a complementary channel, to go with Lifetime. It launched in 2001. The channel was originally created to compete with WE TV and Oxygen TV. They too were targeted towards women. But unfortunately, weren’t as successful as Lifetime Real Women.

Lifetime Real Women programming includes game shows, reality shows, and how-to programming. The network is no longer available on satellite TV though. Since 2007, Lifetime Real Women on Spectrum has been one of the leading channels.

Most Popular Shows on Lifetime Right Now

Lifetime shows are what makes it such a popular choice. Its programming is unique and catchy. And most of all, it speaks to the modern woman.

  1. Bring It!

We all love to dance. But how many of actually can. Sure we can all move our bodies to a beat, but that’s not dancing. If you want to learn how to dance, watch Bring It!. Coach D teaches us how. In the new season, Coach D has allowed boys to enter the show. So the dynamics are completely different. You can’t afford to miss it!

  1. American Princess

Most of us have thought about running away and joining the Renaissance Faire. Well, maybe not. But Amanda Klein did just that. After a wedding mishap, she decides she needs a fresh start. What better place than the world of yesteryear? Watch as the Upper East Side socialite reevaluates everything that she knew.

  1. 24 to Life

24 to Life is one of the most captivating shows on television today. It follows 16 individuals as they go through the final 24 hours before heading to prison. These individuals were sentenced for non-violent crimes. The show shed light on the consequences of crime. And the devastation that incarceration has on loved ones.


The purpose of this blog was to help find Lifetime on Spectrum. There are other ways to finding the channel number for Lifetime. Rather than searching online, you can also contact Spectrum on their customer helpline. The customer support representatives will be able to help.

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