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What Channel is National Geographic on Optimum?

National Geographic on Optimum

As kids and even as adults we all love to tune into the National Geographic Channel to watch the animals in some live action. It is always satisfying and pleasing to see these animals enjoying their natural habitats. National Geographic on Optimum allows all the animal lovers to watch some intriguing documentaries and learn some interesting facts regarding the animals.

But there’s more to the channel.

National Geographic on Optimum- More than Just Animal News

Many of us believe that the National Geographic Channel is all about animals and the way they survive, live or behave. However, what most of us do not know that apart from animals, there are documentaries and shows hosted and based on human beings as well.

The various categories that you will find the shows on include animals, culture and history, environment, travel and science and innovation. The following table with Optimum Channel guide will make it easy for you to find the channel number in your state.

Channel Name New York, Massachusetts, Florida, California
National Geographic 162

Top Shows to Enjoy

Moving on, some of the most amazing shows that you will enjoy on National Geographic on Optimum include:

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

This show is National Geographic’s original production. It features the prominent chef Gordon Ramsay. The interesting part about the show is not Ramsay himself, but his journey to isolated places on Earth in search of a unique culinary experience. In his show, Ramsay travels to six destinations and indulges in some adventures apart from experiencing the culture of those places.

You will not find this show on HBO or any other channel. Other interesting shows on the channel include:

Apollo: Missions to the Moon

This rather intriguing show is a film and an audio recount that narrates the events of the key moments in NASA’s Apollo space program. During the show, you will also learn a great deal about how America’s goal was to land on the moon before 1970.

You won’t find reality shows like these on Showtime or CBS. In case, you are an animal lover, here is a list of some of the most entertaining shows for you.

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

This reality show brings to the audience a rather interesting competition between the fishermen.  The fishermen hunt for what probably is the ocean’s most lucrative prey- tuna. It is a competition between the North bank vs. the South bank fishermen. The exciting, as well as the scary part, is that the sea can be very rough in the south region. And the weather is pretty unpredictable as well.

What makes the show more interesting is that Bluefin Tuna can cost up to $ 20k. And it is fun to see the rivalries that rise amongst fishermen that arise during the show.

Secrets of the Zoo

This reality show takes you through the lives and struggles of vets and animal caretakers at the Columbus Zoo. This zoo handles almost 6k veterinary cases and over a hundred births each year. It is very interesting to watch how various animals give birth. And how do vets give new life to the animals who get sick or hurt?

However, if you are not into reality shows and wish to live in your fairy tale world with those fiction movies and shows, then you can tune into channels like TNT. Optimum offers a variety of channels.

What More You Get

You should be familiar with just the right bundles or packages so that you can subscribe to National Geographic on Optimum and other channels. In case, you are not yet familiar with all that the company offers, here’s your comprehensive guide. It will help you to choose the one that is best for you.

The Optimum TV packages that you can choose from include:

  • Gold
  • Premier
  • Silver
  • Preferred
  • Select
  • Value
  • Core
  • en Espanol

However, not all Optimum Bundles offer the National Geographic Channel. You will only find the channel as a part of the Optimum Value package. And if you wish to enjoy the channels that you subscribe to as a part of your package even when on the go, then you should opt for Optimum 400 or any other Internet package that suits you. It will make for an amazing TV watching experience.

In case, you need to learn more about what channels are offered as a part of a package or what deals can you subscribe to, you can always contact Optimum Customer Support number. You will find the reps friendly, helpful and efficient.

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