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What Channel is NBC On Comcast Xfinity?

NBC on Comcast Xfinity

For all the entertainment lovers out there, NBC is the channel for you. You can watch an array of blockbuster movies and highly-anticipated reality TV shows. You can also watch sports and tons of other entertainment content. Who wouldn’t want to catch the happening episodes of America’s Got Talent, House, and The Titan Games! NBC broadcasts content from all popular entertainment genres. If you are a subscriber, read on to find more details about NBC on Comcast.

A Word about NBC

NBC (The National Broadcasting Company) is an English-language, American TV network. It is a terrestrial network and is a flagship property of the NBC Universal. Founded in 1926, it is one of the oldest networks.

It is one of the three biggest TV networks in the United States. NBC is also referred to as ‘Peacock Network’. That’s in reference to its logo. NBC is a huge network with ownership of thirteen stations. It has almost 200 affiliates in the United States.

The group is famous for airing popular entertainment content. And some of the shows have been massive blockbusters. America’s Got Talent and Ellen DeGeneres Show are a couple of instances.

About Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity is perhaps the biggest Internet and Cable TV provider across the globe. It offers a fine, clutter-free, and a comprehensive channel lineup. The company has earned a name in providing quality digital services in the United States.

It covers all the major entertainment genres. It offers top-notch internet packages with elite features. And cable TV packages with a detailed selection of channels and smooth broadcast. Currently, it is providing its services to more than 22 million people. That’s in America alone. Xfinity is also popular for giving its prestigious customers an opportunity to pick from a good number of customizable packages.

They can choose according to their entertainment needs and preferences. You get to watch something of your choice without much hassle. After all, who wants to end up doing aimless browsing all day.

NBC Channel Guide on Xfinity

NBC channels are aired by almost every cable provider across the United States. The channels are popular due to quality content. If you are an Xfinity Basic Cable subscriber, the following is your guide to the popular NBC channels. This guide is exclusively for the United States. Watch your preferred content with pristine picture quality and uninterrupted broadcast.

NBC on Xfinity Lowell, MA Cambridge, MA Somerville, MA New York
NBC Sports Network 65 824 26
NBC Universal 705
NBC on Comcast 7 807 807 1004
NBC Sports Network HD 835 1607

NBC on Comcast

If you are a subscriber, you’re lucky to watch all the amazing NBC content in HD picture quality. If you consider your favorite shows as an opportunity to sit together with the family, then there’s some good news. NBC airs lots of quality family content. Some instances are as follows:

  • Ellen’s Game of Games
  • The Good Place
  • Good Girls
  • Days of Our Lives
  • Elvis All-Star Tribute

There are tons of other titles to choose from. Make your family time quality time with one of NBC’s shows and a bowl of your favorite snack.

NBC Sports Network on Xfinity

For all the Sports enthusiasts, here is some good news for you. Now you won’t have to miss a single moment of your favorite sports with NBC Sports Network on Xfinity. Catch the action-packed thrill in HD picture quality. And watch your favorite games without a pause. Catch all the famous sports events. You get to watch:

  • Premier League
  • European Championship
  • NFL
  • Figure Skating
  • NBA

Get the live broadcast of every Sports event across the globe. You get to watch live sports, recordings, and overviews by sports experts.

NBC Universal – A Household Name

It is the official name of the entertainment group that owns all the NBC channels. It is one of the leading entertainment companies in production, development, and marketing the entertainment, news, and informative content globally. The company features significant TV production operations and a premier motion picture firm. It also boasts of a popular news and entertainment portfolio. NBC Universal is actually a subsidiary.

Get in touch with Xfinity Customer Support and get detailed info on all the NBC channels. They will tell you about the ones available in your area. You can also watch CNBC that is an Indian licensed NBC channel. The customer support representatives will enlighten you about every bit of information that you may need.

Don’t forget to watch Susan Boyle’s entry in America’s Got Talent. She is back with her mesmerizing voice after she ended up being a runner up in Britain’s Got Talent!


Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 23rd Jan-2019.

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