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What Channel Is Paramount Network On Optimum?

Paramount Network On Optimum

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If you’re a middle-class American with a liking for action, sports, and men’s content, you know what your best option is. Just like so many others who subscribe to the Paramount Network on Optimum. In fact, over 80.24 million households in the United States get the channel based on surveys conducted in September 2018. That’s on par with popular channels like Freeform, TNT.

Where Can I Find The Paramount Network on Optimum?

With so many channels available on the provider’s cable packages, it can be very easy to get confused or overwhelmed. In case you don’t know where to look, don’t worry. You can access the Optimum channel guide directly, or have a look at the table below:

Channel Name Channel Number
Paramount Network 41

The internet and cable service provider have its largest coverage area in New York. The channel numbers listed above are accurate as of the time of this writing. However, the actual channel positions are subject to change and may vary based on your location. For more information, check out the provider’s channel lineup for your location.

About the Paramount Network

The Paramount Network originally started life as The Nashville Network way back in March 1983. It primarily focused on programming that resonated with Southern culture and tastes. Early programming included motor racing coverage, country music, and outdoor and variety shows.

In 1983, the Gaylord Entertainment Company acquired the network. In 1991, it began phasing the country music segments over to another channel the company acquired: CMT which was supposed to be similar to MTV or CW. This left TNN’s primary focus on lifestyle and entertainment programming. In 1999, both Westinghouse Broadcasting acquired both TNN and CMT. Viacom, in 19999 turns, acquired Westinghouse. In 2001, it underwent a rebranding and emerged as the National Network.

Spike TV emerged after another major rebranding in 2003. By this time, the network had acquired high-rated shows like WWF Raw. It soon shifted its focus towards a wider audience, primarily young Middle American males like ABC. In June 2018, the network moved its headquarters to Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles. Around the same time it underwent another major rebranding and emerged as the popular channel millions of viewers subscribe to, that is, the Paramount Network on Optimum.

What to Watch?

There are a number of great shows on the Paramount Network that offer a different kind of entertainment to viewers than, say, NBC. From scripted shows to action to reality TV, the network never fails to disappoint. Check out the best current shows the channel offers below.

Lip Sync Battle

Currently in its fifth season, Lip Sync Battle has been a recurring favorite on the show since 2015. The show features commentary by Chrissy Teigen, while L L Cool J hosts the battle. Each episode features celebrities battling it out on stage while lip-syncing popular songs in front of a live audience.

Ink Master

Ink Masters is now in its 12th season and has been on air since 2012. Join host Dave Navarro and watch a pool of talented tattoo artists go all out. They put their inking skills on display and try to outdo each other in creativity, all for the title of Ink Master.


Cops are one of the longest-running shows in TV history, with the first season airing way back in 1989. Originally airing on the Fox Network, the show was later acquired by the Paramount Network. Currently, in its 21st season, the show continues to attract audiences to its documentary reality crime/legal programming. Everyone loves a Cops car chase.

The Paramount  Network remains one of America’s go-to options for catchy entertainment and fun. To find out more about what the channel offers, and how you can get it added to your subscription, contact Altice Optimum service. A representative should be able to help you out to your satisfaction.

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