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What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV?

NBC on Spectrum

Netflix or Amazon Prime? Which one do you rely on for your entertainment? Individuals are torn between the two. While many say that Netflix is the ultimate entertainment hub, others debate that Amazon Prime offers a greater variety of shows. And if you ask the Generation X, they’ll tell you how they enjoy watching NBC on DIRECTV or CBS on DIRECTV. Well, they are not wrong to choose the channels that they get access to on Cable TV. Because that generation is more comfortable living it the old way.

Talking of NBC, you too can try watching it with your parents someday. If you like  ABC on DIRECTV, you will love it.

NBC on DIRECTV- Why You’ll Love It?

NBC is a great channel to satisfy your appetite for all the entertainment that you crave. From hit shows to classic movies, you will get it all. Depending on your mood, you can watch anything that you please. The channel offers shows and movies that cater to all moods. You’d be surprised to know if I share the list of some of the hit shows that the channel airs. The list includes:

  • The Blacklist
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • The Good Place
  • This is Us
  • Will & Grace

Not only this, but you will also relish watching some of the most musical reality shows including The Voice and World of Dance. Apart from that, you can also tune into some of the best talk shows including The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers. These shows in themselves are a complete entertainment package. Because the hosts not just talk but engage the audience in a rather fun way when they converse with their guests. However, if you are not all into shows and movies but rather enjoy a good ol’ football match, the NBC Network has got you covered. You can cheer for your favorite team while you sit in your couch with the NBC Sports Network on DIRECTV. Turning your living room into a stadium is no longer an issue. Enjoy the live action and thrill with this channel. You can also choose to entertain yourself with other options like FOX on DIRECTV

NBC Channel Lineup on Multiple states:

In case you are wondering, here’s where you will find all of NBC Network’s channels on DIRECTV.

Channel Names Boston, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia
NBC Sports Network 220
NBC Universo 410

NBC Sports Network on DIRECTV- For All the Sports Fanatics!

If you underestimated the NBC Sports channel, you are in for a surprise. You’d regret not subscribing to it before. Because the channel offers you an array of sports to choose from. Being a sports fanatic does not mean that you enjoy every sport that exists in this world. Some people enjoy watching golf while others find it boring. Similarly, some individuals go crazy when their favorite soccer team steps on the ground. True fans take the win or the loss of their favorite teams very seriously. So, if you fancy sports but can’t make it to the stadium for every match, you can turn your room or living room into a stadium. You can relish watching NFL, NHL, Soccer, and Golf on these channels. Cheer for your favorite team. Invite your friend over and celebrate the victory of your beloved team (in case it wins).

There is more to the package. The NBC Network doe not only cater to the sport or movie lovers. But keeps in mind the people from various backgrounds. The NBC Universo on DIRECTV will give you access to the Hispanic culture. The channel is owned by the network and is aimed at entertaining the Hispanics. So, if you have an interest in Spanish shows and movies, if you fancy that culture, you can tune into this channel.

NBC Universo on DIRECTV- Do As the Hispanics Do

This channel offers all. From sports to originally scripted drama series to reality shows, the channel is a mini world in its own. You can relish watching reality shows that revolve around the Hispanics celebrities. You can learn a great deal about their culture from the music videos and other shows that feature on the channel. These shows introduce you to the Hispanic culture. Which, by the way, is an interesting thing in itself.

So, you see the NBC Network offers rather interesting and fun channels to subscribe to. But this should not fool you into thinking that DIRECTV’s only entertaining offer is the NBC Network. You even get access to some of the other prime networks including ESPN on DIRECTV

All you need to know is the right package that you should opt for. You may have to visit the website or call at AT&T Customer Service center to ask for assistance regarding the various packages that the company offers. Once done, you should familiarize yourself regarding how to program DIRECTV remote. Because you will get the remote as a part of your cable subscription. And if you are familiar with all the features that it has to offer, it will be easy for you to skip the unwanted channels and jump directly to the option that you want to watch.


Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 23rd Jan-2019.

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