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What Exactly is Net Neutrality & Latest Updates

Net Neutrality

For those who are new to this concept, Net neutrality or Open Internet is actually the principle that Governs and regulates Internet Service Providers. It implies that the Internet should and must treat every piece of data and all traffic on the Internet networks, equally. This means that Internet Providers should provide consumers with access to all sorts of legal content, multimedia or applications on an equal basis, without any bias or favoritism for different sources. Again, this implies that no discrimination can be practiced against any source and no one is to be treated differently by, content, user, website, application, platform, method of communication or type of attached equipment.

Latest Updates on Net Neutrality Bill

We have experienced bitter partisanship in the year 2017, but still, we are glad to see that dominant parties are finally putting their differences aside for certain important and neglected issues, at least before the year end. We are talking about the current opposition about something that is quite unpopular and plainly harmful; the issue of net neutrality. A bunch of Republicans have joined hands to delay FCC from the voting that is to be conducted to eliminate the net neutrality, or to mutually aid for a legislation that helps in establishing this principle permanently.
We all are aware of the fact that new net neutrality act (Save Net Neutrality Act H.R. 4585) was presented last week in the House Committee. This symbolic gesture had a huge impact on the Republicans, because Sean Maloney (D-NY) is now bound to find a way to bring it to light and get it passed by the Senate and eventually signed by President Trump and all this to be done before the FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) voting on Thursday. For any legislation for that matter, this is for sure a quick timeline. Also, this is to be kept in consideration that Republicans have openly and publicly supported revoking net neutrality protections, and it is evident that GOP essentially controls White House and Congress.

The pressure is mounting though, by the public and it seems that Congress is not going to take any action, so actually, it is all about Sean Patrick Maloney, and whatever he can do before the voting.

Senator John Thune on Net neutrality

Senator John Thune has asked all the supporters of net neutrality on ‘both sides’ to join and aid him for a legislative solution. Thune said,

“Congressional action is the only way to solve the endless back and forth on net neutrality rules that we’ve seen over the past several years. If my colleagues on the other side of the aisle and those who claim to support net neutrality rules want to enshrine protections for consumers with the backing of the law, I call on you today to join me in discussing legislation that would do just that.”

With all this going on, we all are eagerly and totally looking forward to the official opposition by D.C. to FCC’s potential plan to eradicate net neutrality.
And most importantly the outcome and results of this voting.

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