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How to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket With or Without DirecTV

how to watch nfl sunday ticket

So many people have been wishing to watch NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV. If this sounds familiar, you are in luck because it’s happening. Yes, you no longer need to be a DirecTV subscriber!

What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

It’s a popular DirecTV sports package. It broadcasts the NFL regular-season games that are not available on the local affiliates. It also carries all the regional Sunday afternoon games that CBS and Fox produce.

How to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV?

You can now watch it without DirecTV but conditionally. This is the first time in history you can watch a sports channel without DirecTV subscription.

Here is the eligibility criteria for getting it without DirecTV:

  1. You must be living in an area where the DirecTV service is not available
  2. You must be resident of the San Francisco, Philadelphia or NYC
  3. Be a student of one of these universities:
    • University Of Washington
    • The University Of Southern California
    • University Of Texas at Austin
    • The University Of Michigan- Ann Arbor
    • University of Colorado at Boulder
    • The University Of Florida
    • University Of Alabama
    • Syracuse University
    • Harvard University
    • Ohio State University

Getting started without DirecTV

There is now an online version of this service that lets you watch the Sunday games without going through your cable company. There are 2 ways of getting started:

  1. (for everyone)
  2. (for students only)

NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming (For Everyone) lets you watch the Sunday game live on your streaming device. You are only eligible to watch it without a cable subscription if you live in an area where the service is not available. Here’s how to get started with NFL Sunday Ticket streaming:

  1. Visit the DirecTV website
  2. Enter your address to make sure you are eligible
  3. You will then have to choose from the following 2 packages


It includes the live out-of-market game every Sunday afternoon during the regular season. The package costs $73.49 /month for 4 months. You can also buy it on a single payment of $293.96 for the entire season.


This package also includes the NFL Red Zone and DirecTV Fantasy Zone. The package costs $99/month and $395.99 for the entire season. You can also add NFL Games Pass by paying an extra $50.

NFL Sunday Ticket for Students

If you are a college student, you can get it at a significantly discounted price. Plus, you will get the same benefits available in the traditional package such as Fantasy Zone, Red Zone, NFL Network and the option to add Game Pass by paying $49. The NFLST.TV U package costs $24.99/month for 4 months Or, you have the option of buying the entire season for $99.66.

To get started with NFL Sunday Ticket for students, you will have to enter your name, school name, and date of birth. Sometimes, this does not work. But there is a way out. You just have to upload the current enrollment documents (either their latest transcript or last tuition receipt).

How to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV?

Of course, another way to watch it is by subscribing to DirecTV. To stream the 2019 season, you must subscribe to the DirecTV Choice package just like you subscribe to any other bundle to watch local TV channels. It will allow you to watch every live out-of-market game from your NFL Sunday Ticket App.

You can choose from the following packages:

CHOICE: It costs $59.99 per month with 185+ channels

XTRA: It costs $69.99 with 235+ channels

ULTIMATE: It costs $74.99  with 250+ channels

These are some of the features you will enjoy as you watch NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV:

  • Watch anywhere anytime from your app
  • Cast live games to your TV
  • Video playbacks available
  • Option to set player alerts
  • Skip commercials during the replays
  • Get access to scores, stats, and schedules
NFL Game Pass
NFL Game Pass

What is NFL Game Pass?

Who wouldn’t like to watch the replays of these games? All ESPN fans would kill to have this opportunity. NFL Game Pass has got you covered. It is a standalone streaming service that lets you watch each replay of every game.

It also lets you watch replays dating back to 2009. Best of all, you can stream them in HD quality! The subscription for the entire season costs $99.

What is Sunday Ticket TV U?

Sunday Ticket TV U is a package for qualifying students to get a standalone subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket. The students must be actively enrolled in post-secondary educational institutions. You will be able to watch out-of-market Sunday regular-season games broadcasted on CBS and Fox. However, the broadcast by local FOX and CBS affiliates and some selective international games will not be available.

Streaming Devices

Wondering which devices allow you to stream NFL Sunday Ticket? Here is a complete list:

  • Android and iOS
  • Amazon Fire TV & Amazon Fire Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android TV
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Roku
  • Google Chromecast

Is there a Discount Offer?

Unfortunately, DirecTV does not accept promo codes for its current subscribers. However, if you are a college student and planning to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket, there is a treat for you. You can get for $79.99 using the promo code BACKTOSCHOOL. Follow these steps:

  1. To go student and enter your details to sign up.
  2. Enter code “BACKTOSCHOOL” at the time of check out.
  3. There you go, you now have subscribed to their $24.99/month package for 4-Months at the price of $79.99.


Can you get the NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV?

Yes, you can get it without DirecTV. However, to be eligible, you must be living in an area where DirecTV service is not available.

How much does Sunday Ticket cost?

NFLST.TV To Go costs $73.49/month and NFLST.TV Max costs $99/month.

Can I stream NFL Sunday Ticket?

Yes, you can.

Can I get NFL Sunday Ticket on my iPhone?


Can I stream NFL Sunday Ticket on multiple devices?

You can stream the channel on one device at a time.

Does NFL Sunday Ticket cover the playoffs?

It does not cover playoffs, it only covers regular seasons and out-of-market Sunday afternoon games.

Are pre-season or post-season games included in my subscription?

No. The subscription includes regular season, Sunday after games and out-of-market games only.

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