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Optimum vs Frontier Communications

Optimum vs Frontier – A Comparison of Cable TV Packages

The Digital Age that we live in, comes essentially with competitive and hectic lifestyles. After every hassling and challenging day, we need our due dose of entertainment to rejuvenate and invigorate our sore and tired nerves and make ourselves refreshed and ready to face another challenging day. And TV is the easiest and most accessible mode of entertainment.

When it comes to the choice of Cable TV provider, we are bound to choose the one that meets the entertainment requirements and preferences of each and every member of the house. In this post, we will help you pick the right Cable TV provider. We’ll talk first about Optimum vs Frontier TV services.

Optimum vs Frontier – Which Has Best TV Packages?

Optimum offers a good number of seven standalone TV packages for you to pick from. The prices range from $64.95 per month to $109.95 per month. The lowest priced package offers 260+ entertainment channels, out of which more than 80 are HD, providing brilliant picture quality. The robust channel line-up offers channels from all entertainment genres.

Three standalone Frontier TV packages and pricing ranges from $54.99 a month to $79.99 per month. In the lowest priced package, you get to enjoy 190+ entertainment, news and sports channels (including 105 in HD). So, Optimum takes the lead in the number of offered channels and number of offered packages, while Frontier has better pricing options. But the verdict is, Optimum is the better TV service.

COX vs Frontier – TV Packages

The details of Frontier TV packages are already mentioned. COX offers only one standalone TV package that offers more than 200 channels. Other than this package, COX TV can be subscribed in double and triple play choices and that is also more economical. The double choices are 8, where you can either bundle up TV with the Internet or the Phone. Similarly, the number of triple play plans are 13, where you can subscribe to all three Digital services.

So, in the comparison of COX vs Frontier, if you only prefer standalone packages, Frontier is better, but if you are interested in bundled options, COX TV packages has comprehensively-designed.

Frontier Vs Mediacom- Which Cable TV is better?

Mediacom offers only one standalone TV package, that offers 225+ TV channels, and free HD channels. The price is $30 per month. Other than that, TV can be subscribed to in a double or triple play choice, which are only two. So, the choices are very limited. As the details of Frontier are mentioned earlier, and it is definitely a better choice in comparison to Mediacom.

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