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What Channel is MTV on DIRECTV?

MTV on Directv

When you think music entertainment, what comes to mind? We are pretty sure the first answer is MTV. The music channel has been a staple entertainment option in most American households. But with so many cable providers and tiers, it is hard to find MTV when you need it. Luckily, all AT&T plans come with channels like MTV on DIRECTV. Other than that, you get to enjoy up to 330+ channels depending on your package. Let’s explore where you can find MTV.


MTV is a popular favorite among teenagers and young adults. In many cases more popular than TNT There is a very good reason for this. MTV pioneered the music video scene in August 1981.

The first ever music video aired on the channel was Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles. MTV was also the first channel to introduce VJs or video jockeys. These were TV personalities selecting the music videos played to the audience.

The channel had the honor of airing videos from some of the greatest names in Rock ’n’ Roll history. These included Queen, Van Halen, Def Leppard, The Police, Phil Collins, and many more.

You can get MTV with every DIRECTV service package, including the base package which offers 155+ channels. However, MTV also has a number of sister channels that air within the United States.

The following table shows which channels are available on DIRECTV and what their channel positions are in the lineup:

Channel Name Channel Number 
MTV 331
MTV2 332
MTV Classic 336

You can also get many other popular favorites like Lifetime, TBS and NFL Network, depending on your DIRECTV bundle. However, in this blog, we focus primarily on MTV.


MTVH is not available in the US any longer. The acronyms stand for MTV Hive. MTVH was the networks online portal for music videos and editorial coverage. The portal replaced the original MTV Music website as the networks online mouthpiece. However, in 2013, the portal announced a shift to Twitter as @MTVArtists. The portal’s website has seen no updates since December 2013. You can’t get MTVH on DIRECTV.


MTVJ is the Japanese version of MTV, primarily broadcast in Japan. The MTVJ is owned by Viacom, the same company that owns MTV. You can’t find programming from MTVJ on DIRECTV. However, you can watch it using services like Sky PerfecTV 1 and 2 or IPTV using a Smart TV. The channel primarily features Japanese music videos, as well as classic rock and Korean music videos.


MTV2 originally started out as a sister free-to-air channel to MTV. The channel aired music videos and content without commercial breaks. This larger volume of music content earned it a lot of popularity with young adults. However, MTV began to shift its focus towards reality shows and documentaries in the early 2000s.

The same shift happened with MTV2 which now airs similar programming. The music video focus shifted towards other sister channels. You can find MTV2 on DIRECTV at channel position 332 – save it next to NBC channel in your list of favorites!


When it comes to celebrating Latino culture and music, it doesn’t get better than MTV3 or MTV Tr3s as it is now known. Avoid confusing MTV Tr3s (Latin American) with MTV3 which is primarily a Finnish broadcast channel. Unfortunately, you can’t find MTV Tr3s or if you want to call it MTV3 on DIRECTV.

Since 2010, the channel rebranded itself to simple Tres. But to be sure, do get in touch with AT&T to find out any alternatives.

Other Channels to Watch on DIRECTV

There are plenty of other entertainment options available on DIRECTV, if you don’t want just music videos. ABC on DIRECTV is one of the most popular American entertainment choices. The channel is available with all DIRECTV packages, including the base-level DIRECTV SELECT.

NBC is another solid entertainment option for young adults. It features a diverse selection of movies and TV shows catering to a younger audience. The exact channel position varies locally. Other than that, channels like CBS and PBS come with all DIRECTV packages.

Still Having Trouble Finding Channels

AT&T offers two of the best TV services in the country. U-verse TV and DIRECTV are both very good options for your entertainment needs. For more information on specific channel positions, don’t hesitate to call AT&T Wireless Customer Service. The provider’s dynamic support staff will be happy to answer all your queries related to both services.


Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 18th April-2019.

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