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What Channel is NBC on AT&T U-verse?

what channel is NBC on AT&T U-verse

NBC is no doubt one of those channels that’s full of entertainment. Currently, some great shows are airing on the channel with all new episodes that you should be watching. These shows are action packed with dramas. And of course, how can we forget the comedy shows that can lighten just about anyone’s mood. NBC has something for everyone. Don’t want to watch a TV show? No worries, NBC Sports Network on U-verse will still keep you entertained.

NBC on AT&T U-verse – Say Hello to Entertainment

NCB acronym for National Broadcasting Company started in 1926. It’s one of the oldest major broadcast networks in the US. It’s headquartered in NYC and its major offices are spread in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

If you have subscribed to AT&T U-verse, you can readily access NBC along with NBC Universo, NBC News, and NBC Sports. Those who are a fan of ESPN, shouldn’t really hesitate to explore NBC.

Planning to watch NCB? Here’s its AT&T U-verse Channel lineup:

Channel Name Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Missouri, Oklahoma
NBC Universo 3009
NBC Universo – West 3010
NBC Sports Network 640
NBC Sports Network HD 1640


NBC Sports Network on U-Verse – Catch all Sports under One Roof

NBC Sports is every sports lover’s delight. This dedicated national sports cable channel (formerly operating as NBC news) broadcasts an array of sports events. You can watch NFL, premier league, NASCAR, Olympic Games, Notre Dame Football, Golf, MLB, NHL, NBA and so much more. While you can’t get enough of NBC on AT&T U-verse itself, NBC Sports will keep you double entertainment.

Don’t think you would be interested in sports? No problem, channels like ABC are home to some decent entertainment as well.

NBC Universal on U-Verse – Best Shows to Catch Right Now

Tired of watching NBC Sports Network on AT&T? NBC Universal has got you covered. It has broadcasted some of the most entertaining shows ever since its inception. Law and Order, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks, and Recreation are the names that have made history. Let’s not forget the classic such as Cheers, Miami Vice, and The Seinfeld Show.

Fans in different location grew up watching these shows with NBC. Here are 5 shows that are trending on NBC right now:

This Is Us

You might want to keep a box of tissue while watching This Is Us. This American-comedy drama TV series is about the lives and families of two parents and their 3 children. These 3 kids same the same birthday as their father. The show walks you through different time frames to highlight emotional events in the lives of the characters.

The Good Place

It’s one of the most lovable sitcoms of all time. Watching The Good Place, you will feel as if you are going on an adventure. It’s more of a fantasy TV series focusing on the life of Eleanor Shellstrop who walks up in the afterlife. The Good Place is a heaven-like place that is a reward for the Shellstrop. But down the road, she realizes that she has been sent there by mistake. She struggles and hides her morally not-so-perfect behavior while trying to become a better person.


Superstore is a sitcom about employees working at the Big Box store in St. Louis. It is one hilarious series with an excellent cast. The cast is even better than that of the shows on CBS. Over the years, the series has grown tremendously. The ‘will they or won’t they’ relationship between the cast members is romantic as well as funny.

Law and Order

Law and Order is another must-watch show on NBC Universal on U-verse. Of course, you must be a fan of crime and drama to see it. The show is all about legal, political and personal dilemmas people can relate to.


Blindspot is also crime drama series. It stars Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander. It’s about a tattooed woman who is found naked in a travel bag. She doesn’t have any memory of her identity or her past and that makes the series more interesting.

Don’t want to miss on all this fun, right? Then what are you waiting for? Call AT&T UVerse Customer Service to inquire about their bundles. As soon as your service is active, start binge-watching your weekends away!


Channel number can be distinctive for your relegated zone. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed May-2019.

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