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What Channel is MSNBC on Spectrum?

MSNBC Channel on Spectrum

Not many people are a fan of news channels, but those who are love watching MSNBC. It’s a top news channel among moms and dads. MSNBC is available on Spectrum cable. While most news channels are brimming with political content, MSNBC has embraced sports, entertainment lifestyle, and some wacky news as well. To catch all the highlights, simply enter the MSNBC Channel on Spectrum via your remote to get amused.


MSNBC is owned by NBC Universal worldwide newsgroup. The channel covers NBC news as well as its own reporting and commentary on the current events. The channel, along with its website were founded in 1996 under a partnership between Microsoft and the NBC unit, hence the name. The two platforms have separate news operations and corporate structures.

In 2015, the network revised its programming. The mission was to sharpen the network’s news image. All the daytime programs which were based on opinionated news were replaced with generic news programs.

It was in 2017 when the network became the highest rated American cable news network. In 2018, the network removed the news ticker at the bottom of the screen for all programs to provide a better viewing experience to its viewers.

Catch MSNBC on Spectrum

For tuning in to all the juiciest news, you will need the MSNBC on Spectrum channel number, of course.

Check out the table below to find MSNBC’s channel number in your city or state:

Los Angeles

Culver City Central Florida
49 34


Best Shows on MSNBC

MSNBC has a lot of news content for you to watch. To narrow down your options, watch these shows and catch all the best content:

The Rachel Maddow Show

As the name implies, the show is hosted by Rachel Maddow. She has a unique approach to storytelling. The topics covered on her show are mostly about the current state of political affairs and how the leaders need to be transparent and accountable.

Explaining the complex world, Maddow does a great job connecting the dots to make sense of the complex issues. Apart from this in-depth reporting, she also conducts interviews with individuals centering the current news stories, offering the viewers perspective.

Morning Joe

The program is hosted by Willie Geist, Joe Scarborough, and Mika Brzezinski. It features in-depth discussions about the current political conversion. The show brings a variety of guests, such as top newsmakers, journalists, influencers, and others who represent a diverse set of opinions and voices. The purpose of the show is to offer keen analysis and insight around the big stories of the day. Morning Joe has covered presidential conventional as well as inaugurations.

The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

Lawrence O’Donnell, as we all know, was the former chief of staff on the SFC. He is an Emmy winning Executive Producer as well as writer of “The West Wing.” He examines and gives his opinion on the most impactful political stories of the day.

On his show, he invites a panel of guests, which include cultural voices to politicians, offering their unique perspective on the issue at hand. He has a signature style of hosting the show. He begins with highlights of the latest news and then presents his take on the political story.

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

If you are too much into political news and you would like some hardcore news, this show is for you. The host, Brian Williams, delivers the latest updates on the evolving news stories. He also covers political events. When he is reporting political events, you can always switch channels and tune in to some music on MTV.

The show invites a dynamic panel of guests, offering their forward-thinking perspective on critical stories. Starting your morning with this show would be a delight. You will get your hands on breaking news as they are occurring nationally as well as around the world.


It’s a daily live broadcast enlightening the audience with domestic as well as international news, plus weather reports. The show has segments like today’s kitchen, today’s money to target lifestyle issues. Its content is as unique as the Univision Network.


MSNBC Live covers news daily, even on the weekend. It’s an hour-long show covering breaking news. The show’s host is Thomas Roberts, who also presents analysis and interviews people on the news of the day.

The show also features in-depth reports for anchors and features stories. You will also receive a short weather forecast from the weather channel.


The more you dive into this network, the more interesting shows you will come across. To balance this out and not to indulge in the news all day, do tune in to other networks like NBCSN and lighten yourself up.

If you are unable to find MSNBC Channel on Spectrum in your region, call customer support for assistance.

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