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What Channel is NFL Network on Spectrum Charter / TWC?

NFL Network Channel

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Are you a fan of football? Do you always want to keep yourself updated with the latest gaming events and news? If it all sounds familiar, you would never want to take your eyes off the NFL Network. If you already have one of the cable bundles by Spectrum, tune in to NFL network right now and enter into the heaven of sports entertainment.

NFL Network on Spectrum – Dive Into a Sports Adventure

NFL Network is an American sports-based cable and satellite TV network. It is owned by the National Football League itself. It’s dedicated to American football. You will see game telecasts from the NFL and other NFL related content such as documentaries and specials. Whenever you feel like watching something other than drama series on HBO or Showtime, you can watch NFL Network.

Fans in different regions grew up watching NFL Network on different channels but their all-time favorite shows have been almost the same. Some popular shows of the network include:

  • Thursday Night Football: The show broadcasts primetime NFL games produced by CBS Sports and NFL Network itself.
  • America’s Game: The Super Bowl Champions: It’s an annual documentary series with 46 installments profile. It’s about the first 46 winning teams of NFL’s annual Super Bowl Championship.
  • NFL Total Access: It’s a TV news program that also broadcasts on Sky Sports in the UK.
  • Path to Draft: It’s a TV show that runs episodes on the analysis of NFL Draft.

Can’t wait to get all the football highlights? Tune into NFL Network now. The Select channel list below should make it easier:

Channel Name Ohio, Florida LA, California
NFL Network 101 310
NFL RedZone 826 311

NFL RedZone on Charter – Watch the Most Interesting Plays Live

Want more? NFL Network on Spectrum is not the only channel that’s about National Football League. NFL RedZone might be something you would like. This American sports TV channel is owned and operated by the NFL network. The name “RedZone” was derived from the football term red zone.

It’s a part of the football field between a 20-yard line and the goal line. The channel brings you the best of the game day action during a particular NFL match. It is a live broadcast for Sunday afternoon games. Whenever you feel like you need a break from football, then you have more choice in sports on the Charter. You can watch more sports on SECN.

Spectrum TV Bundles – What choice do I have?

Tired of all the options on AMC? With your Spectrum cable TV subscription, you can readily watch NFL N or NFL RedZone on Charter. Here are some of the bundles to choose from:

  • Spectrum TV: You will get access to 200 HD channels, on-demand choices, and take TV everywhere. The price of this plan starts at $44.99/month.
  • Triple Play: It covers TV, Internet, and phone. You will get access to 125+ channels with free HD, 100 Mbps download speed, unlimited local and long-distance calling, and access to some of your favorite networks like NBC, CNN, Discovery, ESPN, MTV, etc. The price of the plan starts at $99.97/month.
  • Silver Triple Play: By just paying $25 more, you will get all the above features along with access to 175+ channels. This also includes premium channels like Cinemax and STARZ.

You will have to choose by keeping in mind the channels you want to access. The most recommended choice is their standard TV plan that gives you access to 200 channels. This plan does not include premium channels. For these, you will have to choose either Triple Play or Silver Triple Play.

What More Comes With Spectrum TV packages?

These are some additional perks for you:

  • Spectrum’s DVR lets you pause or record the show while you are watching something else on another channel.
  • You won’t have to worry about paying extra fees to watch premium channels. The TV Silver package already includes premium channels.
  • There are thousands of on-demand titles to choose from. This includes primetime shows on Fox, NBC, and ABC. You will never have to worry about missing episodes of your favorite shows.

You can say goodbye to SD channels that are always blurry. Spectrum brings you HD channels with crisp and clear picture quality. You will have pleasure watching NFL N and other channels of your choice.

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