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What Channel is PBS on Spectrum?

pbs on spectrum

Not many know this but PBS is an American public broadcaster and TV program distributor. It carries shows like Sesame Street, Downton Abbey, American Experience, Masterpiece, and other hits. The world of entertainment it brings is sure to lure you into subscribing to PBS on Spectrum. That is if you haven’t already!

About PBS

PBS has 350+ member TV stations. It’s owned by educational institutions, nonprofit groups affiliated with the public school district and college institutions and some state government entities. The channel was founded by Hartford N. Gunn Jr., James Day, John Macy, and Kenneth A. Christiansen. It started its operations in October by taking over the functions of NET. The profile of the channel improved overtime when it was broadcasting gavel to gavel content.

PBS distributes TV content related to its member stations. Each member station programs local content depending on its market. The content is either related to cultural programs, news, interviews, public affairs or anything else the market wants to see. This means you will have a huge variety of PBS shows to watch.

Channel Guide for PBS on Spectrum

Want to know the channel number for PBS in your state on Spectrum? Find it from the table below:

Channel Name Culver City, Hollywood Central Florida, Orlando Wilmington, North Carolina


15 2 6
PBS Kids 1270 472



Here’s what you can expect to watch on these two channels:


PBS features a wide range of programming starting from fine arts, drama, history, music, public affairs, science, independent films, home improvement programs, documentaries, and interviews. It also broadcasts children’s programs.

All the programs it carries are created by other parties or individual member stations. PBS also rebroadcasts British TV costume dramas, science fiction, comedies and more. Hence, it airs a number of British programs like Red Dwarf, Father Ted, Doctor Who, Mr. Bean, Downtown Abbey and more. Most of the shows are based on the stories of the past.

PBS Kids

There is a separate channel by the name of PBS Kids on Spectrum that broadcasts children’s programming.

It’s the only children’s programming block on the United States broadcast TV. The kid’s content is imported from series produced in other countries. It majorly comes from ITV and BBC. It has also started broadcasting Australian series named Raggs. The programs that kids can catch on PBS kids include Arthur, Super Why!, Peg + Cat, Cyberchase, Splash & Bubbles and more. The programming for PBS Kids is just as amazing as that of Disney Plus.

5 Trending Shows on PBS

If you have been watching shows like Sherlock via Pay Per View on Spectrum, you would want to subscribe to PBS after finding out the trending shows being aired on the channel.

Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on PBS:

  • My Mother and Other Strangers

The story of this show sets during the World War II era in a small village of Northern Ireland. The series narrates the story of the Coyne family and their neighbors. Their lives are disrupted when the U.S. Army Air Force of servicemen and women set up a base in their village. Rose Coyne who is a school teacher falls in love with the liaison officer. If you are into drama, you will admire the story of this love triangle.

  • Masterpiece

This show is the adaptation of classic literature of contemporary writers. It is the longest-running weekly prime time drama series in the United States. The very first title produced was The First Churchills.  The most recent titles include Downtown Abbey, The Forstyle Saga, Prime Suspect, and Sherlock. Those who are into history and like watching Discovery Channel will admire all titles broadcasted under Masterpiece.

  • The Child in Time

This show has been adapted from the novel of Lan McEwan. It’s a story of exploring love, loss and things in the unseen. Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the role of Stephen Lewis is a successful writer of children’s books. He is confronted with the loss of a child which takes a toll on his marriage. Both husband and wife struggle with grief but with the passage of time, they regain hope.

  • Home Fires

It’s another show that sets in world war 11. It follows the lives of 6 women in Cheshire who are affected by the war. The show beautifully portrays their struggle and how they cope up with the trauma of being separated from their dear ones. It is one of the most watch shows brought by PBS on Spectrum so you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

  • Wallander

It’s British TV series adapted from the Kurt Wallander novels. The series stars Kenneth Branagh as the police inspector.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing like the crime stories revealed by NCIS on CBS.

Branagh is questioning what life is. For him, violence has never been normal. Hence, he shows extreme empathy with the victims of crime. He has a tempestuous with his daughter and his father who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. While you are watching Wallander, don’t forget to grab the tissue box. The story will touch you.

These shows seem interesting, right? There’s good news for cord-cutters.

Even if you don’t have cable, you can still get PBS through the Spectrum Streaming Service and enjoy binge-watching these and other programming broadcasted by PBS.

If you aren’t able to find PBS on Spectrum in your respective state, feel free to contact Spectrum customer service.

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