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How to Pay AT&T Bill Online, By Phone and Text Message

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Your mom or dad probably still like to do it the traditional style – sending a snail mail or dropping a check at the store. But you, a millennial, would be thanking God there is a way to pay AT&T bill online.

The cell phone carrier has given its customers numerous avenues for bill payment. Also, since the Coronavirus pandemic is progressing, it’s best to avoid human contact and use the AT&T UVerse bill pay facility.

Without further ado, follow this guide to find how to pay your bill.

How Does AT&T Pay My Bill Work?

The provider offers 3 simple ways of paying your bill – through myAT&T (online or mobile), via phone and text

Via myAT&T Online

If you don’t have the app but you do have a web account, this is how to pay AT&T bill:

  1. Sign in to your myAT&T account using your smartphone or PC (can be done on any browser)
  2. Go to make payment option
  3. Enter the amount of the bill. It is usually entered automatically
  4. Choose the payment method and enter your payment details.
  5. Select continue
  6. Review everything and hit confirm

There you go, you have now successfully paid your bill.

 Via myAT&T Mobile App

Follow the steps below to pay AT&T bill online using your mobile app:

  1. Sign in to your myAT&T app
  2. Tap my bill
  3. Choose Make a Payment
  4. Enter your amount
  5. Choose the payment method and enter your details
  6. Tap continue
  7. Review the information and tap Confirm

Here is a treat. If you pay your bill through your checking account, the app has a feature that lets you scan the check through your phone’s camera to grab all the details.

Paying Your Bill Via Phone

Boomers aren’t that tech-savvy and they like human interaction. Such customers can pay AT&T bill by phone.

How to Pay through Any Phone

To pay your bill through any phone, call 1-855-850-5973 and follow the instructions. It’s the same number you would dial for inquiring AT&T fiber availability and other services.

As you call, say pay my bill to start the process. Make sure you have your bill with you for reference.

How to Pay Through AT&T Wireless Phone

If you are their wireless phone customers for AT&T UVerse bill pay, simply have dial *729 into your express bill processing system. They will access your account information automatically.

Choose the payment method and follow the prompts for entering your payment information and confirm the payment.

Pay Your Bill Through TXT-2-Pay

Hold on, there’s another cool way to pay your bill. It’s called TXT-2-pay but to use this service, you must subscribe to it first.

The provider automatically sends a text notification to the user with information regarding the balance due on their wireless account 6 days before the due date.

To pay the bill, reply to the message and your payment will be made using the payment method have set at the time of signing up. Users are not charged for sending text messages to complete the payment.

Other Ways to Pay Your AT&T Bill

It’s useful to have extra information on your hand regarding AT&T pay my bill. You never when another method could save your day.

The provider supports methods other than phone, text and online payment. Check out your options:

AT&T Pay Station

Find a pay station and pay your bill through cash, credit card, debit card or check. These stations are also located in their official stores too.

Search for Authorized Payment Location

The provider has set authorized payment locations in various locations. They accept payments through cash, check, money order, deposits, and advance payment. They don’t accept credit card payments.

Keep these in mind when heading out to one of these locations for bill payment:

  • All locations charge a convenience fee
  • When paying a check, bring your photo ID for verification.
  • Bring your AT&T account number

CheckFreePay Agents

CheckFreePay agents accept payments for U-Verse TV, wireless and Telco customers. The best part is payment is posted to your account in a matter of seconds.

These guidelines will make the process easier:

  • Bring your current bill stub along
  • All agents accept cash, money orders, checks, deposits, and advance payment.
  • Contracted centers accept cash and some other forms of payments. They don’t accept deposits and advance payments.

Pre-Check List for Bill Payment

Whether you choose to pay AT&T bill by phone, online or via any other method, this pre-check list will make the process smooth and quick:

  • Have your account number with you
  • It’s best to keep a copy of the last bill when making the call
  • You might need to give the last 4 digits of your SSN. This is to verify your identity.
  • Keep a pen and paper with you in case you need to write anything down.

We hope you have all the information you need on how to pay AT&T bill. Choose whatever method suits you. For further guidance, reach out to AT&T customer service at 1-855-850-5973.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Pay AT&T Bill?

You can pay your bill online, through phone, and text. You can also make the payment at a pay station.

How to Pay AT&T Bill by Text?

You must set up the TXT-2-pay service. You will receive a text message notification 6 days before your due date. To pay your bill, reply to that message.

Can I Pay AT&T Bill at Store?

Yes, their stores have pay stations that accept payments.

Can I Schedule My Payments?

Yes, customers can schedule a payment now or make a payment arrangement for a future date.

How Does the Billing Work?

Your first bill covers more than 1 month’s service. It also includes charges for the current month and the next month. The provider prorates the charges for the current month. This means the monthly rate is divided into a daily rate. The customer is billed only for the days they received the service.

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