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How to Mount a TV?

how to mount a

So have you finally bought that flat- screen TV that you always wished for? Or have you finally decided to go with the idea of mounting your TV? Whatever your reason to be here is, you would agree that it’s always convenient to mount a TV. You get some extra space at hand, hide wires and cables and most of all enjoy an ultimate viewing experience.

Doing it for the first time? No worries, this guide will walk you through the entire process of mounting a TV.

Things To Consider Before Mounting The TV

Before you move forward, there are some things you must take into consideration before mounting the TV such as:

Choose the location wisely

It’s not enough to install the TV at an aesthetically pleasing spot. In fact, it’s more important to install it at a location that’s comfortable for watching. The TV must be mounted at the eye level when you sit down. If it’s above the eye level, you will need a wall mount kit to tilt it and set the angle.

Many people like to mount their TV above the fireplace but professionals discourage this idea. Installing it above the fireplace can be difficult and it can expose your TV to heat.

It’s recommended to keep the TV closer to an outlet especially if you want to hide the wires and cables.

Pick the mount carefully

Before heading out to buy a mount, remember that no mount is perfect. Each one has its own set of pros and cons. They are especially recommended if you want to install the TV at the eye level and you want to keep it as flat as possible.

You can also pick tilt mounts. They are great for TVs that need a small amount of adjustment. The tilt function gives you the liberty to change the angle of the TV for a better view. Another benefit of these mounts is that they stick out from the wall a little bit as compared to flat mounts. So, if you have something to hide, you can hide it behind the panel.

Check the quality of the wall

You will have to anchor a few screws to the wall. That’s not all, the TV is supposed to go on the wall. That means you must evaluate the quality of the wall you are choosing to install the TV on. If it’s not sturdy enough, your TV will fall and this could turn out to be seriously expensive.

Step-By-Step Guide To Mount The TV

We understand that mounting the TV can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have broken down the process into the following steps:

Step 1: Read the directions

To save yourself from trouble later, it is recommended to first read the directions that came with your TV and the wall mount package. Try to understand the process of how to mount a TV.

Step 2: Remove the base

Most TVs have a pre-assembled base upon which they are supposed to stand. In that case, set a soft blanket and place the TV down on its screen side very gentle. Then, remove the base.

Step 3: Attach the mounting arms

All TVs have 4 mounting holes on their backs. Look for them. In some models, you might have to remove the plastic caps before proceeding. Now attach the mounting arms to the holes on the TV.  There should be a bolt in the kit. Use that to attach the arms. Don’t over tighten the bolts. You must be sure the mounting arms are at level.

Step 4: Locate the studs

We’ll assume that you have already determined the place to mount a TV. In that case, the next step is to use the stud finder for locating 2 studs in your wall which will support the unit. Be extra careful in finding the stud because the TV is going to be heavy and the drywall alone won’t be able to support its weight.

Step 5: Mark the stud

Mark the center of each stud with a pencil. You can also test with a small nail to be sure you are in the right place.

Step 6: Mark two more spots

Measure the distance between the top holes and bottom holes on the mounting arms. Now mark 2 spots in the middle of the studs. Use a level to ensure you have marked them evenly.

Step 7: Drill the holes

Now it’s time to drill the holes using a power drill.  Drill all 4 spots that you marked just recently.

Step 8: Attach the wall bracket

Now attach the bracket plate to the wall. Before you tighten the bolts, make sure the wall bracket is level. Make adjustments as necessary if the level is not appropriate.

Step 9: Connect the cable

Connect the cable to the TV before mounting it. In this way, you will have better access to the connection panels and you won’t have to call the cable providers in your area or reach out to Comcast customer support later on.

In the same step, take some time to determine how you will hide the wires. Once you have figured that out, lock the mounting arms into the bracket. You are going to need another hand here. Ask anyone around to help. This will make the installation easy.

Step 10: Mount the TV

You are now ready to mount a TV. Gently place it into position.

Step 11: Test the connections

Make sure all the connections are solid. The TV should not wobble. Here is a pro tip: If the TV is mounted correctly, you will be able to tug it without moving it.

Final Words

Once you have successfully mounted the TV, test the connections and turn it on. You can now program the remote to the TV. Always check the weight of the TV with the rated weight of the mount and hardware provided. When you are mounting the panel, ask yourself, would you risk sitting under it. If you can’t say yes to that after mounting your TV, then get professional help.

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