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How do You Make your WIFI Faster?

Is 100 Mbps fast

If you are a WIFI user and you face the recurrent and frustrating issue of weak signal strength, because of which you have unfinished online assignments and tasks on a frequent basis, we have some help to offer. Well, no one deserves to experience this persistent and frustrating issue of lag and fluctuations, especially when they pay a good chunk of their hard-earned money on the monthly Internet billings.

Following are a few easy and simple hacks to improve your signal strength and Internet speed.

1.   Place your WIFI Router at an accessible location

Place the WIFI router/modem at an easily approachable and accessible location so that the signals are scattered perfectly.

2.   Notice if Electronic devices are a hindrance

Do you know that certain common and frequently-used electronic devices in our households interfere essentially with your WIFI signals, thus reducing the signal strength? Some instances could be cellphones and smartphones, televisions, fans, Bluetooth devices, copy machines, treadmills, cordless phones, microwaves, wireless speakers, motion detector lights, wireless baby monitors, dimmer switches, and the list goes on.

If there is a case of experiencing recurrent weak signals, try turning off or unplugging these devices and equipment and hopefully your signal strength will clearly improve. Also, you can place your router to a safe distance of 5 to 10 feet in case if you have to use one of those electrical devices.

Try this, and your signal strength will definitely improve.

3.   Change your modem’s channel

If you live in a residential area that has a lot of apartments and buildings (which means there must be a number of WIFIs around and about), you may experience fluctuations and distortions in Internet speeds and you may not be able to receive the bandwidth that you are paying for. To have stronger signal strength, try relocating your router, and change your modem’s channel. This may resolve the issue. The most frequently used channel is 6, but most people don’t know that wireless networks can work on any channel from 1 to 11. Restart your system after changing the channel.

4.   Check for software glitches and updates

Check thoroughly if the software is installed properly or if the equipment (router) is outdated. This may be a reason for hindering your strong signal strength. Check for software glitches and Firmware upgrades, if required.

5.   Clear your cache

This is perhaps the most viral and common hack of all times. Simply clear your browser’s cache to achieve a better signal strength.


Generally, the higher and closer your router is located, the better the signal strength you will achieve. Try

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