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What Channel is MLB on Optimum?

MLB on

Have you heard the aphorism, “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball!” So, if you are truly American, chances are you are a die-hard baseball lover. Baseball is the favorite and national pastime for Americans. And when it comes to watching it, no other channel beats MLB! Like other cable TV providers, MLB on Optimum is aired in pristine HD quality for viewers to enjoy every moment!

As mentioned, this American sports TV channel is dedicated to the sports of baseball. A group of companies owns the said sports network. The studios and headquarters of the MLB are based in Secaucus, New Jersey. Tony Petitti was nominated as the first president of the network.

Watch Live Baseball with MLB on Optimum

A sports fan once said that if only they could broadcast a game, as a fan broadcasts! Well, Major League Baseball or MLB does that for you. It launched its 720p HD simulcast simultaneously with the regular channel. It has preferred 720p over the 1080p because the former shows the movement of the baseball more sharply and accurately. Only a pro takes care of such details. MLB is not like just another sports channel like ACCN.

In addition, to live baseball, you can watch the following in high-definition:

  • Scores.
  • Standings.
  • Stats.
  • Schedule.
  • News.
  • Original content and shows.
  • Remastered World Series films.

By the way, the slogan of the channel also says, “Our national pastime all the time!” Check out the Optimum channel guide for MLB below:

Channel Name Californa, Oregon, Texas,

Indiana, Florida

MLB Network 222
MLB Extra Innings 254


Just like football lovers follow NFL, baseball geeks follow MLB. You can thank us later for these channel numbers.

Watch MLB Extra Innings on Optimum in HD

As mentioned in the table above, you can watch MLB Extra innings too if you have subscribed to one of the Optimum Cable packages. The channel focuses on almost 80 out-of-market MLB games. It airs these games using local stations and regional sports networks every week.

MLB is like the ESPN of baseball! That said, we can safely claim that the channel airs some remarkable shows. The channel doesn’t just air sports. It also stays on top of the entertainment game by producing some high-quality shows. Some of the popular names are:

  • Hot Stove.
  • Quick Pitch.
  • MLB Network Showcase.
  • Baseball IQ.
  • Fox Major League Baseball.
  • Mets Classics.
  • Kiner’s Korner.
  • Yankees Classics.

Sure they don’t sound like ABC shows. But they are full of entertainment, discussions, and a lot more for a baseball fan to love. Let’s discuss some popular shows.

MLB Tonight

You may not find many shows on MLB Extra Innings on Optimum, but MLB has a lot of them. MLB Tonight is one of those great shows. It is the nightly baseball fix, the channel’s signature program, and provides complete coverage of all the sports aired on the channel. The show revolves around breaking news, live look-ins, highlights, and a lot more. You can miss the expert analysis from the former sportsmen Al Leiter, Eric Byrnes, Dan Plesac, Mike Lowell, and others.

The show has also won an Emmy.

Baseball Tonight

Another baseball-focused show. It is full of featured highlights of all the games, old and new. It gives comprehensive updates about ongoing games and events. The host, Karl Ravech, along with his panel of pro analysts make the show interesting. The analysts include reporters, managers, and former players. You don’t want to miss the breaking news and inside information.

International Talk

Sounds like a CBS show? It’s not. It is the first-ever talk show that was aired on the network. The show is all about discussions and banter makes it fun to watch. Kevin Millar and Chris Rose host the show and discuss what’s hot and what’s not in the world of baseball. The others associated with the game in the show discuss popular trends. The guests invited are from the world of pop culture and entertainment.

Getting your hands on one of the  Optimum bundles would be a good idea! Especially when you want to enjoy all these shows with your baseball-geek family!

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