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How many people are using my wireless connection on CenturyLink?

wireless connection on CenturyLink

Wireless connection has become inexpensive and fairly easy to set up for both, homes and offices. A wireless network can be set up using DSL or cable internet or by using a smartphone as their access point. CenturyLink allows you to do that.

Regardless of the fact that people are capable of setting up a Wi-Fi effortlessly, most of them are not well trained in network security. This makes your Wi-Fi vulnerable to risks like malicious hackers. They can have nefarious purposes. You also become prone to free riders who want to access your broadband. No matter how inexpensive CenturyLink bundles are, some people just want the internet for free.

Signs of Someone Using Your Wireless Connection

One of the most vivid warning signs of someone trying to use your internet without your permission is a lagging and slow internet. Especially if the free rider is playing online games and downloading torrents, the speed will go way slower than usual.

Since we are talking about CenturyLink users here, another sign is that you will get a letter of copyright infringement from the ISP. The letter will indicate that they have caught you downloading some copyrighted material. And since you are sure you haven’t done anything like that, someone else is using your internet to do so. That’s a clear indicator of your Wi-Fi being compromised. They may be getting weak Wi-Fi signals, but they sure are pulling your bandwidth away.

How to Check Who Is Using Your Wi-Fi?

There are many foolproof ways to check out whether someone is using your Wi-Fi network. Let’s begin with a low-tech hack. You need to shut off all the internet-connected gadgets in the house. This includes computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, even smart homes. When you have ensured that all the devices are turned off, check the activity lights on your router. If you witness regular activity whilst all the authorized users and their devices are not doing anything online, then that is a clear sign that unauthorized users are using your Wi-Fi. It’s more like an Internet speed test. Easy and simple!

Let’s move to the next step. Log onto the access page of your router using your web browser. Almost all home routers have online access pages. The URL will differ from router to router however; it will always be an IP address. You can find the exact URL in the router documentation or the router itself. Once you type in the accurate address, you will reach the administrative interface of the router. Use the password that you have noted from the time of setup.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to see all the connected devices listed under the Maintenance section in “connected devices.” Make sure you follow the organizational structure of your router, as it is different for every router. You will be able to identify all the connected devices.

If you have trouble recognizing the devices then again, turn off all the authorized ones and refresh the list or map. You will be able to see if there are any other devices connected without your consent.

Find all this tedious? You can also use some great third-party tools to do all this work for you. No wonder people are switching to 5G enabled devices!

Making Your Wi-Fi Secure From the Intruders

Now that you have identified that someone is using your home Wi-Fi network, what will you do? You need to remove the unauthorized users from the list and stop this from happening again. Every router has different instructions. Take advantage of the following instructions according to your particular model.

  • Log in to the router and access your admin interface.
  • Select the wireless section or go for the guest network.
  • Turn off your guest network and only use it when needed.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi.
  • Choose WPA2 as the security mode of your wireless if it hasn’t been selected already.
  • Change your wireless password and save changes.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi once more.
  • Enter the changed password on all of your authorized devices.

Turning off and then turning on your Wi-Fi router with a changed password will kick off all unauthorized users at that time. Also, go for the WPA2 because as compared to the rest, it is the most secure encryption. For CenturyLink Internet and even most of the other Internet service providers, this guide will work. If it doesn’t work for you at any point or step, consider consulting with your router manual and get in touch with your ISP to figure this out.

You can finally enjoy better speeds and full bandwidth without having to worry about free riders who were eating up your internet!


How many devices can I have on my Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi routers can support as many as 250 connected devices. But if it’s a wired one, it will accommodate four devices.

How do I see what devices are connected to my Wi-Fi?

You can see that by accessing the administrative interface of your router after a few critical steps.

Can someone hack my Wi-Fi?

Yes, hacking Wi-Fi is not very complex and is quite prevalent.

How do I remove devices connected to my Wi-Fi?

On the administrative interface, change the password.

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