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What Channel is NFL Network on Comcast Xfinity?

nfl network on comcast xfinity

When it comes to the entertainment genres on TV, sports is perhaps the most-watched one! Most people have a favorite sport and they follow it to the extent that they don’t want to miss out on a single event. They also don’t want to miss sports reviews, news, and the dynamic rivalry between famous celeb players. NFL Network on Comcast has it all for you! Tag along for some important info on the channel, its content, and everything else.

NFL Network on Comcast – American’s Favorite Sports

NFL Network is a sports-oriented American channel, available on satellite as well as cable TV networks. It is a main part of the NFL Media and is owned by NFL (National Football League). NFL Media also owns NFL Films, NFL Now,, NFL Mobile, and NFL RedZone. The channel is mainly dedicated to American football. When it comes to football, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the channel is no less than ESPN. The channel features telecasts from NFL and NFL-related other content. It includes sports analysis programs, documentaries, and specials. When it comes to football, NFL Network is the HBO of sports!

The headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. According to a survey, around 71,867,000 American households have access to NFL Network! That makes around 61.7% of the total American households. Check out the Xfinity Channel lineup for NFL Network:

City/State SD – NFL Network SD – NFL Red Zone NFL Network (HD) NFL Red Zone (HD)
Royal Oak South, Michigan 180, 736 741 181, 1705 182, 1706
Houston, Texas 113 130 600 714
Somerville, Massachusetts 265, 715 287 853 899
Beekman, Carmel, Brewster, Kent, Pawling, Patterson, Somers, Putnam Valley, Town of Carmel, Southeast, and Town of Pawling, New York 122 269 1705 1706

Why is Comcast Xfinity the Safest Choice?

Do you know that Xfinity is the largest cable TV provider in the world? Surprised? Well, it is. And amongst the top reasons is its coverage of all popular entertainment genres. Xfinity TV brings everything to the table. Whether you are a die-hard follower of reality TV shows, or you dig blockbuster movies, or you are a baseball enthusiast, Xfinity has got it all for you. Xfinity brings you:

    • Entertainment-rich channel lineup from most-watched entertainment genres.
    • It has a massive service coverage area.
    • Variety of customizable package options such as Xfinity Triple Play deals and others.
    • Lucrative features like On-Demand content, DVR, and others.
    • The billing schedules are quite economical considering the quality and features it offers.
    • You get to watch popular and premium channels in HD quality. From Showtime on Xfinity, which is a premium channel, to channels like CBS, you get it all!

So, explore the elite packages and incredible features.

The Incredible Content on NFL Network

The slogan of the channel says “Together We Make Football”! And this is what the channel revolves around. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, NFL Network airs insight and information right from the football field. It covers info about league offices and team headquarters. Launched in 2003, the network has come a long way. Today, it is the most-watched channel by football enthusiasts. Just like CW on Xfinity is one of the most-watched channels for shows, NFL Network is a must-have for football lovers!

Shows to Catch on NFL

If you have NFL Network on Comcast, know that it doesn’t only air the live football tournaments, it also has a lot to offer. From game reviews to documentaries, enjoy full of entertainment shows on the channel. They will be refreshing as well as entertaining. And when we say “shows”, they don’t mean shows like the ones you see on Lifetime. These are more like documentaries and reviews. Catch these amazing titles on NFL Network:

  • NFL Total Access
  • NFL Up to the Minute
  • Good Morning Football
  • A Football Life
  • NFL Gameday
  • NFL Fantasy Live
  • Top 100 Players of 2019
  • NFL Players Only
  • The Timeline
  • NFL Replay: Game of the Week

These are just a few names. Explore the list of these entertainment-rich channels and say goodbye to boredom. Dial Xfinity customer service number today and get a subscription to enjoy these football sessions in pristine picture quality.


Channel number can be distinctive for your relegated zone. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed May-2019.

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