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Which Operating Systems Does TeamViewer 14 Support?

Which Operating Systems Does TeamViewer 14 Support

Without a doubt, TeamViewer has raised the standard of what to expect from a remote control and support solution. No wonder they have more than 1.8 billion connected devices and more than 40 million daily sessions. The active users are above 200 million and the number is on a constant rise. The new TeamViewer 14 is intuitive, secure, and stable. Let’s explore its amazing features.

Performance is the New Benchmark

Here are some highlights of this remote support and control program:

  • You get to experience pristine performance even if you have low bandwidth. So, you are able to connect from wherever you are.
  • The server infrastructure is streamlined. You get to have better uptime and stability.
  • The connection quality is enhanced. And it provides better speed globally
  • TeamViewer uses the latest technologies of macOS Mojave. And it is optimized to deliver the best performance.

Redefined Productivity

With TeamViewer Pilot, you can conveniently solve all your problems beyond the screen. Augmented reality has made it possible. With customized device information, facilitates you with all the relevant info. Advanced device grouping feature allows you to manage quick references and device organization. Script execution is managed with a single click. So, performing repetitive tasks and processes is not a headache anymore. Customer support access is also increased. You get to provide better and more efficient support and services to your customers. This leads to more customer satisfaction.

Better Usability

  • TeamViewer 14 features Dark Mode for Linus, Windows, and Mac. This helps in increasing focus and reducing the strain on your eyes.
  • It features a new, convenient design for a more efficient experience.
  • Better workflow with iOS screen sharing feature. This new solution for the remote support of iOS is now better.

Enhanced Security

  • The device management is trusted and secure
  • For optimal security and protection, you get to have many and better management options
  • This German made product is built on the highest standards of security. You can trust it!
  • It features augmented reality and that is expanding the boundaries of remote support.

Enhanced Remote Support with Augmented Reality – Exclusive with TeamViewer 14

TeamViewer Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the concepts of remote control and support. You can fix the issues, which you encounter beyond the screen. And distance doesn’t matter. You can be in another country for that matter. You will be able to literally see through your connection partners’ phone camera. Augmented Reality makes it possible. At a single glance, you will be able to observe the kind of machinery and equipment are there. You can figure out the infrastructure issues and a lot more. You can:

  • Guide your client or partner by using 3D markers on the real objects
  • You can empower your business with augmented reality and expand your boundaries
  • Say goodbye to conventional technologies and embrace the future

List of Operating Systems Supported by TeamViewer 14

TeamViewer covers a good number of devices and operating systems to facilitate its customers to the fullest. Check out the following list of operating systems supported by TeamViewer 14:

  • Windows

Following are the client versions of Windows, which are supported by TeamViewer version 14:

Client Version TeamViewer Versions
Windows 7 TeamViewer 4-14
Windows 8.0 TeamViewer 7-14
Windows 8.1 TeamViewer 9-14
Windows 10 v1507 (with RTM) TeamViewer 10-14
Windows 10 v1607 (with Anniversary Update) TeamViewer 11-14
Windows 10 v1703 (with Creators Update) TeamViewer 11-14
Windows 10 v1709 (with Fall Creators Update) TeamViewer 12-14
Windows 10 v1803 (with April 2018 Update TeamViewer 13-14
Windows 10 v1809 TeamViewer 14


  • Linux

Following Linux versions are supported by the said TeamViewer product:

Version TeamViewer Version
Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04

TeamViewer 14

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

TeamViewer 14

Debian 8 and 9

TeamViewer 14

openSUSE 42 and 15

TeamViewer 14

Fedora 28 and 29

TeamViewer 14

CentOS 7

TeamViewer 14

Raspbian on Raspberry Pi (with TeamViewer Host only)

TeamViewer 14

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12

TeamViewer 14


  • macOS

For macOS, check out the following version and their supportive TeamViewer versions:

Mac Versions TeamViewer Versions

macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

TeamViewer 14

macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

TeamViewer 12-14
macOS 10.12 (Sierra)

TeamViewer 11-14

OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

TeamViewer 10-14


  • Android

Following TeamViewer products can be used on these Android versions:

Android Versions


Android 4.3 or later

TeamViewer Remote Control

Android 4.3 or later

TeamViewer QuickSupport

Android 4.3 or later

TeamViewer Host


  • iOS

iOS Versions TeamViewer

iOS 10 or later

TeamViewer Remote Control
iOS 10 or later (for screen sharing, iOS 11 is essentially required)

TeamViewer QuickSupport


Remote Tech Support

Imagine one of your important machines stops working suddenly. This could be a critical moment for your business. If you don’t get help instantly, you may lose a lot.

TeamViewer ensures that you get help instantly. All you have to do is:

  • Reach out to a remote expert quickly and conveniently.
  • Use the camera of your smartphone to show him the problem that you have encountered. He will guide you to the solution to your problem right away.

No more wait to get help!

Here’s another scenario…  Your customer has encountered a major car problem and he is still fifty miles away from your workshop. Here comes TeamViewer Pilot in the picture. You can readily provide support to your customer even if you are hundreds of miles away. All you need to do is to connect to the TeamViewer Pilot app of your customer. Then take a good look at their vehicle using their smartphone camera. Now you are good to guide the customer just as you were right on the site.

You can assist your valued customers whenever they need and wherever they are!

Saves Time & Money

You can save money and time with the facility to solve problems remotely. Take this instance. Your customer wants to set up some router urgently. They need your guidance and knowledge needed to set it up. They are willing to do it themselves if guided thoroughly. Going to the site requires time and a long commute. With TeamViewer, it’s not necessary anymore.

You can remotely access your customer and give them all the essential guidelines and instructions. With the camera access, you will be able to see them and guide them to set-up completion. With the amenities of real-time streaming video and camera sharing remotely, you can achieve your business goals.

In a Nutshell

TeamViewer products such as TeamViewer Asset Management and Pilot have transformed the way we run our businesses. With the new 14 version, TeamViewer has raised the standard of a remote control and support system can do for your business. We will briefly sum up the highlights:

  • You get save time and money.
  • You solve your business-related problems efficiently.
  • Fast and convenient transfer of knowledge about technical maintenance and repairs.
  • TeamViewer is a secure global network. You get to have secure and encrypted sessions without the fear of any data exposure.
  • With augmented reality, you and your trained employees can easily share information and instructions. Execution of tasks and procedures become easier and smoother.
  • With the facility of digitalized field service, you can avoid on-site visits and benefit from the massive reach of TeamViewer’s global network

Ease up your life and experience what remote control and support can do for you!

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