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What Channel is NFL Network on Cox?

A weekend without watching the NFL is almost unimaginable for the die-hard fans of the sport. 37 percent of Americans identify the NFL as their favorite, and in some cases only, the sport of choice. In 2019, 104 million Americans followed the Super Bowl on NFL Network on Cox cable providers. That is the highest following any sport enjoys in the country!

If you share the NFL fever, your day won’t be complete without a roundup of the NFL channels. So, to help you get your daily fix, here are the channels you can watch the NFL Network on.

Kick-Off with NFL Network on Cox

The National Football League (NFL) is the oldest American sports league today. Formed in 1920, it remains the most popular sports league in the nation. Back in 2013, the NFL had the highest average attendance for any sports league in the world.

The NFL does more than just maintain the league, though. It manages the NFL Network as well. The NFL Network on Cox offers complete coverage of everything-NFL all day, every day. It is the only network with exclusive coverage of all NFL games, news, talk shows, and specials. It is even the go-to destination for fans to watch Football related movies and documentaries.

If you are a subscriber of Cox cable packages in Nevada, Louisiana, or Arizona, you will be able to find the NFL Network on these channels:

Channel Name Las Vegas Baton Rouge Area Phoenix
NFL Network




NFL Network HD 




NFL RedZone 




NFL RedZone HD 





The NFL Network is available on these channels. For Cox subscribers of different packages, the channel numbers are specified accordingly. Cox also offers NFL RedZone and RedZone HD as an optional pay per view channels. These channel numbers are separate from the regular ones that come in the Cox channel packs.

So, you don’t have to pay for additional channels, just to stay current on your favorite team.

Is the NFL Network Subscription Worth the Cost?

So now you must be wondering how much is NFL network on Cox?

For the nominal additional subscription fees, you get access to the NFL Network, NFL Network HD, NFL RedZone, and NFL RedZone HD.

Between them, the channels broadcast more than 26 regular shows and more than 11 specials. These are in addition to games and other broadcasts. That means you get countless hours of NFL programming to enjoy.

Cox bundle deals are extremely customizable and offer plans you can tailor-make to your preference. For the NFL Network on Cox, Contour TV package is the best choice. If you opt for this package, you can get access to the NFL Network for a small additional fee per month.

Since Cox TV packages differ based on location. The best way to find packages in your area is to type ‘Cox customer service number’, and call for support. That way you can always stay updated with your favorite NFL team.

What Can I Watch on the NFL Network?

Once you’re through those pearly white gates of NFL heaven, what can you expect to watch? And more importantly, does Cox have the NFL ticket? The straight answer to that question is, no.

You may not get to have that but you will definitely get access to all the action. Except for the NFL Sunday Ticket, the NFL Network on Cox makes sure you never miss a game. Additionally, the network gives you deep insight into the world behind the game.

NFL programming includes shows like:

NFL Up to the Minute: –

The only 24-hour newsroom dedicated to the NFL. The show offers breaking news, injury updates, and inside access from NFL reporters across the country.

Good Morning Football: One of the most captivating morning show on the network. Every weekday at 7, get your daily narrative for the NFL. The show gives insights and acts as a source of information for all sports media.

NFL Total Access: Every weeknight hosts Lindsay Rhodes and Scott Hanson, get the inside scoop on all the NFL teams. From live reports to insider secrets, the duo shares their analysis on the happenings in the world of NFL.

The NFL Network is your insight into the world of Football. To know more about the NFL Network or to subscribe to it, you can contact Cox customer support. You can use either the online portals to get in touch or contact the helpline on . There is no need to delay. Stay updated on your favorite players and games today.

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, we have made all the required efforts towards obtaining owner/publisher approval for the use of images in VISIONECLICK.COM blog posts. However, if you find violations of any sorts regarding any image, please feel free to contact us. Prices and packages mentioned may vary with time and the specific locations.

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