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What Channel is MTV on Spectrum?

mtv channel on spectrum

Who doesn’t fancy watching a channel that is all about H-Town news, latest song releases, and everything music! If you are a die-hard fan of music you would know about MTV on Spectrum. The chances are that you spend more time watching this entertaining channel than others. Entertaining the audiences since 1981, the channel is one of its kind and there hasn’t been any like it to date.

About MTV on Spectrum

You might think that Googling about the latest releases and the most recent news regarding the world of music is sufficient. However, the channel not only gives you news but it is a whole vibe. Just imagine a song from the 2000s playing on your screen out of nowhere and giving you all the feels. There, at that moment, you will be nostalgic and elated at the same time.

Also, you may have access to all the gossip and news online, but hearing it from an anchor is different. MTV channel on Spectrum will keep you excited and intrigued as you hear the various hosts on shows spicing up the whole gossip or announcing the release of a new album. You wouldn’t be able to resist subscribing to this channel to add loads of entertainment in your life.

What Channel is MTV on Spectrum?

If you are a subscriber of Spectrum’s Cable services, you would know that not every channel number for a stated channel is the same in every state or city. However, to make things easy for you, here is a channel lineup table. It will help you tune into MTV with ease in your state.

Florida California New York Ohio
MTV 73 67 20


Shows Worth Watching

To be honest, there isn’t a single show that you would want to skip watching. However, here is a list of some of them that you should NOT miss at any cost.

Catfish: The TV Show

Premiering in 2012, Catfish: The TV Show is a reality show that has been entertaining the audiences since the time it released. You can call it a documentary that highlights the truths about online dating. Through the show, individuals can learn about the truths and the lies that people speak on these online dating platforms. And how the activity can prove to be dangerous in some cases.

For those of you thinking that the name sounds familiar, the show is based on a movie released in 2010 – Catfish. You can watch it on HBO or any of the streaming services if you haven’t already. The co-hosts for the show are Kamie Crawford and Nev Shulman. If you wish to make yourself more aware of what happens in the online dating world, then you should watch this show, for sure.

The Challenge: Total Madness

This is what the 35th season of the show gets called. The name of the show is ‘The Challenge’. But every season gets a unique name that gets added after the original. You can think of it as a reality show like Big Brother. However, you will find alumni from Big Brother participating in this show to win the huge $1 Million cash prize as well. So, if you like drama in your life (loads of it), then you should tune into this show.

True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories

Perhaps one of the most interesting watches on MTV on Spectrum Cable is True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories. Because almost everyone can relate to the show. Currently, in its 21st season, this documentary reality show aims to highlight some events from the real world. Thus, there is a different topic and theme for every season. Some of the prominent topics that the show covered in the past seasons include drug use, sexual topics, and money issues.

The fact that it won an Emmy Award among others speaks volumes about how interesting the show is. You should watch it if topics like the ones mentioned intrigue you. Or you can even watch similar movies on ShowTime.

Packages Offering MTV

You must be excited by now to subscribe to MTV and watch all the interesting shows. You have the option to either subscribe to the Spectrum Silver package or Gold package that the provider offers. Both of them include MTV. However, the former features the classic version of MTV, not the other one.

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