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Overview of Cox TV Equipment – Receivers, DVRs & Streaming Boxes

Cox offers its viewers one of the best TV packages. However, the company offers its services in a limited number of states. That being said, the subscribers also get access to Cox TV equipment if they opt for the Cox cable packages. Although you have to pay an extra price for every piece of equipment you opt for, you will fall in love with the options.

Cox TV Equipment – What You Need

You can select from a range of personalized TV plans and select the technology that you want to add to the package. You can visit the website to learn about all the options that are available to you. In case, you want to save yourself that hassle, the following table will act as your guide. You can consult this table to compare each option and make an informed choice. Hence, allowing you to choose what is best for your home entertainment system.

Features Contour Record 6 HD-DVR Contour Record 2 HD-DVR HD Receiver Contour Mini Box
Monthly Price $28.49/mo. $21.49/mo. $8.50/mo. $2.99/mo.
High-Definition (HD) Yes Yes
DVR Simultaneous Recordings 6 2
DVR Hours of Storage 1,000 200
Contour Yes Additional Monthly Cost
Whole-Home Connected When paired with Record 6 When paired with Record 6

The above table will act as your guide while you select a package. In case, you are looking for details of individual equipment, here it goes:

Cox HD Receiver

You might think that an HD receiver is of no use. However, if you are someone who relishes watching shows, movies, or a sports event in high definition, invest in one. An HD receiver allows you to not only receive all the channels that the package promises to deliver but their respective HD versions as well. This includes your local programming. Therefore, Opt for the Cox HD Receiver and relish watching movies and nature shows in a picture quality that is beyond stunning. The receiver is compatible with almost all of the packages.

If this has impressed you, wait till you continue to read about more Cox TV things. Another amazing piece of equipment that Cox has to offer is the Contour Box.

Cox Contour Box Manual- Help Yourself!

The Contour box allows you to record shows that you cannot watch when they air. This means that you can relish watching all the missed seasons, movies or any sports event when it suits you the best. You have options to choose from too. The ‘Contour Record’ and the ‘Contour Record 2.’ The only difference is that the latter will record a lesser number of shows than the former. Contour Record 2 will also store less number of hours for you.

The other features remain the same. This means that you can pause and rewind live TV whenever you want using your Contour box. In case, you face any kind of trouble or confusion, you can consult the Cox Contour Box Manual that you will get with the equipment. Apart from all these features, the Smart Search feature on Contour Record also gives you personalized recommendations based on what you watch.

You can even program Cox remote so that it works well with the Contour box.

Other than this, you can also opt for another streaming TV box.

Go Digital with the Mini Box

This equipment that Cox offers is a mini change with not so mini benefits. Following are all the benefits that you will get if you opt for this streaming box:

TV is powered by a mini box. This allows you to relish 100% digital pictures on every TV of yours along with many other features. Closed captioning is one of the many other features that you can enjoy if you opt for this streaming box.

You can select a Cox bundle and add the equipment that you wish to accordingly.

Digital Cable Box – What’s all the Confusion?

Many people confuse the mini box with the digital cable box. However, the two are the same. Two names for single equipment you can say. So, the digital cable box allows you to go all digital. You can even connect your Cox remote with the mini box.

In case, you still have any confusion regarding any of the services, packages or equipment, you can always contact the Cox support center by dialing the number. The reps will find an answer to your query in a matter of minutes.

*Disclaimer: Prices exclude installation/activation fees, equipment charges, inside wiring fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges (including $7.50 video Broadcast Surcharge and Regional Sports Surcharge $2.60-$8.00/mo. depending on Cox market), and other fees.

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, we have made all the required efforts towards obtaining owner/publisher approval for the use of images in VISIONECLICK.COM blog posts. However, if you find violations of any sorts regarding any image, please feel free to contact us. Prices and packages mentioned may vary with time and the specific locations.

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