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How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Cox?

netflix not working on cox fixed

When it comes to streaming services, Netflix is a hot favorite of many people across the world. After all, you can find a plethora of interesting content on this platform. A lot of people rely on Netflix to rescue them from boredom. It has become the ultimate gateway for entertainment. Cox realizes this. And so, apart from offering a mini box service, the provider has made it possible for users to stream Netflix on Cox.

However, sometimes people face different issues while trying to access the platform. And this is what frustrates them the most. But there is nothing to worry about! This article is going to discuss some ways that will help you stream Netflix without any hassles.

How to Help You Make Netflix Work on Cox?

Although Cox TV equipment which includes DVR and 4K & HD-TV Receivers make it really fun to watch television, there is no denying that Netflix has its own charm. People need to get on the platform to binge-watch their favorite series with their friends and family. And when they are unable to use Netflix, they get mad. So, keeping that in mind, here are six ways that will help you fix Netflix not working on Cox.

#1. Check the Plan You have Subscribed

If you want to use Netflix on Cox, you will have to be subscribed to the right plan. Now, you must be wondering which plan is the right one out of the three that the service offers. Well, it is the premium one! The reason why you should opt for that is that it will make all the TV shows and films appear on the menus. Also, this plan supports 4K which you will need to stream seamlessly on your provider’s system. Besides subscribing to the right deal, you must also make sure that you are connected to the internet. And do check if you are getting a decent connection speed otherwise Netflix will stutter which will ruin your viewing experience.  

#2. Restart Your Internet Connection

Once you have checked the internet connection and it is not working right, then it is recommended that you restart your router. This will resolve any ping-related issue. Also, you will not experience any lag when using Netflix.

If in case you are receiving slow speeds, then naturally, you may think that the provider is purposefully doing it due to a billing dispute or something similar but this might not always be the case. Your provider will let you know if they suspend your service or introduce some changes. Therefore, it is highly likely that the connection issue that you are facing is because of some minor router problem that can be gotten rid of by restarting the internet. Moreover, keep in mind that a bad internet connection will not let you watch the cable digital channels.

#3. Be Mindful of the Number of Devices Connected to Netflix

Netflix’s premium package requires four users to use the platform at the same time. However, if more users are on the platform at the same time, then you will not be able to enjoy the service. So, if in case you have shared your Netflix password with someone then ask them to stop using the platform. This way, there will be fewer devices connected. And when this happens, you will easily be able to stream the content without any problems.

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#4. Refresh Your Wi-Fi System

Your Cox internet can sometimes suffer from a small hiccup. And though it may be fine in most cases considering the connection will be live again, Netflix will instantly detect if even the slightest of this issue comes up. And before you know it, the platform will alert you by giving an error that will state that your internet is not working. There is a possibility that this message will disappear shortly after appearing and when it does, you can continue to watch the content. However, if the problem doesn’t go away then try refreshing your Wi-Fi system. This will hopefully fix the issue for good.

#5. Reset Netflix on Cox

It is pretty normal for apps to malfunction. And when they do then no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get them to function. So, with that said, if your Netflix app is having launching issues, then you can resolve this problem in minutes and get it to working again. Here is how you can fix the issue:

  • Hold your Cox Voice Remote and press the A button.
  • Hit “Troubleshooting Help”
  • Now, move across the row and find the “Restart” option.
  • A confirmation window will pop up. Hit “Restart” again.

You can now try opening the Netflix app and it should work just fine. However, if you are menu option is not working then try reaching out to your provider’s customer service. They will fix the Cox cable settings menu for you.

#6. Restart the Cable Receiver

In addition to the internet, the functionality of Netflix will also depend on the provider’s receiver. The reason? Well, simply because the platform is directly integrated into it. So, if Netflix is not working then there might be something wrong with Contour. The device may be having a technical issue. Therefore, consider restarting the receiver for the Contour TV apps to work normally. You can also restart the receive manually by unplugging the device from the power outlet. However, when you do that, then do remember to wait for a couple of minutes before you plug it back in again.

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And there you have it! These are six of the ways that can help you watch Netflix on Cox. However, if none of the above-mentioned ways work then try contacting your provider. They will be able to help you out!

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