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How to Program Dish Remote to TV

Dish TV

Do you think you are a technically challenged person? Do you find it difficult to set up equipment or configure devices? You are not alone! I also belong to the technically challenged, misfit group of people. I always find it difficult to learn to use a new gadget or equipment.

But thanks to the internet for always be of help whatever my query is. Recently, I have got a subscription to Dish TV. While I thought I was doing something old school, it turned out to be quite a technical thing.

I thought it would be like setting up traditional TV cable and remote. But it wasn’t. I had to skim through many online guides to be able to program Dish remote to the TV. But not that I successfully have, I don’t want it to be such a chore for anyone.

Therefore, I decided to give you a brief and easy-to-follow guide on configuring your dish remote to the TV. Read on.

A Word on Dish TV

Dish Network is a popular company. It provides satellite television. Since it’s satellite TV, it uses satellite receivers. Remote control controls these receivers.

Interestingly, you cannot just control your TV with your Dish network remote, but other electronic devices too. After the technicians have finished installing your satellite dish, that when you need to program Dish remote to the TV.

Step-by-Step Guide to Program Dish Remote to TV

You will have to understand the following two processes to program your remote to the TV. They depend on the model that you are using. Follow the method one for the following Dish remote models:

  • 40.0
  • 50.0
  • 52.0
  • 54.0

These are the remote models, which they have from past many years. The Hopper Voice Remote is also included.

Programming the Remotes of Series 40 and Up

  1. Check your manual to figure out the remote model number that you are using.
  1. Turn your TV on. You will see a button on your remote with the Power image. It would have a title Windowspower.png. Press it and ensure that your TV is now set to the Dish TV Network’s input.
  1. Go to the menu. Press the Home or Menu button. Press twice if it’s Home button and once if it’s Menu button. These tiny differences would be there according to the specific model of remote that you have.
  1. Now select settings. Find the option of Settings in the middle of the screen. To navigate, use the arrow buttons. Press OK or Enter.
  1. Now you need to select Remote Control. Find it on the top amongst many other options on the screen.
  1. In this step, you need to choose a product. Simply scroll down to the title ‘devices’. And then choose the Auxiliary device or TV. Since it’s a guide for TV, you will choose TV.
  1. Go to the option of Pairing Wizard. It would be on the top.
  1. You need to select the brand of your product. Pick the letter combination for the manufacturer of your product and scroll down to select it from the list.
  1. Press Next. And now, it’s the testing time. This step will vary for different users depending on the product you’re pairing your remote with.
  1. For TV, simply test it with the Volume button. Press the volume and check if it’s functioning well.
  1. If your test fails and your remote is not doing anything, consider trying another code. After choosing the next code, re-test it.
  1. After finding the correct remote codes, select Finished. This is the end of your remote programming process. The remote is now programmed and should work flawlessly with your TV.

Yes, it wasn’t as easy as programming Cox remote. Or, for other cable TV providers. But yes, it was fairly simple.

Programming the Remotes of Series 21 and Down

If you have older remote models, which are series 21 and down, the previous method won’t work for you. And don’t think older remote model means something like a DIRECTV remote. It will be different. Therefore, to save you from any complexity, the following are the things that you need to follow for the remote models:

  • 20.0
  • 20.1
  • 21.0
  • 21.1

Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the website of your remote model.
  1. Choose your remote model. The models mentioned earlier will be near the top.
  1. Click the link of the remote control. That would be a three-digit. This will open a pop-up window.
  1. Now click the option ‘select a model’ from the drop-down box. This will prompt the drop-down menu.
  1. Select the name of your remote. And scroll down to find your specific model number and name for the remote.
  1. Select the product. And that’s the  TV in this guide.
  1. Select the manufacturer’s name for your TV.
  1. Carefully review all the available codes. You will see a three-digit code after you have entered the required information.
  1. Now point the Dish remote towards your TV and hold the right button. For TV, you need to press the TV button and hold it.
  1. All four lights on top of the remote will flash. Release the button. Now enter the code and proceed.
  1. Now you need to enter the code. Enter the 3-digit code using the number pad on the remote. Press #.
  1. Again look for the TV button to flash thrice. Your remote is not ready to use and is programmed now.

Connecting by Power Scan

While we are not as efficient as AT&T customer support perhaps, we are trying our best to help you configure your remote. So, This is another method that can be used to program your Dish remote. But you need to understand it first:

  1. Power scan allows you to run all the available codes manually. This will ensure that you will get the right code eventually.
  1. Turn your TV on and point the remote towards it. Now hole the TV button.
  1. All four lights of the remote will flash. Release the button and proceed.
  1. Press the power button with the title Windowspower.png. It will show that the remote is ready to scan.
  1. Pressing ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons will begin scanning.
  1. Continue pressing until your TV turns off. It indicates you have figured out the right code. Press #. Now your code is confirmed and applied to your remote.
  1. Pressing the Windowspower.png button will turn your TV on and there you go!

Hope this guide to program Dish remote to TV was simple and helpful to you.

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