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What Channel is Paramount Network?

Paramount Network Channel

Channel numbers for most channels vary depending on the service provider. If you subscribe to Cox it’s unlikely to find Paramount Network on the same channel number as Optimum. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. You can enjoy your favorite shows by simply tuning-in to the right channel number on your receiver.

What Channel is Paramount on Optimum?

The Paramount channel was launched in 1983 and has been successful ever since. Though it has gone through many rebrands and programming reforms, Paramount on Optimum is still amongst the most popular channels.

Channel NameWall, South DakotaBrooklynWoodbury
Paramount Network HD415641


What Channel is Paramount on Windstream?

Windstream is quickly becoming a popular TV service in the country. Currently, it is available in 18 states, but the company has expansion plans. The channel numbers for Paramount on Windstream vary in different cities and states.

Channel NameLexington, North CarolinaBolivar, MissouriBlairsville, Georgia
Paramount Network SD542538


What Channel is Paramount on DirecTV?

Unlike cable TV service DirecTV is a satellite service. That means Paramount on DirecTV will be available throughout the US on the same channel number. Whereas channel numbers for cable TV can change in different cities or states.

Channel NameChannel Number
Paramount Network HD241


What Channel is Paramount on Frontier?

You can enjoy Paramount on Frontier over three TV solutions. Quantum TV, Vantage TV, and Dish TV. Dish TV is the only satellite TV option offered by Frontier. Dish TV is currently available to nearly 10 million subscribers.

Channel NameChannel Number
Paramount Network HD554


What Channel is Paramount on AT&T Uverse?

AT&T Uverse is an IPTV service. They are similar to satellite TV services in that the channel numbers remain the same. So you will be able to watch Paramount on AT&T Uverse on the same channel numbers everywhere.

Channel NameSDHD
Paramount Network1451145


What Channel is Paramount on Verizon?

Verizon FiOS is a cable service unlike most others in the country. For one, subscribers can enjoy their favorite channels like Paramount on Verizon on the same channel numbers throughout the country. While other cable service providers can have different channel numbers in different areas, Verizon does not.

Channel NameSDHD
Paramount Network54554


What Channel is Paramount on TDS?

TDS is the seventh-largest internet and cable service provider in the US. It is available to 4.2 million households in the US. Paramount on TDS is accessible in 30 states and more than 900 suburban and rural communities.

Channel NameSDHD
Paramount Network1161116


What Channel is Paramount on Cincinnati Bell?

Cincinnati Bell is the prevailing service provider for voice services in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. It is one of the oldest telecom company in the US. Subscribers can enjoy Paramount on Cincinnati Bell through its popular cable service, Fioptics TV.

Channel NameSDHD
Paramount Network70570


What Channel is Paramount on WOW?

Wow TV is a popular service that is currently operating in 9 states in the US. Paramount on WOW is available in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Channel NameAuburn, AlabamaChicago, IllinoisFort Gordon, Georgia
Paramount Network1458455723968779


What Channel is Paramount on Xfinity?

Xfinity was launched by Comcast service providers, in 2010. Xfinity’s services are available in 21 states in the US. Making Comcast the largest cable internet provider in the country. Paramount on Xfinity X1 service is one of the most-watched channels in the lineup. And rightly so. Paramount original programming is unlike any other network.

Channel NameHouston, TexasSomerville, Massachusets Kent, New York
Paramount Network4864855855391209


What Channel is Paramount on Buckeye?

The Buckeye Cable System has recently been rebranded as Buckeye Broadband. Paramount on Buckeye is popular amongst its subscribers in southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Another popular channel amongst sports fans is the Buckeye Cable Sports Network.

Channel NameNorthwest OhioSoutheast Michigan
Paramount Network3767737677


What Channel is Paramount on CenturyLink?

CenturyLink is a telecom company based out of Louisiana. Paramount on CenturyLink is available through its Prism TV service. Prism TV is a popular IPTV service, similar to the AT&T service. Though it is an IPTV service, the channel numbers can vary in some states.

Channel NameOrlando, FloridaDenver, Colorado, Phoenix, Arizona
Paramount Network14511451461146


What Channel is Paramount on Mediacom?

Mediacom was launched in 1995. Since then has grown to the fifth-largest cable service provider in the country. It focuses on servicing smaller cities and towns. Paramount on Mediacom is available for subscribers in 22 states across the country.

Channel NameStewardson, IllinoisAlbany, GeorgiaSpringfield, Missouri
Paramount Network357703187058770


What Channel is Paramount on Spectrum?

Spectrum is part of the Charter Communications company. The cable service was rebranded as Spectrum in 2014. Paramount on Spectrum is available to 26 million subscribers in 41 states. Making it the second-largest cable operator in the US.

Channel NameHillsborough County, FloridaAtlanta, GeorgiaYuma, Arizona
Paramount Network4312856884789


What Channel is Paramount on Cox?

Cox Communication was launched in 1962. It has grown to become the third-largest cable service provider in the US. Paramount on Cox is available to more than 2.9 million subscribers across the country.

Channel NameGainesville, FloridaByron, GeorgiaPhoenix, Arizona
Paramount Network321032561056251025



Channel numbers depend upon your location and package. These numbers were taken from the official site and last reviewed on 3rd September 2019.

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